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How To Get Paid To Promote Products Online?

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You have most likely seen your preferred blog writer having lots of paid posts with promotional products on their blog site, and questioned how they got the chance. A sponsored post is an excellent method to monetize your blog site. But, how to get paid to promote products online?

When it pertains to sponsored posts all of it most constantly include dealing with a brand name. Your very first branded post can be amazing, but also a bit frustrating. There are lots and lots of methods to deal with brand names and get paid to write articles online.

In today’s post, I gathered all the resources you will have to get your very first sponsored post plus I’ll show you the specific email I utilize to pitch to brand names.

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How To Get Paid To Promote Products Online_


Find the Best Media Companies

The very first and most likely the most popular method to obtain a chance to get a sponsored post is to: Find Media Company. There are many media businesses you can register for. I’m offering you a list of my favorites below.

Bear in mind that a lot of them have requirements and if you do not satisfy them your application will be rejected. Do not let that stop you due to the fact that you can always use and reuse them.

  • IZEA – Application needed. Sends newsletter with chances that you can decide to use too. A range of chances readily available for all specific niches.
  • Activate – is another of my preferred media business. They are linked to Bloglovin’ so if you have an account you can end up being an influencer. There are lots of brand-new chances each month, and you will understand due to the fact that they send an e-mail with brand-new projects that you can use.
  • Linqia – Application needed. Based on your reach and following, Linqia will select projects for you. You can then select if you wish to use based off of the pay, due date, and so on. You will earn money per click till you strike a “limit” that is identified by the interaction within your “community.” The more clicks beyond your limit, the greater it will be next time.
  • Blog Meets Brand -Application needed. Perfect for blog writers who are just beginning with sponsored posts and are still constructing their own. They send a newsletter pointing out chances with links for you to go to and make an application for each individual project. You can choose paid posts or products samples.

sponsored posts _ promote products and get paid

Sending out a Pitch to a Brand

You don`t have to wait for a company to connect with you in order to get a chance to get paid to create a sponsored post and promote products online. This might not be further from the truth. You can constantly connect to brand names with a “pitch” showing them why you and your blog site would fit well with their brand name, and how it will assist the development of their service.

You are more than most likely to obtain a couple of “no’s”, however, do not get dissuaded. Know that you deserve it, and do not let brand names make the most of you. Show your worth by revealing exactly what you can do and you will get a lot more attention and a lot more “yes’s”.

Remember, closure does not constantly need to indicate money. Lots of small businesses do not constantly have the spending plan to pay you with money. Rather they will offer you an item or something they offer (free of charge) in exchange for you putting in the time to write a post. This is an excellent method to obtain some experience dealing with brand names if you are just beginning.

You wish to do your best to make an individual contact. You can do this by going to the brand names “contact” page, from there you might discover an email. However, this is probably utilized for customer support. Try to search for a name of a person in a marketing position.

Try searching Twitter or Instagram for somebody connected with the brand name. If you still can’t discover an e-mail address, try LinkedIn in the search bar key in Marketing + “name of the brand name” you are likely to discover an e-mail in this manner.


Leading Tips for Sending a Pitch

Make it individual, start with your name your blog site URL and a bit about yourself.

Do your research study on the brand name, include a couple of compliments about the brand name and let them understand in other words why you think their items would fit well with your blog site and brand name.

Prove that you are reliable by noting previous brand names you have actually dealt with.

Create a media package or month-to-month page views and special visitors option. If you do create a media package ensure to make it clear that you list it below.

If you have a concept in mind on how the brand name will be displayed, you can have a comparable post. Make sure to connect them, and let them understand your concept.

Just connect to brand names you believe will work well with your blog site.

Have a clear “Contact me” somewhere on your blog site so brand names can likewise connect with you. Desirable to include this, but not necessarily a suggestion for pitching.

Constantly Keep Your Blog Visitors in Mind

You might be lured to compose a post for any and every brand name to get generated income or secure free items. This is not a proper way to go about it. It will be really transparent, and your readers might not trust your suggestions. You will possibly be making money from exactly what somebody purchases based on your suggestion.

You desire to make sure your suggestions are real. If you are advising any old products for the sake of making money, you might be responsible for somebody’s pocket money on a lousy item. Constantly think about your audience, your stability, and your vision for your blog site when using any opportunity.

Have any more questions about a sponsored post? Did you already get paid to promote products online?

Please, write below.

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