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How To Start A Blog To Make Money Online? In 6 steps

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I started using my blogs less than a two years ago because I was desperately looking for a way to make money from my house on my own schedule while my kids were asleep.
I move to a new city and I wanted to be my own boss – to have time to spend with my kids and work on my own schedule. While the blogs seemed an unrealistic answer to my prayers, I trusted thing deep in my heart and went anyway.

Only a few months later, I started replacing the full-time income I had before I actually stayed at home mom. To get to the point, the reason I write this article is that I want people (moms like me) to know that blogs are an option. It’s not a fast-rich-quick scheme (so if that’s your plan, you’ll have to look at some other places). It takes time, dedication and perseverance, but it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had.
Till now I have 3 blogs ( this one is the newest – BOB for Her just celebrate its first birthday 🙂 )

And the best part is that I can still stay home as mom and watch my three kids grow every day. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, this is your sign. Stop thinking and start with it. Even with the advent of social networks, blogs can form the basis for a successful Internet business. The points below are the simple steps I took to create a blog that generates income.

How To Start A Blog To Make Money Online?
6 Steps


Step 1: Choose A Niche That Will Convert Visitors

What will you write about? If you’ve already thought about launching a blog to make money online, you probably know what you’re going to write, but if not, that’s no big deal. Brainstorm your interests, passions, and talents. What do you think you could write about, help other people solve their problems, or change something in other people’s lives? I’ll be pretty strict when I say that if you want to start a blog that generates income, you should focus on solving problems.

If you want your blog to make money, it cannot serve as an online journal. There are not many people out there who want to read about your trip to the near lake. But there are many people who want to read about how to successfully prepare for family outings with two children under the age of two (or something else, you understand the idea, right?) Think about what you write in the search bar on Pinterest and the great Google.

Are you looking for weekly journal entries or are you looking for an answer? One more thing to do before we go on, I highly recommend presenting at least 20 blog post ideas before the start. You may think that you have a lot of ideas on a particular topic, but two months after writing a blog, you are scratching your head as well as trying to create of different things to write about.

As with any online business, it is crucial to discover which market you want to be in. Basically, you want to be in the niche in which are real customers who are truly interested in the very topics you are writing about if not, no person is going to read through your blog out there. Make sure you have some concrete ideas and move on to step 2!


Step 2: Web Hosting Registration

Your web hosting provider provides the technology and services needed to display your website on the Internet. First, I chose Bluehost when I started my blog and I love it. The Hosting actually costs $ 3.95 per month. You get a free domain name, site builder, one-click WordPress installation, and excellent customer service (I only had to use it once, but they were very useful).

Later, I moved to Wealthy Affiliate domain, and now I have 3 websites there. There you can build your website in 30 seconds, literary!

Build Your Site Under 30 Seconds. Click Here.

There are options to launch a blog for free on WordPress.com, but if you want to monetize your very own blog, you’ll have to hunt and pay for the hosting.


Step 3: Create Your Own Domain Name

Once you have decided will you go with BlueHost or Wealthy Affiliate ( or any other …), you will be asked for your own domain name. Luckily, you’ve already thought about how to name your website. If not, take some time to choose a domain name. Do not get caught up in the name too much. At the end of the day, people look at your content, not your own site name.

6 Steps To Start A Blog To Make Money Online - bobforher.com

Step 4:  You Want To Install WordPress

If you choose Bluehost, once you’ve paid for your hosting plan, sign up for Bluehost. On the Hosting tab, click the Panel tab and scroll down and select Install WordPress. From there you just have to enter your domain name and click on login to WordPress. Bluehost does all the magic for you. Now you can start designing your blog.

If you choose to go with Wealthy Affiliate, you will already get your installed WordPress panel.


Step 5: Go Choose A Theme

I really need to be honest right here, choosing a theme was really hard for me. I even changed my theme several times until I found this. Play with different themes until you find one that you like. Be sure to look at it on a mobile device and on a desktop to make sure you like both versions of the theme.

As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will get more than 14.000 blog themes to choose. That`s a lot, isn`t it?

Step 6: Get Education How To Start A Blog To Make Money Online

What I’ve shared so far is how to set up your blog. That was the easy part. Now comes the hard part. How should you create content? How are pictures created? How do you bring traffic to your blog? How do you earn money with blogs? I asked all these questions just a two years ago. If I had some advice to give to a new blogger, it would be education. I was fortunate enough to find the Wealthy Affiliate.

I was willing to invest in education, but I had not decided where to spend my hard-earned money (if you’ve read any of my other publications, you know I’m a hardcore penny pincher). What I found at the Wealthy Affiliate is that it covers everything (Start a Blog, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Creation, WordPress and of course How To Start A Blog To Make Money Online) and you can start for FREE.
It also offers live video courses and a live chat 24/7.

The educational pieces of the Wealthy Affiliate are great, but what I like most is that you have the opportunity to ask the owners questions at any time and they always respond (usually in a few minutes). It’s absolutely amazing. And again, you can sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate for free

There are so many courses that can teach you how to create a blog that generates income, and many of them are really useful. Research and decide what is really best for you, but take the time to read the details of blogs. With a little education and a bit of hard work, you can bring extra money in no time!

If you have questions about starting a blog, please email me or leave a comment on this post. I’m happy to share everything I’ve learned along the way. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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