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How To Promote Your Blog For Free?

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Blogging is far more than writing an incredible post and hitting “post”. When you hit “post” is when the work starts because now you have to get people to read your material.

At the start of my blogging journey I thought that when I posted something, people would simply magically discover my blog site and get hooked on my material. Well, it is not that simple; getting your post in front of fresh eyes includes heavy promoting.

How to promote your blog for free?

Thankfully, there are many places you can promote your blog for free.

In today’s post, I’m sharing a few of those places.

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Do you wish to start a profitable blog site?

A most profitable way to make money with your blog is affiliate marketing.

Learn how to start with affiliate marketing HERE.


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For this post “How to start with Affiliate Marketing” I developed this graphic, then I pinned it to the different Pinterest boards and get 1400 repins!


  • Share in all pertinent FB groups. Make sure to follow the guidelines.

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  • Create a Facebook advertisement to get more direct exposure.
  • Share on promotion threads, and themed posts, i.e. Twitter Tuesday, Comment Sunday and so on.
  • Share on your personal profile with friends and household.
  • Leave your link as a response to pertinent subjects and issues. Do not be spammy!


  • Send a brand-new e-mail to your customer list to inform your customers of the brand-new article.
  • Use Mailerlite to send a brand-new post, and benefit from their free functions consisting of e-mail automation, landing pages, and pop-up messages.

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  • Pin it to the top of your Twitter profile.
  • Get other blog writers to retweet your post.
  • Share on promotion threads on Facebook.
  • Sign up with a Twitter pod. You can share your newest tweet, and those in your pod will like and retweet you!
  • Sign up for a Twitter chat.
  • Send a tweet to your fans letting them understand you have a brand-new post.
  • Put a link in your Twitter bio.


  • Instagram Advertisements.
  • Update your Instagram story with an innovative post.
  • Include your newest post in your Instagram bio.
  • Share brand-new post updates in the caption of the image, and write a brief preview. Can you state the hashtag link in bio?
  • Sign up with an Instagram Pod.

Other Places – You Most Likely Never Ever Would Believe You Could Use!

  • Join Mix and take part in promotion threads in Facebook groups.
  • Leave comments on other blog sites and leave your URL at the end so they can take a look at your blog.
  • Take part in link-up parties.
  • Get involved with other blog writers’ round-up posts.
  • Post your blog site in an appropriate G+ community.
  • Post a Snapchat story.
  • Include your site to blogging directory sites.
  • Make an account on BlogLovin. Here is mine. Please, follow me.
  • Enhance your posts with SEO for them to appear in the search result in Google and other engines.
  • Send your blog post to Reddit
  • Establish an RSS feed.
  • Set up social networks sharing buttons to share your posts.
  • Promote with Adwords.
  • Find a bloggers community that will help you.
  • Wealthy Affiliate community – I have been a member for a 3 year now. It is the best blogging and online business community you will find on the internet. Over a hundred thousand members are present every day in live chat. If you are looking for, you will receive feedback or comment for each new article you post.

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So, I gave you enough ideas to promote your blog for free and now take advantage of my free resources.

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What are your favorite ways to promote your blog for free?

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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