How To Start An Online Business For FREE - in 30 seconds
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How To Start An Online Business For Free ( In 30 Seconds)?

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Do you dream of owning your own business?

Do you have a hobby or interest that you would love to educate people on or somehow make it your job?

Most people dream of having the ability to be their own boss. Many people fail with their own business because they just don’t the skillset to get their dream business off the ground. Where does a regular person start on the journey to having their own business?

Many people don’t have much capital and business loans are very hard to get in today’s market. Luckily you can start an online business on a tight budget. With some hard work, you can even start a business for free.

Are you short on cash? I know when I started my business I didn’t just have money laying around for a startup, the truth is most people don’t. Business people call this capital, and without enough capital, most business just don’t get up off the ground.

When I decided to open my business, I needed something I could start with little to no money. I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, and it really worked for me and my lack of money. It’s an affiliate marketing program and has step by step instructions to build your dream career.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In short, you build a website and then monetize that website.
It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Create a website in a niche(subject) of your choice.

2. Create unique content that attracts visitors to your site.
You will use keywords in a natural way in that content and search engines will rank you higher on the search result page. That will drive traffic to your site.

3. Monetize your websites in several ways so you will make money!

While you don’t need much money to start up any business needs a commitment and work, it helps if you are passionate about your niche. Enjoying what you do is just as important as how much money you have put into it. Let’s look further in the 3 steps of creating your own online business:

Step One: Create a Website

This is the basis of your online business. Check out my previous articles about affiliate marketing programs and site creation tools. Today I am focusing on the program I’ve used to create this website, and the very article you are reading!

This program offers a FREE starter membership and a PREMIUM membership. If your new to website building (This article assumes you have never had a website before) don’t be overwhelmed.

Just remember your purpose for using Wealthy Affiliate you need:

  • The tools to create a website
  • Training on how to set up your new website business.

Now, you can tell me…

“Jelena, but you said that you can start an online business for free and in 30 SECONDS.” 

This is easily accomplished using the basic Wealthy Affiliate program. Actually, you will get 10 lessons for free and in lesson 4 you will learn how to build your website in 30 seconds, literally! So, you can quickly start your website for free.

A great option here is that you can get the premium Wealthy Affiliate program for a full year for less than you spend a day on your morning coffee and breakfast at your favorite coffee shop!

This is a program that has been used by thousands, to create their online businesses.


(the cost of the premium membership is only $19 for the FIRST month)

Right now you’re thinking that this has to be a scam! I assure you it’s not. A scammer will sell you the dreams of being a success overnight. That you buy the product and POOF! Instant success.
This isn’t a Get Rich Quick Scheme!

A scam will say “buy this product and your business will be an instant success”. The TRUTH IS just like with any other business it takes hard and work and time to reach success!

Can you live the life you’ve always dreamed of by starting your own online business? Of course, you can!
You have to put in the work to reap the reward!

OK back to the issue at hand:
How To Start An Online Business For Free

Through the Wealthy Affiliate program, I had access to the tools I needed to succeed in growing and running my own online business.
The folks at Wealthy Affiliate offer:

Training about affiliate marketing (hours of it!)

  • Live webinars every week
  • Video courses that will walk you step by step through starting your business
  • A 24/7 community forum where you can chat with other entrepreneurs and ask ANYTHING about your business

It is really fun to run my own small business online!

  • I run it on my own schedule,
  • at my own pace,
  • I set my own goals.
  • Plus I am doing this in a niche that I am interested in I know you could also be in my position!

This can work FOR YOU TOO! What’s your passion?

Have you dreamed of selling your crafts online? Do you love your dog breed and want people to learn more about their amazing traits? If you are interested in other people around the world will be interested in it too!

You can connect to people who share your same passion, all while building your own business! Let’s get back to steps for success.

How To  Start An Online Business  For FREE - in 30 seconds? _

Step Two: Drive Traffic

Driving traffic to a website can be confusing for anyone new to starting an online business. If you don’t know much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then this is where your “hard” work begins.

Thank goodness you won’t have to have a degree in SEO marketing for your business to succeed. If you are interested in SEO marketing that’s wonderful, but know this to succeed you don’t have to know everything about search and rankings!

Key Ideas And Term You Need For Success:

  • Keywords: These are words that search engines used to find articles. Every time a person puts a word into a Google ( or Bing) is a keyword. The engine then scans the internet to bring up the most relevant sites for the person searching for the word. There are some great keyword tools to help you maximize and select your keywords.
  • SEOsearch engine optimization is the way you structure your website and content so you will land on the first few pages of a search result. Searches return millions of hits. The truth is though only the first and sometimes the second page of the website listed are the ones people go to. Think back to your search habits. Do you go past the first page? Millions of other people, just like you don’t either! This is why site ranking is so important.
  • Legal terms: Learn what you can put on your site, learn what you can’t put on your site. You can’t just steal someone’s content, videos, and pictures. Learn how to run your business the right, to avoid any problems in the future!
  • CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT! People will visit your site for information and because you will offer them what they are looking for in a particular niche.  People are visiting your site to find out what information you have to offer them in your niche. Writing effectively is important! Don’t panic! This can be learned too. (Check out my article on writing ).

    You can find these things for free online, I chose to Wealthy Affiliate for my training because it had all the different types of training in one site. I needed straightforward steps to guide me through the process, and this program worked for me!

But wait, next step is the most important!

Now Onto Step Three:
Monetize Your Site

This actually the way that your site makes money for you!

You have several options:

  • Affiliate links — Promote other people’s products or services that are relevant to your site, you decide what products to promote, you insert links to the products, then earn a commission for sending interest people to them! There are many Affiliate programs available just check a few out and see which ones are right for you! You can sign up for ShareASale marketing platform, where you can find thousands of affiliate products in any niche.
  • Google AdSense or similar advertising programs — this is where Google places advertisements on your site and you get paid by the advertisers for the space they use. This is like a virtual billboard, the advertising is paying for the opportunity to show their products to your readers!
  • Specific and unique services that you advertise — this could be for your own products or services such as an ebook, invention or other products you sell.

In the training I have attended, these steps are simply laid out and I have really found all of them easy to implement. These are usually free to set up, but they do need a bit of time (that’s where your effort comes in).

How To  Start An Online Business  For FREE - in 30 seconds

These steps are absolutely clearly laid out. Step by step.

There are easy to follow and put into action, for little to no money. Then this is where the true work comes in. This is where tons of people break!

It takes time and energy to build a prosperous online business of your own.

Many people now gain their income through an online business. They have stuck with their business and regularly work towards developing their business.

They still put the effort to succeed.

The internet as we know it now has changed our whole world.

So why are so many people stuck in the past when picking their career and their profit goals. So many of us are still trading our precious time for money, in a job they don’t like just to hardly pay their bills.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you one of the millions of people setting themselves up for frustration when you recognize too late, that computers have replaced your job and you look around for something to fall back on?

What will you do when technology has made your job out-of-date? What will you rely on? Why not be proactive now, be involved in the technology change and decide how to make your money!

This Training Helps Me To Start My Business

Here’s a question for you.

What are some steps you could begin or grow a business in less than a dollar a day?

Let’s think………perhaps you could get:
• one advertisement in your regional newspaper
• some posters and some flyers printed provided if you created them yourself
• maybe some business cards

See how far your dollar works in the traditional sense!
Now think about starting the business that will be giving you the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of where you are the boss.
Wealthy Affiliate premium costs less than a dollar a day, and also you can start an online business for FREE (in 30 seconds 😉 ).

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


    • Jelena

      If you love your blog and online business, you`ll always be in the learning journey. There`s no end to that because this is a fast-changing industry. For me, it`s a parallel process. To learn new things and earning some money while I’m still learning how to have more success in online business.

  • Mom Life Optimized

    This is some really great information for new and seasoned bloggers! I think we can always continue learning and gain more knowledge about ways to monetize all the time and energy a blogger puts into their sites.

  • Kim Seghers

    This post is very informative. Thanks for sharing. I know firsthand keywords and SEO is very important hen you have a website.

  • Kim Burnette

    Having gone through this not long ago myself, you have covered it all beautifully. If I needed to start over again, I would definitely take this course, it sounds like a great way to start out!

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