How To Sell Wigs Online
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How To Sell Wigs Online? Start A Wig Business.

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Becoming a distributor in the hair industry in today’s time and era is just like getting into distributorship of any other item.

For people who don’t know it is a 200 crore human wig business industry that is expanding to the next level every day. What I mean to say here is if you have the right ideas and the proper ways to get into this business, there is no way of looking back. So, how to sell wigs online?

Yes, you heard that right, becoming successful in the hair industry is entirely possible when you think you can sell hair items just like you would sell any other random things in the right or correct manner with the right ideas.

Let me Show You How To Make Money Online

The hair industry is growing day by day and people are today becoming more and more aware of this advancement in this business.

Who would think of starting a business by selling hair wigs or weaves for that matter?


But yes, today we are at an age and time that we can probably sell anything and everything if we know what path to choose while we want to sell something.

Today even if we’re going to sell the most random item you can do that: through social media or website and by affiliate marketing.

Social media and websites can do wonders when you know what you are selling, and remember, when and how to target the right and potential customers. Firstly we need to know more about:

The Wigs Distributorship Industry

Many product areas can be covered in the hair industry, including the salon equipment for hair, hair wigs, hair threads, hair weaves and extensions, etc. and the list is unending.

This industry may seem very new to you first or something that may take time to develop but if you know the right ways of distributing or marketing the hair products then you will realise that you made the right decision. 

How To Sell Wigs Online

The amount of hair wigs or weaves that are sold is just growing in numbers that you can’t even imagine such vast is the industry.

The demand is only increasing, and billions worth of hair is imported every year.

Central countries of demand are some European countries, America, Canada, and a significant part of Africa.

But if you are going for distributorship first, you need to do your market research pretty well before getting into the business because there is already too much competition for distributorship in the market.

Generally, the manufacturers and retailers have their fixed clients and hence have their fixed distributors that they usually deal with and if you are thinking of getting into distributorship then jotting all these points down is essential.

In such cases, Affiliate marketing proves to be a hero. Why? Because here, just by giving or providing a way or path for a person or company’s products with a click on their link can create sales, without expenses like rent a place for the shop, shipping, workers, etc.

By sitting home and promoting wigs products or any other products online, you can very well play a marketer’s role and earn your commission out of it. The weight of affiliate marketing surely is on a higher side than the traditional way of distributorship.

If you are still thinking of the traditional way of the distributorship, this is how you can go ahead:

How To Start With Wigs Business?

First, conduct proper research of the business. Know the product ranges, types of product areas. Study a lot about all the hair wigs and weaves wholesalers in the market and try and route them accordingly.

There might be many who would be interested in you in distributorship of their imported hair stocks.
This too may come with specific terms and conditions, where they want you to exclusively market and distribute only their products while others may even be lenient with the same.

Knowing what is to be bought and whatnot:

Know the current styles in hair wigs or laces & weaves & promote it accordingly. In case you are not fully aware of advertisements, celebrity magazines can help a lot.

How can you promote your business?

You can first do that with word of mouth if you are already associated with a salon you can promote as many styles as you want through targeting the right customers at the shop or you can also promote it on billboards, leaflets or pamphlets in newspapers.

You can also make full use of social media, blogs, etc.

How to take the business plan forward?

Know your start-up costs of making your products reach the target audience. Keep a note of all these expenses and get knowledge of how to reach the target market for potential buyers to make a purchase.

Get authorised:

Generally, people mostly buy from those who are legally permitted to sell, so in that case, let your buyers know that you are approved.

Remember the hair industry is very lucrative, but once you get your hands dirty in it, you can make your name in it.

Coming back to the point of Affiliate marketing acting as a boon to such lucrative businesses. Why run around the bush when you can straight go up to the best medium of hair distributorship through affiliate marketing.

First, We Need To Know What AM
Is Exactly?

Affiliate marketing is promoting or marketing a person’s/company’s products or services online and earning commissions from it.

What Are The Steps Of Following Affiliate Marketing?

  • Use your website and social media to showcase the link of the wig (hair) company or product.
  • The potential customer clicks the link or the advertisement.
  • The customer directly is landed on the company’s website or product link.
  • The customer buys.
  • The sale is made and confirmed by the XYZ company.
  • The transaction is made.
  • You get your commission.

These were the just the simple steps about affiliate marketing, imagine the sale it can make if you get into it full-fledged.

Why Is Distributorship Still Present In The Times Of Affiliate Marketing?

Well, some are still unaware of the success of affiliate marketing or the impact it can create to create a sale eventually.

Distributorship is either you are opening up a physical store of your own to deal with both manufacturers and retailers or doing the same through your websites or social media handles, blogs, etc.

People still go the old way of promoting something they want to sell. Some would even like to be a wholesaler and deal with retailers.

But there are many out there who know the power of affiliate marketing and understand how they can even earn from it.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Help In Hair Distributorship?

What are the critical points for Affiliate Marketing and Distributorship?

Too many questions arise; let’s come to the points straight.

In distributorship you are dealing one to one with the manufacturers and retailers, you have a human touch to the business and gain practical knowledge of the hair products.

You can create more and more contacts and relations in the industry. Also, you get to know the market more deeply. But Affiliate marketing is entirely different from what we can learn from distributorship.

Affiliate marketing can bring consumers to the place where they will eventually end up buying the product.

How Affiliate Marketing Work In The Hair Industry?

Since we know, hair industry can be your successful venture if you know how you are promoting or taking things forward in the business. Affiliate marketing plays a significant role here. It has always proven to be the solution for any market type or Industry for that matter.

Affiliates are more into the pre-sale stuff; they drive the potential buyers to the product’s link or page and create a sale.

Some Good Hair Affiliate Programs

1. Luxy hair affiliate program – they are a global online company for clip in hair extensions. They need affiliates with more than 3500 followers on Instagram and on who knows hair styling, beauty, and fashion. You will make $10 for every set sold, and you will get the opportunity to be featured on Luxy Hair social media platforms.


2. Bellami hair affiliate program – affiliates here upload Bellami banners and product links to their social media including YouTube, blogs, websites, and receive a commission with each sale

3. Excellent virgin hair – affiliates register with them first and get a link of their site which affiliates have to link it with their websites. They give a 10-15% sales commission.

Hair extensions and wigs industry has become a 200 crore industry for a reason.

When you are an affiliate and promote hair products like lace wigs or weaves, so many prospective customers get drawn to websites that show all styles of hair wigs with different colors and trends. They get influenced by the images of celebrities posing as models for the same.

Customers get easily swayed when they see something, especially if that is worn by one of their favorite model or actor. Especially women who are looking out for a different look on their face they do visit such sites where they get to know more about it.

Affiliates promote the same idea on their social media handles or blogs or websites and draw these visitors to the link of the hair product and advertise in a manner that will influence them to buy that product.

Hence, we can surely make out that Affiliate marketing is far more beneficial in converting the prospect into a sale as distributorship has other cons to it like continuously maintaining relations with the manufacturers and retailers, getting authorized or licensed, to promote products or services through billboards, signboards, ads in newspapers, etc.

Whereas an affiliate marketer only needs a website or a link which needs to be promoted rightly.

 Final word On Selling Wings Online

All in all, we can say that Affiliate marketing has helped the hair industry bloom in every way possible.

If you want to get into this too, you are making the right decision because you are not only proving to be beneficial to yourself by earning on each sale but also proving to be helpful to the hair industry as a whole and most importantly making the customers feel beautiful about themselves.

But, to start properly, I suggest you to first take affiliate marketing training. I have FREE training on the best affiliate marketing platform on the internet. If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing my advice is to get this training and start your online business.

So, if you are asking how to sell wigs online, I will answer – through affiliate marketing! In the hair industry, it is the new trend that people are going to follow for sure !!

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