How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog?

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Your blog is a part of the social media community, and therefore it is normal that you want the greatest possible participation of visitors. However, to get this participation you must first learn how to get people to comment on your blog. 

For this reason, in this article, you will find 7 effective methods to get more comments on your personal or professional blog, and thus make the most of the time invested in the creation of the contents.

 Choose A Good Comment System

The first way to get a greater amount of comments on your corporate or professional blog is to use a comment system that is easy and comfortable for the readers of the website. As a general rule, companies when they open a blog only think about having a responsive design (adapted for all devices) and having attractive colors, but it is also vital to choose a good comment system.

It is true that by default comes a WordPress comment system, but the reality is that its design is unattractive and does not allow you to connect with different social networks. For this reason, you have available numerous comment systems that you can install on your corporate or professional blog to get more comments on articles, and thus have a more modern design.

You can use Sumo or Disqus comment system because it offers numerous advantages, although it is also true that it will depend on each blog and its theme to choose its comment system.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog?_

Leave Comments On Other Blogs

Another effective method you should use is to leave comments on other blogs that have the same theme, because visitors can access the website, if they click on your name, and see the contents published. Therefore, the advantages of leaving comments in another blog similar to your niche are that it will help you get more visitors and potential readers.

One of the most common mistakes that are usually made to capture more visitor traffic is that they leave comments that are not original, that is, they just leave the typical phrase:
“Hi, I liked your article a lot”
or “Thanks for sharing”.

For this reason, it is advisable to leave comments that are argued with a personal opinion on the content of the article, beyond what I liked a lot, or also from professional experience.

Also, keep in mind that some bloggers often reward their most active readers with links to their website; therefore, you can not miss this opportunity.

Remember that once these new visitors or readers arrive, you must have inserted different subscription forms to subscribe to the newsletter, both on the website and on the blog, because it would be a crime not to take advantage of this great opportunity to capture your emails. There are several strategic places on a website to collect emails from readers or visitors.

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Respond To Comments

As you have seen in the previous section, it is vital to leave comments on other blogs because it offers great advantages and allows you to capture more emails, but you cannot forget what happens also in your blog. You should know that when a reader or visitor leaves your comment on a post you expect to be answered as soon as possible, because if you do not do so there will be many chances of losing that potential reader forever.

Also, if you do not answer a reader’s comment, you will transmit a lack of interest or neglect by the readers of the blog, and also cause future visitors to leave the website without leaving their comment.

On the contrary, when you respond to a reader’s comment, you will transmit a message that you are attentive to them and are interested in knowing their opinion or personal experience. Even, sometimes this causes you to get people to comment on your blog, and therefore, more visitor traffic. 

In short, the blog and the comments are like the Facebook page in your company or business because thanks to them you will have a more personal and close environment, but even more important, the readers’ feedback.

Make Guest Post

Nowadays it is very common to see in some blogs that publish articles written by other authors, that is, the famous post-guests.

The guest post or the post guests is a practice that is too widespread among bloggers of all professional themes and consists of a person outside the blog writing a post on a similar topic.

The post-guests provide great advantages for both people, that is, for the author of the blog and the guest author:

For The Guest Author

  • Get more visibility on the blog.
  • Get a do-follow link to your blog, allowing for better SEO positioning.
  • Improve your personal brand
  • Increase its dissemination when the post is shared on social networks.

For The Blog Author

  • Rest that day for not writing the post
  • Encourage participation in your community with comments.
  • Get more visitor traffic from readers who follow the guest author.

 Use Social Networks

There is no need to talk much about the importance of social networks for the dissemination of content published on the blog, but it is also necessary because they significantly help to get more comments.

In this particular case, when sharing on social platforms, you can get comments on both the corporate social profiles and the blog, although that will depend on each reader or person what you consider most appropriate.

When you publish the new blog post on social networks, it is advisable to always use a call to action in the description, because in this way you will get the readers to perform a certain action such as leaving a comment in the post.

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Finish The Post With A Question

When you finish a post on the blog it is recommended to use a closed question to make it easier to respond to the readers of the blog, since open questions can cause some confusion or rejection in the visitors.

If you do not know the difference between both types of questions, I will try to explain it in a quick and simple way:

Closed question: the one that only requires answering the question with a Yes or No

Example: Are you going to the beach tomorrow?

Open question: one that requires a more detailed or specific response.

Example: What do you think about social networks?

Insert Links To Posts From Other Blogs

Another effective method to get more comments on the blog is to insert links that link to a blog post which is related to the subject of the article. By doing this practice you will get the other author to be informed of the Pingback, and visit the article of your blog to leave a comment as thanks.

The Pingbacks are a means of communication between the websites and were created with the aim of informing the author of the other blog that is talking about it or an article of his.

This functionality offers many advantages, so in the best of cases, if the author is attracted to the contents that you publish in the corporate or professional blog, you will also get a mention in your future posts and in social networks.

In this way, you will be networking and building a professional relationship with other bloggers in the sector who publish content with similar themes. In addition, you will also be benefited by SEO positioning getting better positions in search results.

That was exactly the 7 proven methods to get people to comment on your blog; it would be advisable to use them all because each one has its benefits and advantages.

And you, what method do you use to get more comments on your blog? Would you add one more?

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