How To Make A Successful​ Mom Blog Giveaways
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How To Make A Successful​ Mom Blog Giveaways?

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Do you need more interaction on your site? Are your visitors just going to your site, and then well…. That’s it?

To drive business (and money) you don’t just need visitors, you need visitor interactions.

What about a giveaway?

Giveaway is according to the Cambridge dictionary something that is given free. So, you can offer a prize for visitors signing up for your newsletter and sharing your site to their contacts with social media. Your site gets shared with more people!

A giveaway sounds fun, and it is fun, but a lot of work and planning must go into to for a giveaway to indeed be successful! It’s best to have a well throughout plan to follow through your giveaway process.

Let’s Look At Some Steps For
A Successful Mom Blog Giveaways:

What’s Your Goal For Giveaways?

What do you want to accomplish? What’s your goal for your brand (website)? Do you want more people to visit your site? Do you want them to look at a specific part or niche that your brand is in? Have more people to follow your social media?

There are so many reasons for a giveaway. The first step is choosing what you want to accomplish. Be very clear about your goal.

What Be Will Your Prize?

When deciding your prize make sure it’s something your visitors would want to win. If you have a mom blog, then giving away a fishing tackle would be a big bust.

People would come to your site, for the chance to win the prize, but they would be more interested in reading about fishing! It would make sense if you had a mom fishing blog that you would give away fishing equipment.

So make your prize something relevant in your niche. There are many different ways to obtain an award once you decide what the award will be.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Get a company to donate the prize or prizes
  • Buy the rewards yourself
  • If you sell a product, giving away your product
  • Do you want one prize or many prizes?
  • If you use affiliate marketing, ask for a reduced price or free product from the company to drive traffic to their product!

Duration of Giveaways

How long will your giveaways last? It could be months, or it could be just a day or two. The cool thing about planning a giveaway is that you have the choice of how long it’s going to last.

I may spend just a few days on a giveaway that has only cost me a small amount of money, but if it’s a huge giveaway like a prize package, I may want it to last a few months, to get as many entries and as much exposure as possible.

Create Your Giveaway

There are much different software, programs or plugins that can be used to set up and create your giveaway. When I did my research, I wanted something that was easy to integrate with WordPress, something that was easy to customize and use. At this point, I was looking for free options.

If this is your first giveaway, you are probably looking for a low cost/no cost way. A plug-in that is free and great to use is the Simple Giveaways plugin on WordPress.

The Simple Giveaways plugin looks professional and was easy to use! I could customize just about everything!

Here are a few things that can be tailored:

  • Description of the giveaway
  • Countdown Ticker
  • Start date of your giveaway
  • End date of your giveaway
  • Information about the Prize
  • Official rules
  • Add your own logo
  • Images

Include Giveaway Official Rules

You need to include official rules. There are laws and regulations for each state. Protect your safe and run your contests according to the requirements. You also need to have rules laid out for how to play, what will disqualify someone etc.

Make It Easy to Enter Giveaway

This is critical, you want it to be easy to join the giveaway. You don’t want visitors to reach and find it too hard to join and then just leave. Give your visitors options.

Make it easy! No one wants to enter a giveaway that is complicated. They may go to your site, and then see the giveaway is a waste of time and then they leave!

You can use a plugin that you has visitors leave their email as an entry. You can share your giveaway on Social media as a way earn additional entries: let your contestants choose which platforms they want to share on!

Spread The Word

Now, you’ve got the giveaway set up, but how do you promote it?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Share on your social media sites
  • Create a new landing page on your website (popup page)
  • Send out a newsletter to your current mailing list
  • Contact sweepstakes sites that list peoples contests.
  • Keep spreading the word through the entire giveaway.
  • Do you already pay for advertising? Create an Ad featuring the giveaway

Select Your Winner


Simple Giveaways plugin has a button you push, and it randomly selects the winner! How much easier could the be?

Contact the winner, get the information needed to send out the prize. Then send out the award.

Giveaway Winners List

Make winners list to post on your website! You can list the winners of your giveaways/contests on a particular page. A great idea is to ask the winner to snap a picture of themselves with the prize!

Finish With An Email Offer

Reach out to everyone who entered in the contest through that fantastic auto-generated list from the Simple Giveaways plugin, you can offer them the prize product at a discounted rate, or a similar product.

You may also want to use the generated list to alert your readers/viewers when another contest is coming up.

I Worte these ideas so you can make a successful​ mom blog giveaways, but actually, you can use it for every other niche. What do you think? Did you already run giveaways on your blog?

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