CTFO Hemp Oil Company Review
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How To Make Money Selling CBD Oil? CTFO Hemp Oil Company Review

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No one today would have thought that a CBD oil company will sell its product and also allow earning from it. 

Yes, you read it right CTFO is CBD oil provider company which provides you with an opportunity with MLM technic many of them may deny, but it works as MLM for sure.

If You Are Enough Of MLM Companies, But You Still Want To Make Money

So lets us see what CTFO is, how it works and is it worthy or not.

What is CTFO and CBD Oil?

CTFO stands for Changing the Future Outcome.

CTFO is an MLM kind of business or says networking business which sells CBD oil – Cannabinoids products.

Recently, after much research, it has now been legalized, and people in the US, Canada, and the UK, amongst other countries, are free to use it.
You can see an image below that there a large uptrend surrounding CBD oil products:

Google Trend CBD oil

Founder of CTFO: Stuart’s finger is the founder of CTFO. He has experience of MLM for more than 25 years. So, he knows this business pretty well.
Steve who is Stuart’s brother is CEO of CTFO. They both run this successful business for a very long time.

How CTFO Works And Some
Hemp Oil Product Description

CTFO Hemp Oil Company Review

The Company grows organic Hemp plants on its own farms and uses those plants to obtain the pure CBD Oil which is used in its products, so it’s clear here that products they are selling are of high quality and there is no doubt about it.

CTFO is growing its branch by inviting people to join their company and its free to join. If you want to join, you need to contact any CTFO Associate.

If you don`t know anyone who already work for CTFO MLM company, you can call (707) 449-4567.

CTFO business model is based on MLM – multi-level marketing which is purchase product, market product, add members and earn profit and bonuses.

They have kept level for commission for their clients and members.

Yes, one thing is sure which I found in my research, is that their business is not fake like some other fraud MLM models, but still, you have to compulsory build a team and you should good in helping people around you in the team.

CTFO is free to join, so don’t worry about money and even you are not forced to purchase CTFO product, but if you buy a product, which is actually good, then you get discounts.

Products quality helps you market better which always lacks in MLM companies.

CTFO hemp oil products

You don’t find companies who focus on product quality such often, but CTFO it is a good company which gives you outstanding products.

Some of the products that have a good reputation are supplements that boost the immune system and give energy, and also CDB products for pets.
In this video, you can see some of the benefits of using CTFO hemp oil:

After joining CTFO, you get two website.

Here CTFO is a little bit rigid because they give no other option you have to compulsory adapt their policy that which I feel it’s not needed.

The CTFO Compensation Plan

When we talk about business, you get up to 20% commission on product sale which is actually not bad.

Commission slab doesn’t stop here; you can earn more by introducing people to this business and bringing more and more sponsors and clients your commission slab will increase, and you get 4% commission by bringing new clients to the company, and they have set level for the commission.


CTFO has given two way earning for their clients:

  1. UNILEVEL – which provides an excellent return as a commission ( 20% for personally enrolled and 4% for second, third, for five levels)
  2. MATRIX – there are more than 20 levels in Matrix with infinity bonus plan which is limitless.

You can read more about CTFO compensation plan HERE.

CTFO is providing good marketing earning to all with these two methods and if it goes well for you then don’t worry, after some years you will definitely gain well.

Yes, should purchase product one time and the amount is also below $50, and you get full commission and if you have sponsored more than 10 people and then don’t worry and enjoy earning in CTFO as it gives good returns.

They have planned everything very well which is rare in MLM business, and that’s why CTFO has seen good success.

So to join CTFO is not a bad idea its good not like other MLM marketing companies and not a scam too.

If you’re interested you can check other CBD Oils Companies that offers commissions for selling their products: TOP 20 CBD Oil Companies.

Let Us See Some Good And
Some Drawbacks Of CTFO

The Benefits:

  • CTFO is good, and they produce their own products which you find pretty less in MLM, and also they are having a good number of products too.
  • CTFO is free to join, so no worries about the scam.
  • By entering you get two free websites.
  • They have made good slabs for the commission which is working for them, and many of them are finding useful too.
  • The important thing about CTFO is that it’s not costly; their products come at a reasonable price which I feel are not overpriced.
  • If you are only customers, then don’t worry products are excellent.

The Drawbacks of CTFO:

  • Looking to the background of network marketing company people get afraid to join this types of Company, so it’s tough to build a team, and if you are not able to develop an underline group, then there is no business for you in CTFO.
  • Some of the products I feel are useless than other, problem I found on their website is mentioning about cancer as they are telling it works for cancer patients, which I think is a serious matter and cause a problem for CTFO.
  • CTFO doesn’t allow you to market much as it is available only in 8 countries.
  • As it is into MLM, you may find false claims too.
  • CTFO IS FREE TO JOIN, but if you want to earn good commissions, then you need monthly sales volume.

My Final Take On CTFO
CBD Oil Company

3 stars review

I feel it’s an excellent product to purchase; but for business, I feel it lacking on many things as the first thing I found it its availability is only in few countries, the second thing it’s an MLM kind of business which stop many people before starting and joining under you as they will find it fake.

If we don’t talk about business, then this company has some great CBD oil products, but if you want to earn a good amount of money from it, then I feel it is not the right option.

CTFO CBD oil products

There are many other options available against this kind of limited company which doesn’t allow you to grow more significant as the product itself. Also, it is related to health so you cannot find too many customers under you.

So if you are free and sitting at home looking for good work, then I have a better option which gives you a full range of opportunity to market and earn some good commission.

That is a free program which is a far better option than CTFO as it gives excellent opportunities to earn much better.

So, all the people who are reading this review and want to make good handsome money from home, click on the button below to get a better idea and start earning from today.

If you have any questions about CTFO Hemp Oil Company or any other MLM company, or maybe you have personal experience with this kind of companies (perhaps you are making money selling CBD Oil? ), please comment below.

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