Is ACN a Ponzi scheme
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Is ACN a Ponzi Scheme Or Legal Business? My Review

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Already the market of MLM companies is fully flooded in the online marketplace.

Still, the online world keeps welcoming companies from all over the globe and provides one common platform for them to put their products or services in front of millions of people and customer base.

We have already come across a hell lot of MLM companies typically into the health and wellness industry, but how many times have you heard of an MLM company that deals in telecommunication services?

Sick Of Different MLMs And Recruiting People?

Well, very few MLMs have tapped the telecommunication industry, and today, we are precisely talking about one such company called “American Communications Network,” also known as ACN.

One thing that we as rational human beings today can’t deny is the fact that the internet and the various services surround offers streaming videos, movies, downloading songs, watching the web series, or just searching something on Google.

So, naturally, since we use the internet most of the time in a day company like ACN delve into such markets where they want to provide services that cater to our telecommunications needs.

What Is ACN?
Let Us Know A Bit Of It In Detail

ACN stands for American Communications Network that was started by four enthusiasts, namely Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and twin brothers Anthony and Michael Cupisz in the year 1993.

These four lads wanted to start a business in the telecommunication industry with the aim to provide the best services to consumers in telecommunications, energy, and essential services for home and business.

ACN began as a reseller of long-distance services in the U.S, and within the first five years, it ranked 22nd in Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies in North America.

ACN is also associated with “ACN Global Reach Charities,” a charitable non-profit organization that is passionate about giving back to the community.
They are spread across more than 25 countries and five continents.

Moreover, ACN is nothing but a telecommunication MLM company that aims to not only provide services to the consumers but also wants to benefit people financially by making them a part of their business model.

What Are The Service Categories Of ACN?

Their service categories are broadly divided into two, namely Residential services and Business services.

Services from ACN

Residential services

  • Bundles – this provides a standard bundling of bills, i.e., a single bill including the services of the Internet, TV & home phone plans.
  • Home phone – includes services like high-speed Internet connection and unlimited calling, etc.
  • Gas & Electricity – this includes services like unlimited energy or natural gas for one low monthly price & customer service 24/7, etc.
  • High-speed internet – it gives options of different service providers that offer you high-speed internet services at low costs depending on the brand you choose.
  • Satellite Television – it offers Dish & DirecTV packages, etc.
  • Security & Automation – offers wireless security and 24/7 surveillance with continuous video recording, etc.
  • Wireless – this includes a phone plan that offers a contract or no contract. They also have a family plan.
  • Theft protection services – provide services that protect you and your family from cyber-attacks, protect your personal data, maintain your privacy, and prevent identity theft.

Business services

The business services include all of the residential services mentioned above, plus payment processing services as well, which is designed to process all payment types: credit, debit, gift card, e-checks, and e-commerce.

How Can You Start With ACN?

Like any other MLM company, ACN also has a one-time sign-up fee to start with, which is worth $499.

With this fee, you can become their “Independent Business Owner (IBO).”

But, that’s not it.

There are more costs involved, like the yearly renewal fee costs $149, which will provide you with support materials and a website.

They don’t stop here; later, you will be asked to pay an extra of $39.99/month for “Your Business Assistant”, and God knows what is that for.

Anyway, there are two basic ways to earn money with ACN:

  1. Retail sales – profits from your personal customer base.
  2. Recruitment – incentives and bonuses from building downline teams.

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What Is The Compensation Plan Of ACN?

Getting much in detail with their compensation plan is not a good idea as it is very complicated, just like any other MLM business program.

So, there are basically three ways to get paid by ACN:

  • Personal customer commissionsyou can earn between 1% to 10% from the recurring bills of your customers once they are signed up by you for the services of ACN. This depends on how much customer points you accumulate.
ACN compensation plan
  • Team commissions – commissions you earn from the recurring bills of the customers from your downline teams.
ACN team bonusess

As you can see from the image above, these percentages are very low. Till level three you will get only 1/4%, and you demand to get to level five to get 3%.

Just to understand this plan, Level 1 is your personal recruited people, level 2 are people that they recruited, and so on.

So, basically you can work hard but, if your downline doesn’t know how to invite other people to join, you will never reach higher levels. This method is very frustrating from an income view.

  • Customer Acquisition bonus – you can get this bonus if you recruit qualified new downline members within a specified period.

I will not go more in detail about the ACN compensation plan, because its to complicated to write everything here. But if you are interested to know more, you can see their compensation plan here.

What I find out looking at their plan is that you will work hard for a small amount of money.

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Good about ACN.

  • Age-old company – ACN has been in the business for the past 26 years now and still a part of the industry so it can be trusted.
  • Member of DSA – it is also a member of the DSA, which means it has fulfilled specific criteria and hence is a legit company.
  • Accredited By BBB – ACN has 4 stars from customers reviews and A+ grade at Better Business Bureau.
  • Sale made easier – unlike most MLM companies that deal in health and wellness products, ACN taps the telecommunications market, and people all around are always for a lookout for better internet, Wi-Fi, phone, etc. services. Hence, more chances of a sale happening here since it provides services, not all other MLM companies offer.

Not So Good About ACN.

  • High start-costs – ACN is way too expensive in the MLM business industry. Though it offers telecommunication services still the costs, keep coming up, and you end up spending a lot.
  • Low-income rates – the process of earning a decent income with ACN is too slow. You first need to invest a lot of money into it and then after creating more downlines, can you start earning something.
  • Complicated compensation plan – like all other MLM companies, ACN has a very complicated compensation plan. The commissions are meager, and you will only need to recruit more and more people in your downlines continuously.

What Do We Do With It?
Is ACN A Ponzi Scheme?

ACN is not a ponzi scheme. It is a legit company that has been in the business for the past 26 years, and if you feel you can do good with selling ACN services, then you can give it a try also because it offers services that are unlike other MLM companies.

However, a better income earning source is Affiliate marketing any day.

It gives you the choice of products and services that you want to promote on any social media platforms, websites, blogs, etc. without any hassle of recruiting people. It pays you every time you make a sale through your efforts in the promotion of those products and services.

Anyway, if you lack patience for this business and are thinking of ACN as the only income-earning source, then it is a bad idea to get in business with them, and any other better incoming earning sources can be considered.

If you have any experience with ACN, please post below. I’m sure my readers will be interested to know what do you think. Is ACN a ponzi scheme or legal business?


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