Is American Dream Nutrition A Scam
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Is American Dream Nutrition A Scam? Legit or Only a Dream to Achieve Success?

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American Dream Nutrition is another company that is ready to sell products in the health and nutrition space.

The niche of health and nutrition is so massive that it welcomes every company with open arms. And, hence even companies are all ready and set to be a part of this market industry.

Because they know the amount of exposure, they might be receiving, keeping in mind the amount of demand that people have all over the world for health and nutrition products.

Health & nutrition is a space that every other company wants to enter, and there are already a lot of them as Melaleuca, Zurvita, Yoli, Ariix, Forever Green and more.

They are looking at the ever-growing rise for products that help people in achieving the desired health and wealth they wish to have.

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This quest of being ‘healthy & fit’ always is what makes people try out different products from different companies.

Even though companies face unending competition in this space, more and more different companies are entering the same industry.

Another MLM structured company in the same market industry of health and nutrition is American Dream Nutrition.

This company, too, deals with health & nutrition products and offers products that can help people achieve better health and nutrition overall.

What Is American Dream Nutrition All About?

Is American Dream Nutrition a scam?

Very weirdly, not much could be found on the website of the American Dream Nutrition. Now, this seems quite fishy.

If you know you are an MLM business, you would at least write something about the founder of the company or where it all got started. Where the company is based also couldn’t be found on their website.

The only thing that is known from other sources is that it was started in the year 2012, and the current CEO of the company is Greg Gunderson.

He has been in the business of network marketing for quite a while now. He has also been the CEO of two other companies, namely TriUnity International and New Century Life.

American Dream Nutrition claims that it is founded on Christian principles and values and want to give people a chance to live their life healthily and wealthily.

Their Facebook page describes itself as a:

Health and nutrition company that manufactures effective and innovative products.”

Well, suspiciously, even the Internet has no proper information to give about the company.

It also doesn’t show any images of their offices or any manufacturing unit.

If they claim they manufacture their products, then where is the unit or the office, where is it located, what is their email address?

Nothing was found, and this proved that the American Dream Nutrition company can be a ghost company.

Anyway, Let Us Have A Look At What Products They Sell?

Their products are made for health and nutrition purposes only; at least that’s what the company claims. There are only 9 products, so let’s look below the products they offer:


This is their flagship products.

PhytoZon is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules that claims to contain a compound that helps the cells produce IGF 1 (insulin-like growth factor) naturally.

IGF-1 increases protein synthesis, bone mineralization, low blood sugar, kidney function, and insulin sensitivity. It promotes healing and regeneration of bone cells, muscles, nervous system, and immune system.

ADN claims that PhytoZon is a revolutionary product made by a team of 15 doctors and scientists who travel the world in search of phytonutrients that can have a positive impact on our health and well-being.

American Dream Nutrition PhytoZon

Stem Cell Release Factor

These are again capsules that claim they can reverse aging. This can replace old worn-out cells and release new stem cells.

ADN claims that this product stimulates stem cell migration, supports healthy stem cells, protects mesenchymal stem cells from oxidative stress and promotes blood vessel regeneration.
It also has antiviral, neuroprotective and immuno-modulating effects.

Get Juiced

Get Juiced is their dietary supplement that helps in providing all the nutrients that the body needs. It claims to consist of 107 natural ingredients, super whole foods, and nutrients.

According to what it says on this company’s website, this product stimulates and regulates the immune response at the cellular level, then supports normal hormonal metabolism and helps protect cellular DNA.

It also protects cell membranes from damage and degradation and supports a healthy immune system.

Wild Shiaga

These are a range of essential oils that includes black cumin, lemon, cinnamon bark, and peppermint essential oils.

These oils cause the body to produce specific immune cells to make correct use of antioxidants found in food and also provides a source of antioxidant germanium.

On the ADN site, you will find a claim that the Wild Shiaga is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against disease and disease.

They also claim that Wild Shiaga contains 94,000,000 biologically active beta-glucan molecules in each portion, as well as containing natural germanium – an oxygen catalyst and one of nature’s most potent free radical scavengers.

It causes the body to produce a huge number of specific immune cells needed to properly use the antioxidants found in the foods while providing a powerful source of antioxidants.

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Clear Heart

Clear Heart is also a dietary supplement capsule that helps support the cardiovascular system. They promote healthy blood and oxygen flow in the body.

Super Omegas 3+6+9

These are dietary supplements in the form of soft gels that provide daily essentials like EPA, DHA, ALA, GLA, OA. T

These soft gels promote optimal health by providing a proper ratio of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.

As ADN claims Super Omegas 3 + 6 + 9 is made from the highest quality organic Flaxseed, borage and fish oil from wild-caught anchovy, bonito and sardines, which have been specially tested for heavy metals, mercury, and aluminum in the laboratory.


These are drops that are used to purify drinking water.

Even used in preparing food, you can also dab PureAquaMins on burns, cuts, and bruises, and it can also be used after showering.

Nu Derma Gold

Nu Derma Gold is an anti-aging serum that claims to make you look ten years younger.

American Dream Nutrition claims that Nu-Derma Gold is the FIRST and ONLY formulation that combines not only collagen to give you instant results, but has 16 other powerful ingredients, including REAL 24k Gold, designed to help restore, strengthen. rejuvenate and enhance your skin.

It helps to make the skin firm and tighten lines and wrinkles and also gives a healthy glow.

Nu Derma Gold Product


These are dietary supplements that contain more than 215 phytochemicals. It also has an ORAC value of nearly 60,000 and is one of the highest vitamin B sources.

It is a product that includes Camu Camu.

How Can You Join The American Dream Nutrition?

Their joining fees are the different packages that you need to purchase to become their distributor.

The kits come in seven different varieties like:

  • OPTION ONE ($349) – contains 8 bottles of PhytoZon + 10 qty PhytoZon DVDs + 10 qty PhytoZon flyers.
    With this option, you can also select Options 6,7 or 8 ( image below) so you will be qualified as a Platinum, Gold or Silver starting your 2nd month.
  • OPTION TWO ($164) – contains 4 bottles of PhytoZon.
    With this option, you can also select option 5, so you will be qualified as a Platinum starting your 2nd month.
  • OPTION FOUR ($89.90) – contains 2 bottles of PhytoZon.
    With this option, you can also select option 6, so you will be qualified as a Gold member starting your 2nd month.
  • OPTION FIVE ($45.45 + $5.5 Shipping/Handling) – contains one bottle of PhytoZon.
American Dream Nutrition Product Packages

You can also opt for custom packages that cost differently.

But, to be eligible to start earning with them, you need to buy or sell each month 25 PV of products. And, in case you do not reach that scale, you will need to put in your money for purchasing the products.


What Is The Compensation Plan Of the American Dream Nutrition
and How Can You Earn Money?

Like many other MLM companies, ADNs compensation plan is also quite confusing.

Hence, we will not get much in detail with them, but let us try and understand a bit.

Retail profits

Earning commissions by selling the products directly to customers. The commission that you make by quoting a retail price after buying it at wholesale rate.

Residual commissions

Every time you recruit someone and they make a sale; you get a commission. And you also earn from your recruit’s recruit, and this continues.

This is the so-called 2 x 15 matrix. The first position in the matrix belongs to you, the other two below are your first level.

The second level is four positions below, the third level is eight new positions and so up to the 15th level.

Commissions also depend on your ranks.

Below is a look at the percentage of commissions each level earns and the potential number of people you want to hire at each level in the Matrix.

American Dream Nutrition percentage of commissions

Affiliate Ranks

There are a total of 9 levels in their compensation plan. The higher your rank is, the higher are your commissions:

  • Silver – Generate 25 PV per month and find at least two affiliates
  • Gold – Create 50 PV per month and recruit at least four affiliates
  • Platinum – Generate 100 PV monthly and recruit at least eight affiliates
  • Sapphire – Maintain 100 PV and generate 2500 GV monthly and recruit at least ten affiliates
  • Ruby – maintain 100 PV and generate 5000 GV monthly and find at least 10 affiliates
  • Diamond – maintain 100 PV and generate 10,000 GV per month and recruit at least 12 affiliates on auto-ship
  • Double diamond – maintain 100 PV, generate 25,000 GV and recruit at least fifteen car seats on auto-ship (one of them must be Diamond or more)
  • Triple Diamond – maintain 100 PV, generate 50,000 GV and have at least fifteen affiliates on auto-ship (two must be Diamond or higher)
  • Presidential Diamond – maintain 100 PV, generate 100,000 GV and have at least fifteen on auto-ship (four of them must be Diamond or higher)

Recruitment commissions

Every time you recruit a member, you get a commission depending on the pack they purchase when they sign-up:

  • recruit a Silver Pack affiliate and make $15
  • recruit a Gold Pack affiliate and get $20
  • recruit a Platinum Pack affiliate and get $40
  • recruit a Pro Pack affiliate and make $75
  • recruit a Professional Business Pack affiliate and get $100

Other bonuses

American Dream Nutrition offers eleven different bonuses.

Matching bonus makes you earn 20% on residual commissions when you reach platinum rank or higher from personally recruited affiliates.

And, Infinity bonus makes you receive 1% when you are at 8th or 9th rank in the 16th level of the matrix.

If you want to see all eleven bonuses that ADN has to offer, check out the video below:

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What Is Good About
American Dream Nutrition?

Very honestly, there are no positives found for this questionable company that does not even provide basic details about it on their website.

However, they have been in the business for quite a while now for seven years, and that is the only little fact about it, nothing else.

What Is Not So Good About
American Dream Nutrition?

  • No details about the company.
  • Too small chances of earning a considerable amount of money because it is already in a saturated market.
  • The compensation plan is too confusing and consists of many ranks to earn decent amounts.
  • Making members buy products on auto-ship every month seems quite forceful.
  • In 2016 the National Advertising Division urged that American Dream Nutrition, LLC, modify or discontinue certain claims for the company’s PhytoZon Dietary Supplement.
    ( These claims have disappeared from the American Dream Nutrition website but beware of affiliates trying to direct you to claims about products they cannot prove. )

Is The American Dream Nutrition a Scam?

It is very close to being a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Despite it being in the business for the past seven years does not give it any credibility as a company.

The fact that it does not give out any essential or necessary information about itself proves it can be a scam.

Also, the company talks less about its products and more about recruitments.

Even if it has survived quite a few years in the industry, it has not proved itself to be a fantastic MLM opportunity for its members.

Though the American Dream Nutrition might not be a scam, it is also not an opportunity that can be recommended to anyone.

Is There A Better Option?

Affiliate marketing is a much better option for earning good money through the promotion of products or services of your choice.

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Affiliate marketing is much easier to understand and makes you earn good income monthly, which only requires your marketing skills online. 

Here, you only need to promote products and services of your choice at your convenience on websites, blogs, and social media and earn from each sale made through your efforts.

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  • John Whemhoff

    I’ve been in American Dream Nutrition for a couple of years and my experience has all been positive. I only joined because the products have helped me with my knees. I only have 3 customers that buy every month and I earn $60 which is a little more than I pay for my monthly phytozon

    • Jelena

      I’m sorry about that. My goal is to try to warn people about individual companies before they waste their time and new ones, and also to offer some tried and tested solutions.

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