How To Start An Essential Oil Business
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How To Start An Essential Oil Business? Easy as 1,2,3

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Selling essential oils online and how to make good money out of it.

Whenever there is a question of doing anything online, eyebrows get raised considering the different risks it comes along with.

Well, everybody is aware of the fact that it has not been a smooth ride for people who do direct selling through physical shops and who do not choose to go online with their products.

This difficulty comes with the amount of competition that physical shops face but, the same is also seen in cases of online shops or websites. However, it is evident, especially from the past few years, how the online market has boomed and given success to thousands of marketers in the virtual space.

One such market industry that has seen a boom in the recent past is explicitly the “Essential oil” market niche. This space has been a popular one even in case of physical shops; imagine the popularity it has received in the online market.

Essential oils business

The fundamental reason for the immense interest of people into the essential oil market is because it has tons of uses.

To an individual like it can not only be used as refreshing and natural fragrances, but it also acts as natural remedies to common ailments or illnesses. However, liking them is one thing, and starting a business in that space is a different thing altogether.

Knowing The Process To Get Online With The Business Of Essential Oils

Today finding interest in anything and wanting to turn into business needs an online medium. However, there are many reasons to support this idea.

The kind of exposure the online medium can give your business no other medium can provide to reach the maximum number of people with your business.

If you are crazy about essential oils and wish to turn it into a business, then you would also require reaching to people who share a similar passion for essential oils.

Below Is The Simple Process To Start With Your Business Online:

  1. Know and choose your favorite niche in the essential oil industry.
  2. Make your website.
  3. Choose any brand’s essential oils to display and promote on your website.
  4. Create suitable content for your website with different content ideas and a content schedule.
  5. Commence with publishing

Various professional internet marketers are of the view that individuals can earn good money by selling essential oils online.

One of the best businesses online is the Essential oil business.

This is not just a personal opinion, but research reports by a few internet marketers also are of the same view.

They call the essential oil business to be a clear cut opportunity for people to earn good money.

Research says that over the past ten years, Google saw an increase in the number of searches for essential oils. The trend saw a rise, especially after 2012. And, after facing a slight slowdown in 2015, it started to recover and gain momentum again.

Essential oil trends

It was also found out that more than 55,000 numbers of searches were made for essential oils every month.

Not just this, there are hundreds of other related searches, which in some or the other way, brings the potential buyer to choose essential oils.

Essential oils are used for hundreds of things like to increase happiness, to relieve pain, to lower stress levels, as an additive for cleaning supplies, or even as an insect repellant.

So a person doing a search relating to any of the above things mentioned can directly land into an essential oil search. This makes anybody and everybody a potential buyer, and it all depends on who you want to cater to and reach out as your potential market.

How Can You Start Earning Money By Selling Essential Oils Online?

The main motive of this article is to know how to make money by selling essential oils online.

Although there are several ways you can do that, we will be focusing on four main ways to achieve that.

White Labeling

To put it in simple words, this is like you retail profits that you earn after buying a product at a wholesale rate.

White labeling is when you get in touch with an essential oil wholesaler, get products from them, and put your label on the product as your own. So, the wholesalers make the product for you, but you label them to promote as your own product.

Buying the essential oils from wholesalers at a low price and then labeling your brand on it and pricing it double or triple the price will make you earn a high income.

Leveraging Existing Websites Like Amazon and eBay

You can make money by leveraging existing sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. What people buy from amazon is not necessarily sold by Amazon.

In fact, it sold by individual people who use Amazon as their platform to sell their products, which further Amazon distributes it to buyers.

Different sellers on Amazon

Amazon here only acts as a middleman and offers the space for its product display, website security/maintenance for purchase systems, and various shipping capabilities for getting the products to reach the customers in a short time.

Multi-level Marketing or Direct Selling

Getting into network marketing or a multi-level marketing company that purely deals with essential oils like doTerra and Young Living can also make you earn decent amounts.
Both of these companies are the most significant direct selling essential oil companies.

For earning money from these MLMs, you need to become their independent business operators (IBOs).

Depending on their compensation plans, you can make money from them. However, getting in business with an MLM is usually not suggested because, more often than not, it involves earning from recruiting people in your downlines. And second, the products are also priced very high compared to Amazon and other online stores.

Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the best way you can make money from not just the essential oil business but with almost any business of your choice.

Affiliate marketing is the online process where you don’t need to do any recruiting or direct selling to people as in traditional marketing. In fact, there is a set of training courses available that can show you step by step on how to build a business about your passion.

I used these training courses to create a job about honey and its usefulness and was able to leave the office job even though I was a single mother with three children. My last website (on another topic) managed to generate over $ 4,000 a month after only 12 months of work.

You only need to promote products online on social media platforms, websites, blogs, etc. by providing a link to the online store. And, when a customer purchases a product clicking on your link, you make money.

Here are some examples of the many you can find online and join for FREE. You do not need to pay a membership or buy a product to become their affiliate!

So, Affiliate marketers advertise and promote products online and get paid every time a sale is made through their efforts.

Depending on what you choose to promote, you get paid accordingly, and most of the time, it is between 5% to 50% of the sale price.

There are many ways to earn by being an affiliate, but the best way to is by creating your website for an online business to promote the products and make a profit. 

Creating A Website Of Your Own And Starting With Affiliate Marketing

Now, you are aware that an affiliate marketer only acts as an advertiser and a promoter who puts in different efforts online to reach out to people for making a sale. To start earning by being an affiliate marketer, the basic and the cheapest thing to do is to create your own website.

Creating a website is one of the easiest things to do these days. With the introduction of a lot of push-button website software, you can create a website of your choice and customize it the way you want it to look.

Just like you would place tracking links on other platforms like blogs and social media, you can do the same by placing the tracking links on your created website. And once a customer clicks on that link to reach the vendor’s site for purchasing the product and makes a sale, you get credit for that.

The chances of your potential customers entering your website are even more as the site remains open 24/7 and can be accessed by anyone around the world, unlike local shops.

Hence, reaching more people through a website is the ideal way.

The number of people you would be reaching would be far more enormous than you would be reaching personally. So, reaching people online is the best way to reach out to the maximum number of people.

If you wish to cater to people within your boundaries, you can create a domain name with an extension that matches your country, for example, or
But, if you wish to reach all over the globe, you can use .com as domain name and .com are considered to be the best for affiliate marketing.

Blogs are another way to earn good money because today, even blogs are considered businesses. By promoting and advertising essential oil products on your blogs, you can help in creating sales for the same and earn high credits in return.

How To Generate Traffic On Your Website?

Getting people to your website is the most critical aspect of generating a sale for the products.

People generally open pages or sites that show up on the first page of the search result, and it is vital to know how to rank on the first page of Google.

Well, the key to getting ranked on the first page of Google is ‘Keyword research.’ Picking the right words for your products and the headlines can make customers land on to your website.

For example, in terms of essential oils, you can write best essential oils for wrinkles” or essential oils that reduce inflammation” These simple words or sentences will help reach the customers to your website.

You can even earn more money from your website:

  • You can sell your website on the website marketplace and make tons in return after you know your website is generating enough traffic.
  • You also earn for displaying ads on your website, and you get paid per clicks.
  • You can write sponsored articles
  • Create Your own products: ebooks, training, different info products

Learn How To Start An Online Business That You Will LOVE

If you are sure you want to continue working on essential oils, then you should start your business today. I have the most experience with online business, and you can learn how to do what I do in this training center.

It was there that I started learning in 2017 and was able to leave full time after only a year and a half of training.

Imagine! In just two years, he could be his own boss and work from home. If you don’t start today, what do you think you will do in two years? The same thing you currently do?

But if you know you have another passion and want to turn it into a business, you can do it. Even if you don’t have good ideas right now, you can contact me in person and I can help you come up with some topics that might be good for you.

The way you can get in touch with me and other people to help you get started is by joining Wealthy Affiliate Online Business.

Inside, you will meet people like me and you, who build an online business on a topic that they are passionate about. Some are just getting started, and some are already slowly enjoying helping others.

If you join Wealthy through the links on my website, you will also have one on one access to me, and I will be able to help you expand your business.

Here’s what you’ll do in a Wealthy Affiliate:

  • choose a theme for your business
  • learn how to designate a website on Google
  • find products to promote your business
  • share ideas on how to increase sales and increase profits

You will also gain access to:

  • community support, including 24/7 chat
  • two free websites
  • One on one supports any business or technical issues you may encounter
  • personalized feedback from peers and professionals
  • brainstorming with me, a full-time marketer with a lot of experience

The best part of the community is that it is FREE to join. You can actually create your account, get ten free beginner classes, and two free websites, even if you don’t give them any credit card information.

Do you have any questions? Please let me know in the comment section.
I will be very happy to help!


  • Marc Ho

    My whole family loves essential oil, especially my wife. I like the suggestion to turn this passion into a business.

    I have come across the MLM model and it does not suit my need as it requires you to sell a minimum quantity to maintain your commission.

    I agree to have the website up and running is the easy part, there are a lot of factors to make this a success and glad you are helping on this. Marc.

  • Adyns68

    Hi Jelena

    Your post is full of information about starting an essential oil business online. I am a big user of essential oils on my hair and skin but where I am right it is quite difficult to find a reliable retailer. So, that is why I have been thinking to sell them myself. After reading your post, I think creating an online business for essential oils is the right answer for me. Thanks for the steps to follow, I am gonna take time to understand the whole process an hopefully create a successful business.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Jelena

      You are welcome!
      I’m so glad that you find my article helpful. I hope that you will establish a successful essential oil business.

  • Ella

    Oh! These are some very nice tips that has opened my eyes to what matters and how to really make a success from this business of getting involved in essential oils. Wow! I never thought the market could be this huge but one thing I can be sure of it, this has gotten my results and I will check it out. Thanks

    • Jelena

      He Ella, and thank you for reading my article. I hope you start a successful online business. If you need any help, just ask. You can always find me HERE.

  • edahnewton1

    Nice article you have here. Due to the fact that essential oil is used for different purpose, having to start a business with it will be very lucrative beacuse, because each house hold will definitely have a need of it for one reason or the other either to relieve pain, increase happiness, lower stress level or as a cleaning agent. You investing in essential oil, you don’t need to fight over a market segment, coz the market and the demand is already there.

    • Jelena

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, essential oils are widespread; they are consumed relatively quickly, which means we repurchase them, and it can be a lucrative online business.

  • Gomer

    You mentioned about selling essential oils through multi-level marketing or direct selling. I’ve been to such opportunities but recently decided to just sell via affiliate marketing only. The reason for that decision is, MLM or direct selling companies oftentimes imposed sales quota to receive overriding commission from your sales team. There’s no problem if the product is really saleable but there are times that the market is low in demand and there’s very little personal sales achieved. Since you have to hit the target or personal quota imposed on you by the company, oftentimes the marketer is obliged to purchase with his own money for his own consumption the remaining quota. Over the years, I have computed the amount of money I’ve made versus the money I’ve spent, I’m just in “break-even”.

    To me, the affiliate marketing route is way better than promoting essential oils via multi-level marketing.

    • Jelena

      Hi Gomer! Affiliate marketing is also my favorite way of doing business. You do not have to invest in goods, storage, postage, and the percentages are equal or even higher than with MLM companies.

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