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How To Get Traffic With Pinterest – Even With A Small Number Of Followers

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Are you aware that you don’t require several thousand followers to get traffic with Pinterest? While I started out with Pinterest in the very first month I have around 230 followers. There is certainly a great opportunity if you already have that lots of followers on your account.

The major difference between your account and this account is always that having only 230 followers I have been averaging over 15,000 impressions per day!

Questioning ways to acquire this type of engagement on your own Pinterest account? Then simply continue reading. I will explain all of my useful Pinterest information with you.

The awesome thing is that all my Pinterest visitors are all organic visitors. I haven’t invested a dime in Pinterest advertisements.


SEPTEMBER 2017 ( 230 followers)
Pinterest _ 15000viewers_


MAY 2018 (3500 followers)

Go Ahead And Create Your Pinterest Profile

Use your biography on your Pinterest page to help other peoples find you out on the Pinterest search engine.

1. Add keywords of your very own niche.

2. Use words in your biography that are categories on Pinterest (for example, design, crafts, photography, hair and beauty, women’s wear, and so forth.)


How To Get Traffic With Pinterest- Even With A Small Number Of Followers _

You Want To Create Targeted Boards On Pinterest

On Pinterest, you want to write down other content as well as your own.

I suggest having;

1. One board exclusively for your content.
Here you will show all of your own work. Some Articles from your own internet site, also reviews of your product, et cetera. Make sure each pin contains a description with keywords for your very own niche or perhaps business.

2. Other couple boards that you want to focus on more and that are more related to your service, product, website, and so on. This is extraordinarily vital; I would actually suggest adding a minimum of 100 pins in every one of these great boards. Keep an eye on your ideal client or reader and put the content that interests him. That may not always be what interests you. Make sure these boards truly hold strong descriptions with relevant keywords.

3. In addition to at least 10 other boards on relevant topics in your niche. These very boards should aim to have at least 50 pins on each of these beautiful boards.


The Pin That Attracts Viewings

Ensure your own pins are:

  • Tall vertical graphics (2:3)
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Descriptive (product descriptions with more than 100 characters get more repins)
  • Frequency Of Pinning

Using this Pinterest account I at least pin 80 times daily. At the time of developing this website, I used Tailwind to send out my pins and then I would schedule 40 pins every single day.


Pinterest Group Boards

Perhaps you have learned that group boards are the approach to take to have eyes on your very own pins. In some instances, I would say, oh yes! Nevertheless, not all Pinterest boards are built equally.

With this particular website, I solely pin to couple group boards. I rather concentrate on having strong boards, descriptions, and also pins that I am convinced my followers prefer seeing.

Making Pinterest Possible_ grow Pinterest

Invest in your knowledge and crack the Pinterest code!
Read “Making Pinterest Possible” a 170+ pages ebook with detailed strategies on how to get started with Pinterest, craft an advanced pinning schedule and boost your blog traffic like a PRO.

The author of the book is an excellent Pinterest strategist. On Ana’s blog, more than 76% of the visit comes from Pinterest. In addition to the obvious benefits of the rise of her brand, Pinterest helped her make more than $ 6,500 in affiliate sales (in her first year of blogging alone!) And sold more than $ 8,500 of digital products. Its system is automating the Pinterest so that all sales took place on the autopilot.


If you want a short version of Pinterest Tutorial CLICK HERE for my personal free Pinterest training.
If you apply just a few tips, you will see an incredible increase in traffic on your site from Pinterest.

So, now you know how to get traffic with Pinterest. Do you have some special tactics? Please share with us!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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