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How To Join Pinterest Group Boards + List Of 200 Pinterest Group Boards?

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The very best and the most suggested way of getting blog site traffic after Facebook is using Pinterest. Pinterest will be a life-changer for you, as soon as you understand precisely the best ways to use it.

In order to truly increase your blog site traffic, you will learn how to join Pinterest group boards + have to sign up for a couple of them.

With this detail in mind, you will find in this post an Ultimate list of 200+ Pinterest group boards for blog writers to get traffic. 

Groups are divided into several categories:
Blogging Groups, Social Media, Entrepreneurs-Business, Finance, Lifestyle, Parenting-Family, Marriage, Education-Homeschool, Travel, DIY Groups, Fashion and Hair & Beauty, Health, Remedies and Weight Loss.

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A Breakdown Of 20 Pinterest Groups For Blog Writers

How Do You Join
Pinterest Group Boards?

It’s not as challenging as you believe. I had a hard time with this at the start of my blogging journey. The simplest method to get into group boards is by sending out a polite e-mail to the owner of the group.

How to join Pinterest group boards _

How do you know who the owner is? The very first person that appears at the top of the list of everybody on the board is the owner of the group. Make sure to follow them and the boards prior to contacting them and asking to sign up.

When you determine who the Pinterest group boards owner is, head over to their profile. They most likely have a complete direction guide on ways to join their boards, the best ways to contact them and all the essential information about the Pinterest group board.

If they do not have their contact info or directions noted, try to find their blog site URL and visit their site. From there, you can quickly discover their contact info.

Send them a quick e-mail. Keep it simple. Introduce yourself and include what organization you own. Go on and inquire if you might be added to ABC board (Please point out the board name).

Notify them that you have actually followed them (profile) along with the group board. Include both your PINTEREST URL and the e-mail address connected to the Pinterest account. Thank them for their time.

Please do not send out a mass e-mail to various group owners.

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You now have the list. I hope you sign up for a few of these remarkable Pinterest group boards today and prosper. Please bookmark this page as I will be including more Pinterest group boards as I sign up for more.

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