How To Sell Paintings Online
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The Art Of Selling An Art: Knowing How To Sell Paintings Online

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Art! What a beautiful word isn’t it?

A word with only three letters can mean so much to so many different people. A word that changes people’s lives in so many different ways. One word can have so many different meanings attached to it and also many different perspectives to it.

When you really like to do something, and you get to do that, the happiness that comes along with it is priceless.

Imagine that you not only like doing it, but you love it; then that happiness has no bounds. And now imagine if you get paid for the same thing that you enjoy doing, there’s an instant smile that comes on our faces when we experience that.

Hey-Mom- Turn Your Ideas Into reality

How amazing it is to know when someone is talented with some art in whatever or however format it may be, but as they say, art is art. It cannot be compared with one another because when an artist makes something, it is his/her perspective and his/her emotions that are attached with that art which will always remain beautiful in its own way.

Are you a painter?

If yes and you don’t know how to show that to the world worry not!

Because the Internet today has shown us paths that were once unknown to many. It has answers for you that may ultimately lead you to success only if you know how to make full use of it.

Today we are talking about how to sell paintings online.

How To Sell Paintings Online

First, we’ll get through what kinds of paintings can people sell online?

1. Watercolor painting
2. Oil painting
3. Ink wash painting
4. Glass painting
5. Acrylic painting
6. Spray painting
7. Gouache
8. Collage painting and many other types the list goes on.

There is so much talent around in people of conceiving these paintings, often wondered how to show this to the world?

You can certainly sell your art & paintings online, but how can you go about it?

There are two things here:Either you choose to do it by selling it in galleries like what initially artistes used to do, or you be smart enough and being upbeat with the times and age you choose to sell it online through websites, social media and the like.

There is absolutely nothing that the Internet cannot do.

We have reached that stage in life where with the help of the Internet we can sell anything and everything that we want to. The same stands true for selling your paintings online.

We can use different websites and provide links on it for people to click on them and reach your page of paintings, that what affiliates are for. 

Alternatively, you can also create your own art gallery website by giving it a creative name and promote your website through social media.

You can also make a channel on video sites where you can show the world your everyday process of creating one painting at a time, how you go about it, what makes you paint that, why you are using those colors etc. and let people know what hard work an artist goes under to make that final piece of art.

A lot of people today put out videos of their paintings, and how they made it on video streaming sites and through that, they get many likes and comments on it.

However, as artists, we often are in a dilemma thinking about how we’ll put out our paintings to the world?

How will they know what we have created and eventually will they be convinced enough to buy them?

It’s quite tough to sell art otherwise because you need to be promoting it and letting people first know that you know to paint and that you are a creator who has made beautiful paintings that people need to notice and buy.

Getting people to understand without any help of the Internet is tough, and even if with word of mouth people come to know about your art there is still no guarantee that they will be convinced enough to buy from you.

Affiliate marketing is a boon to people. They are still unaware of what difference it can bring and what good it can do to artists like these.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It is basically a type of referral marketing. Where affiliates refer your products or services through links on websites or social media, it is a kind of marketing where the retailer, in this case, the painter pays the affiliate, in other words, the person indirectly selling your products, gets a commission for creating traffic on your website or link and eventually creating a sale.

Affiliate Marketing Model

What people see is what they believe. What you put out in the open for people to see is what they will accept and want to buy.

Most people today would not prefer to go to museums or galleries, and purchase paintings since most of them are busy with their hectic schedules they buy almost everything online, and paintings are no behind.

Once a buyer starts believing in your work, there’s no looking back. However, what’s important here is to be consistent with your art and how you choose to sell it through the Internet.

Hence, Affiliate marketing proves to be the best choice here when it comes to selling arts or paintings because that gets you to reach to the right audience and who are interested in buying them are compelled to do that after seeing the art. Promotions are significant; choosing the right medium to do so is equally important.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The Affiliate Marketing model is quite simple to understand.

The merchant or the retailer or an artist pays fees to publishers who promote your products or services to the customers, and the customers buy through the efforts of the affiliates of providing links of your work on their websites or external websites or any social media platform, and that is how the sale is generated.

Anyone can become an Affiliate if one thinks of helping out others with their small efforts and also earning through it. It is a win-win situation here for everybody.

Affiliates also create content or write about your products on their blogs and help create an awareness of your products or services.

So in a way you are hiring individuals who act as PR’s for your work or products that you have to offer and make people know you are in the market and show your work accurately so that people check out your work and take the desired action to buy it.

If you want to get affiliates for your paintings, read this article about Affiliate network called ShareASale. You can join as a merchant and have access to thousand affiliates.

Are You Wondering How Can Affiliates
Also Sell Paintings Online?

How To Sell Paintings Online

We have often heard about affiliates promoting other things like skin care products, makeup, apparels, kitchenware, crockery, different services, but how many times have we heard about them selling paintings?

Purpose as affiliates itself is to promote anything and everything and gain maximum traffic for the products or services they are selling through different platforms like social media, blogs, websites and the like.

Affiliates can create a buzz for your paintings and make it so easy for you like when they put up links of your product’s page on their social media and if the affiliate has thousands of followers the audience definitely checks out the links provided by them and reach that page to see your work and if they like it they even buy it.

The same is when the affiliate put your link on their blogs and websites, and the customer reaches that page and takes the desired action for it. Affiliates mainly do this traffic creation for your work, and through these efforts, the work then reaches the right audience who then makes a purchase, thus increasing your sale.

Selling Paintings: Non-digital Marketing Versus Digital Marketing


  • Self-promoting your paintings through word of mouth.
  • Word of mouth does not reach to broader audiences always.
  • More efforts will be required in terms of painting more and more and putting it out for museum displays.
  • Difficult to always be consistent in putting out your art in museums.
  • It won’t be cost effective for always hiring a place for the display of your paintings.
  • It can take much time to reach the right audience for your paintings.
  • Non-digital ways are always very time consuming to enter the maximum market.


  • Time-saving.
  • Affiliates make your tasks more manageable by promoting your paintings.
  • Cost effective since you are paying only a certain commission to the affiliate for each sale generation.
  • You can be more consistent in making paintings one after the other as the task of selling your work is done by the affiliates.
  • You don’t have to reach the audience just by museum displays; they can contact you only with a click on the link.
  • More accessible to the public where everything is available for the customer to see on the Internet about you.
  • Affiliates create more traffic generation and sales through the Internet.

Last word:

When you have something with you that you have created with much love and you want that love to be spread across people through your paintings then going the digitized way is a smart decision!

Letting people know about your work by only self-promoting it on your social media would not be enough.

Affiliates can make all this very easy for you. After all, paintings are creative interpretations or experiences of an artist, a painter not just puts out colors on the canvas but puts out his/her heart and soul on it.

These interpretations are most of the times, nothing but what the person sees or feels in and around him. All these things that you experience as a painter needs to be put out to the people to see and understand not just how talented the artist is but most importantly to understand what people understand and have the value of the beautiful art that the artist has to give out to them.

To be successful in selling paintings online ( as in any other business) is simple with the right training. I’m an online entrepreneur for three years now, and I have full-income from my online business. Thanks to this Affiliate platform, I learn everything to market my services.

It is created to help start and grow an online business based around a subject they’re interested in. Also, this platform has thousands of members who are willing to help you at every stage.

Most of the people who started and then quit with an online business didn’t have help or support when they needed. To have an engaging and positive community is such blessings.

If you are artist, please share with us, how do you sell paintings? Do you sell it online? Have any advice? Put you answer in comment box below.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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