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How To Write a Good Headline Title For A Blog?

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In our world full of noises of all kinds, how to make people who read your title want to read your entire article? And if it took more than a quality article or a beautiful theme to have more readers, what could be the solution to all the issues of clicking away from your content by readers out there?

The most important part of creating an article is the good headline title. If your titles are unspecified, there is a good chance that not many people will want to read your article, while if you create catchy titles; you will surely get more readers.

But Then, How Do You Write a Good Headline Title That Makes Folks Want To Read Your Article?

You must focus on the title of your article. You should start and finish each article with the question: Would this title make me want to continue reading?

If the answer is no, do not post your article as long as you have not found a catchy title. Concentrate on the title, and you will have more readers, more buzz, and more of Like.

How To Write a Good Headline Title For A Blog?_


How To Write Catchy Titles?

Too often, the title is the neglected part of an article. Authors pay little attention and take only a short time to think about it. In their minds, the title is the icing on the cake. Error!

The Title Is The Mouthing Of Your Article!

You have to spend a lot of time on a title before choosing the one that will work. And often we have to start over because the title chosen is no longer appropriate. That’s what it takes to write a catchy title.

If You Need Help To Concoct Titles That Catch The Readers, Here Are Some Simple Tips.


1. Use numbers

Example: 12 Ways To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

The reason so many writers use numbers in their titles is that it works! Make an experience: Go to your newsstand and look at the very front page of these stunning magazines, the one containing the titles of the articles. Whether it’s just the popular fitness magazine, auto magazine, cooking magazine or tabloid, it does not matter; you’ll find that a lot of these stunning magazines use numbers at the beginning of the title:

  • 5 Reason To …
  • 7 Ways …
  • 3 Tips…

There are not really any regulations (as far as I actually know) about which numbers truly work great or best, however, people generally simply remember just three to seven points. Having said that, at times a true obscure number like 19 or 37 can get people’s attention!


2. Use Interesting Adjectives

Example: Effective Online Side Jobs For Moms Like Me

Adjectives are made to mark interesting points, strong or to remember, so do not hesitate and put in one in your title. Here are some examples:

  • Essential
  • Absolute
  • Strange
  • Easily
  • Amusing
  • Free
  • Unbelievable

3. Use Unique Justification

Example: The Best Way To Make Money Online

If in your article you have to make a list, consider inserting one of the words below in the title:

  • Ideas
  • Manners
  • Secrets
  • Tips
  • The reasons
  • The main
  • The truth
  • Lessons

4. Use The Adverbs Why, How, What Or When

Example: How To Generate Website Traffic With Pinterest?

Why use these adverbs? Because they are trigger words, they are words that induce a reaction on the part of the reader.

I usually use such word because I try to persuade someone, the readers, to take action. Typically, you must use either a trigger word or a number. It is not too recommended to use both.


5. Make A Bold Promise

Example: Earn Money In Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest!

Promise your reader something precious. Are you going to teach him how to acquire a new skill? Are you going to persuade him to do something he has never done before? Do you want to unlock an old mystery?

What you want is to push your reader to read your article. Without making outrageous promises, be bold. Be attractive (as innocuous as possible, of course). And then deliver what you promised.


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Lastly, people out there don’t actually want to be deceived by reading through a boring post; folks want to get carried away with exciting stuff. Make sure you write a good headline title for a blog.

Take more time to think about the title that will attract the most people, and ensure it portrays your very own content in a candid but striking way. Your readers will not regret it, neither will you too!

Do you know any tricks, which have not been mentioned and which you use, to write catchy titles? Share your ideas and points of view in the comments below.

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