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How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Marketing?

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Are you aware you can actually make money on Pinterest using affiliate marketing?

After a few adjustments as well as upgrades in last 2 years (the last one was just a month ago), Pinterest is back again! Nearly all bloggers make a portion of their earnings from Pinterest.

The Affiliate Business is among the best methods to monetize a blog site, and it is the best for Passive income. Employing affiliate marketing on Pinterest is remarkable since you have a whole army of pinners (over one hundred million!) which are there to spread your very own link.

Most internet affiliate companies necessitate that you have your own individual website before becoming a member as an affiliate. To ensure that this tutorial to work, you should have a blog. Starting up a blog is straightforward you can also establish your very own site for FREE!
Let me share my full tutorial on how exactly you could set up your blog in just a few minutes. CLICK HERE.


How To Make Money On Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing


So you might be wondering, what exactly is affiliate marketing? Basically, you share products you cherish so when people make a purchase via the link you will earn a commission from that sale.

As an illustration, should you decided to buy an item on Amazon by means of my link, I would certainly earn a small percentage, but you have absolutely no extra cost to you. Furthermore there even could be bonus deals for using an affiliate link!


Should you want more information on affiliate marketing, take a look at my review regarding Wealthy Affiliate. It is training hub as well as the community where you could meet folks who are actually making from $ 1000 to $ 100.000 month to month.

Not Certain The Things You Can Pin?

Here are tips for some of the most sought-after blogging niches. There are numerous other products one can turn out to be an affiliate for, these are typically a few to enable you to get started!
For more ideas ask yourself, what kind of products would my ideal audience like to purchase?

Blogs for Moms: Make boards as clothes for little kids and fill in the styles of your favorite kids, snacks for little kids with all the foods kids love, and mom style with pieces of good taste from their favorite brands. Here are The Top 40 Blog Niche Ideas For Mom Bloggers

DIY + Crafting Blogs: Link your favorite crafting materials, the inspiration for future projects and tools you use.

Cooking: Create boards and pins for your kitchen tools, favorite cookbooks, aprons or gadgets for the kitchen of your dreams.

Blogger frugal/coupons: People love a good shopping and saving money sites. On your pins, you can advertise deals that save you money, coupon websites,  internet consignment stores, insurance deals, and so on.

Also, Fashion Bloggers: Combine your very own much-loved pants, shirts, shorts, shoes, hats, sunglasses, etc. There are a lot of companies that looking for fashion blogs.

Blogging Regarding Blogging Tips: Add pins to your own favorite courses regarding the niche market, email providers, ebooks, business tools, social media timelines, blog hosting and website templates.

There was a reason why Pinterest eliminated the affiliate link feature. You should be aware of the following when adding these links to your publications that are not considered spam and maintain the integrity of your brand.

If you want to learn how to start with affiliate marketing and have YOUR OWN online business check out my tutorial:


How To Add Amazon Affiliate Link On Pinterest?

It`s very easy procces. To see how easy it is just look on this video:

Now, I will give you some rules, so you won’t look like a spammer on Pinterest:

Number 1. Always Reveal!

Keep in mind when you adding affiliate links to mention that this is an affiliate link!
In the descriptions of your PIN, Pinterest recommends that you always state that this is an affiliate link and that affiliate networks require it. You can write it in your description or use the #ad or #affiliate at the end of the description. This must be done to follow the rules of the affiliate networks and to comply with the FTC rules.

Number 2. Update Your Existing Pins

Check your very own boards and see which pins an affiliate link can be added to. Use affiliate links only for products that you used and loved. This will create trust among your followers. Make sure you maintain the quality and standards of your brand, and not focus too much on the selling out there.

Number 3. You Want To Create Boards Uniquely For Your Affiliate Products On Pinterest

Some examples would be Resources or the Best tools for WAHM. This is indeed a good alternative simply because your very own follower understands right away that clicking on your pin affiliate link will take him to where he can buy the item.


Number 4. Create Strong Pin Descriptions.

Since your PIN goes directly to the merchandiser website, not to your own blog, make sure the title and description of each PIN are informative and straightforward. You can write a couple of sentences and always disclose. Keep in mind that these titles and descriptions help Pinterest users find you (Pinterest is searching tool!). The better your pin description is, the more sales you get.

Number 5. Do Not Go Overboard

I know you see dollar signs, but do not go crazy and set thousands of affiliate links. This will quickly disconnect your followers! The use of affiliate links can be done with good taste!
Keep the aesthetics of your very own brand. If you want to really anchor with an affiliate link out there, you want to ensure your images have the same style, appearance, and also color like your brand.
With inconsistent tables and pins, you will easily lose followers and potential customers.

Number 6. You Want To Create Multiple Pinnable Images On Your Pinterest Boards.

Some products you are promoting can come with a pinnable affiliate pics or images, but it does not stop there. Consider creating your own lovely graphic which matches your personal brand. This will distinguish you from other folks that use the same pins.


Number 7. Make Use Of A Pinterest Scheduler

Programs akin to Tailwind and even BoardBooster will trickle out your very own affiliate pins so that you don’t appear spammy. Nothing at all is a whole lot worse than owning 20 affiliate pins in a line appear in your very own feed.

With a couple of clicks, you could program your affiliate links to be repinned many times.

On Tailwind try using their Board Lists function or feature to actually schedule your very own affiliate pins out to a great number of boards simultaneously!
In 4 clicks I am able to add my affiliate pin to a bunch of 40+ boards on it. This really is a big timesaver!

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Number 8. You Should Never Use Short Links On Pinterest.

Meaning to say, Pretty Link, Bit .ly, and so on! In Pinterest’s TOS (Terms of service) or AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), it really is clearly prohibited.

I really like affiliate marketing strategy a lot.
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These are definitely the exact methods that I employ to make affiliate product sales every day.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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