How To Sell Your Crafts Online
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How To Sell Your Crafts Online?

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When you talk about crafts, your first take will be a small store near your place. Every nation has one specific work of there area, which will be famous from ancient times. Before the internet, selling of crafts was through stores than showrooms and now on the Internet.

After the invention of the Internet, Craft selling has seen huge upward graph in many countries, and it has allowed lots of genius people around the world.

Selling through the Internet,  things that are unique or vintage or that which is pure art or craft? 

Have we ever thought that for items that are so different too get a platform on the Internet? Well, of course, you can do that and with good earning if you know how to do it.

If you are the creator or seller first you need to know what is that craft that you can make to sell it to the world, and why is it different

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And even if you know you are the best at making such things, you also need to know whether people would even be interested in buying those things from you. Make sure that you target the right audience.

How Can You Sell Your Crafts Online?

The first way of doing that successfully would be social media.

Social media, as we know, is anywhere and everywhere. There’s no way you can avoid it or run away from it.

Even if supposedly your consumer is not on social media through word of mouth too they can come to know about your products, and hence would compel them to go to any of the social media to follow you.

That’s the power of social media; it can search so much talent from the world, and put that talent directly in front of the public to see.

You can never get a better platform than social media to showcase what you are best at. Today there are so many artists, chefs, comedians, singers, dancers, etc. who are already famous with their respective channels, and have millions of subscribers.

So, if you are an artist too with your unique talent of making or creating something which has to do with arts & crafts, you also have the biggest platform for the world to know you and your work.

You can put on videos of making those crafts, or you can put good pictures of it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube with a bit of detail about it and there you go.

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The second most popular way of selling through the Internet is creating your website.

This will give you space, and convenience to add or modify things on your site without having to show any other competitor around on the same page.

Only you and your products would be highlighted in this particular medium where the website is fully dedicated to selling your products.

But either of the mediums one common thing is that you as a seller or creator has to be continuous in your efforts in creating something new and different every time people see your products online.

Your brand or your products need to be seen. Show how effortless you are even in doing that. The audience must never forget you; it is an essential thing that you must always remember.

There are also other websites through which you can sell – One being the most famous of all for all things different is Etsy.

Etsy is globally known and it is a platform for selling vintage, unique, and creative goods worldwide. In today’s automated world where almost everything is readily available on the internet, Etsy provides a platform for extraordinary items that have a human touch to it and is the most significant medium in making these items reach the right audience.

There are other sites too where you can put your products for sale –
eBay – It is the most run E-commerce site, though people generally won’t go there to buy crafts still it can be a good option if you want to reach a broader audience.

Artfire – This site promotes all things unique. They also have kept an option of ‘Wanted’ items that customers would want to have specially made for them. They take a commission of 9% on each sale & have a monthly subscription fee too.

Amazon– It is one of the biggest sites on the Internet & sells almost everything that you can imagine. So they have also put up a category for selling handmade items, but for that first, your application needs to be approved by them.

Also, Amazon takes a commission of 12% each sale and you will also have to pay around $40 to retain being a member of the site. There are other small sites too which can help you list your items that include – Bonanza, Made it myself and Shop Hand made.

There is another useful way of selling
your arts through blogging

Write, write and write more about your creations, let the world know what you love doing and how great are you at doing that. So, that they too fall for it and eventually end up buying your products.

Also, there are other techniques through which you can mark your products online easily one being Search engine optimization (SEO) where if a consumer puts a keyword like, e.g., “Vintage items’, it can direct it to your website effortlessly.

Or you can also take the help of Affiliate marketing where you can ask writers or bloggers to write articles or content for your products.

Affiliate Marketing Has Four Core Players:

  • The merchant – who is the seller or the retailer.
  • The network – is the medium through which the seller wants to sell his/her products.
  • The publisher – is the Affiliate who in turn through his chosen medium will promote your products.
  • The customer – whom you want to target eventually.

Also very important is to try and connect with fellow crafters that way, you will know the business more in detail by identifying their products as well and how they are selling them.

Marketing your products in the right way goes a long way for your business.

Attracting and targeting your correct audience is essential.

Packaging of your products according to the items that you are going to sell is also important. If they are fragile or breakable, you need packaging that it can protect it well.

All these little things also are equally important in creating a sale. An Important tip here would be to include any extra taxes and shipping charges inclusive in the product price.

I am now coming to a little technical aspect of it.

How To Sell Your Crafts Online

Because you are the creator, you need first to understand it’s business structure whether you want to work by yourself – Sole Proprietorship or if you are thinking of a partnership then LLC or corporation.

After that comes the naming of your brand.

Knowing who you are and what your products are and also what they stand for, are all these points that you must consider before giving it a name.

Also, a name that people would love to identify themselves with would connect with them.

Another important thing is to maintain different bank accounts for your business; this will always keep you informed about your expenses, your investments, and your profits.

Always remember to keep your private and business accounts different or will end up messing with the benefits or protection that these structures can offer. Tally all your expenses and income, which will make the filing of your income taxes easier.

The most important question arises that can we sell crafts online?
And how successful can we be?

Well, in earlier times when the world was not very advanced or tech-savvy, people generally would find a physical shop to buy such products and they always lacked.

But thanks to the Internet all this has become easy and convenient for all the sellers and the buyers as well.

When we see something that is different, something very unusual that you know you won’t find everywhere instantly catches our attention.

This is where you need to protect your items accurately and target the right audience. Once the audience knows who you are as a brand and what is your USP, they will always turn to you for your products purely because you are not ordinary but extraordinary.

My Final Take

If you are best in making crafts, then you should be more significant in selling too. Your art is only successful when it is others hand that also worldwide. Business is not accessible in today’s time, and it is not possible in a day or two; it takes time.

Building your platform online can be a perfect option; it can give you a wide range of audiences and craft collectors from around the globe.

Posting photographs and videos of your work can help you market your product more. So, always target audiences with the online platform by making a good website with photos and videos in it.

And if you don’t know how to start an online business then try THIS FREE TRAINING. It is a great program where you get A to Z help for online marketing, from how to build a site to how to market everything.

They also has a great team which supports you at every stage of your business. So start selling your crafts online today to become famous worldwide.

I hope this article helps you to find out how to sell your crafts online, no matter if its your side job or you want to make a business out of it. Always remember that the Internet can change your life in ways you can’t even imagine only and only because you sell different ‘differently.’

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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