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How To Get Blog Readers? 8 Proven Ways!

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With as many blog writers worldwide as there are (more than 20 million sites), I absolutely get why there are competitors. You want to stick out. You want to be unforgettable. You want to get blog readers and the engagement.

There’s a much better way to grow your audience that gets rid of contending with each other: creating a community.

Your blog site community is comprised of individuals who are absolutely crazy about your material.

They follow you on all your social networks, routinely engage with you, and appear in your inbox responding to your newest newsletter.

These people simply GET you.

If these factors aren’t enough to show you why creating relationships with your fans is essential, keep reading.

How to get blog readers, even if you are a newbie?

How To Get Blog Readers?

When I started my blog,  site nobody read it. I remember checking out my posts one day and seeing that somebody had actually commented.
Who was this person and how did they even find me?!

I do not believe that person ever left me a comment once again, suggesting they most likely never ever read my blog again. However, this one little comment meant a lot to me at the time. It implied that somebody, in fact, clicked my blog site, read my post, and put in the time from their day to write me a little message. Nowadays, that can be a lot to ask for.

The point of this little story is this: I felt an immediate connection with somebody, although they most likely lived miles and miles away from me. This is something of a rarity in the blogging world today.

No one makes an effort to connect on a much deeper level with their readers.

I’ve been really working on developing my blog site and social media accounts and the greatest improvement I’m seeing is the rise in developing relationships with my blog readers.

Actually, now my page views are expanding, I’m getting more thoughtful and authentic remarks, my Facebook engagement has actually been on the battle bus for months on end, I’m seeing a spike in comments and direct messages and I’m delighted to compose and share my material!

Why had not I done this before is something I do not need to ask myself because I know the answer: I remained inside my blogging bubble.

I didn’t go out of my way to get in touch with people since I believed it was a wild-goose chase and I was more concentrated on numbers and “developing my empire.”

After recognizing there was something wrong with this technique, I did something about it to change it. With that said, here are reasons why bloggers must take time to get blog readers:

Increase Your Pageviews

Having a team of blog writers suggests that you’ll share each other’s post, implying more chances to drive traffic to your blog site and get brand-new readers. There is also a possibility of working together, visitor publishing, and getting a shout out on Facebook or Pinterest.

Support Group

Having a little blog site community is the very best way to get responses to any concerns you may have, get feedback on a concept you’ve created, or simply find somebody to vent to on Twitter who understands where you’re coming from.

I share my low and high on my Facebook and like it when it gets my fans engaged so they share bits and bobs of their lives with me too.

Friendly Competition

Being pals with blog writers in a similar niche will provide you an additional kick the butt to create larger and much better material.

I know I stated we have to remove competition; however, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with little friendly competition once in a while. Often we require that additional bit of inspiration in seeing another person killing it in order to get our asses in gear and work.

Responsibility Partners

If there’s something that helps me keep an eye on my performance level when it comes to blogging, it’s having somebody to hold me accountable for my objectives.

Easier to Create + Sell Things

When you understand exactly what your audience likes to read and needs help with, it will make the creative process so much simpler.

You’ll have the ability to conceptualize a zillion concepts for the article; you’ll know exactly what to publish on your social media accounts, what sort of opt-ins people would register for your e-mail list for, and what kinds of products or services people would have an interest in purchasing from you.

Gives You Clarity

When you write an article and publish it, you will not have any doubts if your post is “sufficient” or if anybody will read it.

When you have your team you can rely on them to put in the time to read your material, leave a comment, and share it on social networks.

Boost Your Blog`s Value

When people start to regularly return to your blog site, that suggests they see you as somebody who is experienced in your particular field.

If they have concerns or need suggestions, they know who to go to. They see you as a specialist and find your material handy and helpful, suggesting they find worth on your blog.

This will offer you a sense of purpose, and generally make you more positive as a blog writer. That is a gorgeous thing!

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