How To Make Money with doTerra
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How to Make Money with doTerra and How much do Wellness Advocates Earn? My Review

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Today almost everything is what we can put out there in the open to sell. Nearly every object or a thing is sold in the online market, practically almost everything there is.

The only reason why merchants or companies, as a whole, come out to sell their products or services is the fact that they know that the online market is growing every minute.

What is better than the virtual world to spread the message, products, or services to almost everyone in the entire globe.

With regards to MLM programs, we have come across health and nutrition-based products, beauty and wellness products, travel products, and what not!

The list of different products and services never seems to end for MLM businesses. Also, we have come across MLM programs dealing specifically only in the essential oil market.

Want to sell essential oils?
Why don’t you start your own online business?

These companies manufacture their products to sell them in the online market, even after knowing that people hardly become members of MLMs nowadays, since they rarely benefit financially.

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Our topic of discussion today is about one such essential oil MLM business opportunity named “doTerra” which focuses only on selling essential oils, similar to Young Living or Forever Living.

No matter how unique this may sound, looking at other MLMs selling the same monotonous things, it is always difficult to carry out an MLM business. Because of a lot of effort it requires and a lot of competition that it faces.

Let Us Now Know What Is doTerra All About?

How to Make Money with doTerra

doTerra is a Utah based Multi-level marketing or network marketing company selling essential oils.

The company was founded by David Stirling in the year 2008, and it comes under the category of health and wellness niche.

The name doTerra comes from a Latin origin, which means “Gift Of The Earth.”

Another interesting fact about doTerra is that their employees and distributors were formerly associated with Young Living, a direct competitor of doTerra, which has been in the business since 1993.

Their mission itself is to sell therapeutic grade oils in the world.

It manufactures, sources, tests, and distributes essential oils and other related products to more than 5 million doTerra wellness advocates and customers.

Their products are sold at over 18 international markets and still counting.

Many people regularly buy essential oils. The question is whether you can make money. More specifically, is doTERRA a good way to take advantage of this area. After all, doTERRA oils are not cheap to invest in.

What Are The Products That doTerra Offer?

Below is the list of categories of products that doTerra sell:

Essential oils:

  • Single oils include scents like Bergamot, Lavender, Menta, Peppermint, Lemongrass,… Prices are from $13 all the way to $366.67 per single oil.
  • Proprietary blends,
  • doTerraOnGuardProducts,
  • doTerra Breathe Products,
  • Deep Blue Products,
  • DigestZen Products.
doTerra essential oils
  • Personal care – doTerra spa, doTerra salon, haircare essentials, skincare essentials, Verage skincare, HDclear skincare.
  • Supplements – weight management, daily vitality, specialized supplements, supplements for children and women, digestive health.
doTerra supplements
  • Diffusers – sleep collection, essential collection, marble diffusers, etc.
dpTerra Aromatic diffusers
  • Accessories – spray bottles, amber bottles, dram bottles, child-resistant caps, essential oil cap stickers, engraved wooden box, orifice remover, bottle pump, mist sprayer, etc.

A critical claim that doTerra makes is that their products are graded with “Certified pure therapeutic grade” (CPT).

However, no associations or authorities have accredited this claim.

The company uses this grade just to prove that their essential oils are pure and therapeutic in nature and are not made with synthetic ingredients.

The therapeutic effect of essential oils is a common marketing strategy, as you can see from this post. There are no actual FDA-certified essential oils.

It is just a trademark of doTERRA who have registered for their distillation and refining of their oils.

I am not saying that doTERRA essential oils are completely useless.

Yes, they have their positive effects. However, they are definitely not as magical as their members claim when they just want to make money.


How Can You Make Money From doTerra?

Since all MLM companies charge a fee to start with their business and become a distributor, doTerra is no behind.

For you to become their distributor, you need to pay a registration fee of $35. And also a monthly auto-ship fee of $100 to remain their active member, and to start earning commissions.

They call their distributors ‘wellness advocates’.

However, the job is still the same to either sell their products directly or recruit more and more members in the downline.

Let Us Know A Bit About doTerra’s Compensation Plan

It is common to know now that for any MLM business opportunity, there are two basic ways to earn money:

  • Retail commissions – selling their products and making retail profits after buying them at a wholesale rate. You will earn a 25% profit on purchases made by your Retail Customers. commission monthly.
  • Recruitment – hiring more people to build your teams and downlines and hence earning more with bonuses and commissions.
    • However, let us have a look at the ways you can earn from doTerra. There are basically four different ways through which you can make money with doTerra as below:

Retail bonus

You can earn a straight 25% commission on all retail sales that you make.

Unilevel Bonus

earnings from your downlines override 7 levels deep. The deeper the level, the more are the commissions.

Fast start bonus

New distributors can earn more commissions from the first 3 levels of their downlines within the first 60 days of becoming a member.
(Level 1: 20%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 5%).

Power of three bonus

You can earn extra cash when you and your downlines recruit 3 downlines and earn cash bonuses of $50, $250 and $1,500.

doTerra power of three bonus

If you want to see a detailed doTerra compensation plan, please click here or watch the video below:

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What Is Good About doTerra?

Unique and Growing Market

Tapping a somewhat unique market of essential oils with different health benefits.

The rising awareness of the health benefits of natural essential oils, along with the increasing number of people prone to aromatherapy, is estimated to provide a boost to the market.

Aromatherapy is gaining in importance, especially among the urban population, due to the changing lifestyle and increasing influence of the media.

Because of this growing trend, there are many more companies starting to sell essential oils.

For example, other MLM companies like Melaleuca, Arbonne, Youngevity, and Essante Organics also sell essential oils.

While it is good that this trend is increasing, the bad news is that competition in the market is also increasing daily.

BBB Rating

do Terra has been accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating.

doTerra BBB rating

The Better Business Bureau has determined that doTERRA meets its accreditation standards, which include an obligation to resolve any consumer complaints.

What Is Not So Good About doTerra?

Focused on Recruit People

Because it is only an MLM program, it is more focused on recruitments.

doTERRA is not a pyramid scheme because they have their products for sale and do not rely solely on hiring people.

But, as with other MLM companies, you can’t make a high amount of money by selling doTERRA products. Higher revenue comes from bonuses and bonuses are obtained by recruiting other people.

The question is, how much can you really involve relatives, friends, and neighbors in this business?

This is why more and more former MLM members are moving into affiliate marketing. If you have products that you advertise on your site, you can have 100 to 10,000 visitors a day, which cannot be achieved by making a list of 50 or 100 acquaintances.

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Improper marketing tactics

The FDA in 2014 presented it with a warning letter to stop doing improper marketing tactics.

Which claimed that their products are possible treatments for curing Ebola, cancer, autism, and other conditions.

Most Wellness Advocates do Not Make Money

The income earning potential is quite low as the essential oil market has other good companies too, like Young Living, which has its own farms as well.

If you read the lowercase letters on the DoTerra Income Statement, you’ll find this:

In 2018, the company paid fees for approximately 282,000 wellness advocates in the United States. Most Wellness Advocates have earned enough to pay for, if not all, of their own purchases of company products.

What does it mean? In translation, most members earn just enough to cover the cost of purchasing doTerra products.

If you continue reading you will find this information as well:

dōTERRA’s entry rank represented 62% of all U.S. Wellness Advocates, and fifty-three percent earned on commission. Those entry-level distributors who received a commission averaged $ 380 for the year.

If you calculate all the ratings in doTerra, you will get information (which they have pretty much hidden) that ONLY 1% of Wellness Advocates have reached the top rank (Silver and above).

What Can We Conclude About doTerra?

doTerra is not a scam or pyramid scheme; in fact, it is a legit MLM business opportunity that is backed by actual products to be sold.

It has been in the business for the past 11 years and is still very much a part of the industry, plus the BBB has also accredited it with a good rating.

All these reasons do make doTerra a genuine and a legit company, but getting into business with them can prove to be quite complicated with meager income-earning opportunity.

However, if you are a person who is excellent at interacting with others and also at pitching products, then you can go ahead with doTerra.

And if you are not ok with the level of income that you will be earning here, then just give this thing a miss and search for other better options.

Is There A Better Business Opportunity?

A much better option of earning income from home is through Affiliate marketing where you don’t need to recruit anybody; in fact, you are your own boss.

We live in the 21st century, and our lives are drastically different from 1950 when MLM was invented. If you want a successful business, focus on your online business.

You can, like me, launch an affiliate website, you can promote any products you want from any company, so why sell such a limited product range?

Commissions for affiliates range from 5% to 75% and include digital products, Amazon products, and recurring services.

Last year, with my affiliate websites, I generated 4 figures each month and I can show you how to make them using the same training

Of course, you can promote whatever you want and keep all your earnings (don’t share it with your upline).

Affiliate marketing is much easier to understand and makes you earn good income monthly, which only requires your marketing skills online. 

Here, you only need to promote products and services of your choice at your convenience on websites, blogs, and social media and earn from each sale made through your efforts.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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