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InstaGC Surveys. My Honest Review.

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Today we see lots of “Get To Paid” survey sites, and if you have joined any of GT site, you might be knowing some basic things like how this site work, and you may also know half of them are scams.

Today again my review is on Get to Paid site called “InstaGC” you will know whether InstaGC surveys are legit or yet another scam.

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My review will give you a helpful idea of InstaGC, what the site has to offer, is it worth joining or not? 

What Is InstaGC?


InstaGC is a GPT site which is owned by Day Online Solution. You can earn gift card and cash by watching, videos, testing, apps, shopping, survey work, signup for paid and free offers.

InstaGC has given over lots of gift cards and cash rewards until now. It is also popular in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other media platform. 

Who Can Join:

Anyone can join InstaGC but for that, you need to 18+, and for minors, you should have parental permission.

Joining Process in InstaGC:

Joining InstaGC is quite easy compared to other GPT sites. Just give your username, password, email address, First and Last name, they also provide a facility to login from Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

How To Earn Money From InstaGC: 

You can earn from InstaGC in several ways. Lets see step by step, how it works:

Take Daily Surveys:

You can earn by taking various surveys on InstaGC. They have good surveys available so that you can work any time in a day. One benefit in InstaGC surveys is that even you get disqualified you get the point in InstaGC.

Figure Eight Tasks:

Earn money by following the information given to you and gets points by completing the tasks. You have to do data entry work and internet search. Once you get used to it, then you might get a chance to earn more by getting more vital tasks from InstaGC.

Get offers:

You have to download programs and software and earn extra credit from InstaGC. 

Surfing work:

Get points by using InstaGC search engine, so stop using google and yahoo, start using InstaGC to earn for your search.

Visit Websites:

Visit different websites which you get from advertisers in InstaGC and earn extra points by just visiting sites. 



Instagc will provide sites where you have to sign up free; rewards are high in this option. So sign up for free trials where you have to try products and services for a certain period, you can also earn for participation.

Watch Videos:

Earn points from InstGc for watching Videos, Watch short videos and earn additional points. So select from categories and start watching small videos for making extra points in InstaGC.

Refer A Friend And Close Ones:

Get an extra point in InstaGC for referring your friends and relatives to join InstaGC. You get 10 points for the person who sign up and confirm their account from countries likes Canada, UK, USA. Get 10% of earnings from all referrals.

Earn a weekly bonus on your activities from InstaGC. You can get up to 5 to 6% weekly bonus.

You can earn money for predicting sports games in InstaGC. Games like Hockey, American Football, baseball, basketball and a few more. You have to pay a few points for joining this sports prediction. There is also a thing called Decimal pot in InstaGC. 

Rewards in InstaGC:

InstaGC gives gift cards to its member’s in the form of bonuses by joining and working in InstaGC.

You can use gift cards at many places like Best Buy, Starbucks, Amazon, and many more places. Amazon gift cards are available in the USA, Canada and UK and many other European countries.

Payment Procedure of InstaGC:

You can exchange your point as cash, they transfer via PayPal, Visa prepaid card, Bitcoin, e-check. Cash payment will have a transfer fee, and it free for the first month.

Conversation rate is like 100 points means $1, and you can be paid with gift cards too. The great thing is that you need to have just 100 points for PayPal cash out means $1, which is a way better compared to other sites.

Let Us See Pros and Cons of InstaGC:


  • InstaGC is a legit site. Their owner Day Online Solutions, LLC, have A rating in BBB.
  • They have eight years of experience, and the site is working all over the world.
  • Many opportunities to earn.
  • Searching from InstaGC helps you some extra bucks, like with Survey Junkie, Clickworker or UniqueRewards.


  • Site is slow and time-consuming.
  • Tough to pass surveys.
  • You have to give your phone numbers to cash out.
  • According to reviews this site purposely pushes you to surveys.
  • You will receive spam emails of Dirty sites according to some reviews.
  • Poor support.

My View on InstaGC:

3 stars review

It is a good GPT site which is there from 2011. Gift cards and all things are right, and they also give some bucks for extra work. But the question do they give opportunity earn right? The answer is NO. 

These GPT sites are suitable only for pocket money, you cannot expect anything extraordinary from it, and the main thing is you will not learn anything useful from it. When you don’t learn anything from your work means you will never grow in life. 

I sign up and tried to do some of surveys. After spending 10 minutes on survey i got message that “the survey didn`t good mach” and i didntrecieved any points.


So the moms looking for some extra tasks should not waste time in such things, I am not against InstaGC, but I don`t want to waste my time. If I have to rate this site, I can give three out five as GPT site.
But for earning, I don’t think it is worthy.

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