Is AppNana a scam
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Is AppNana A Scam: Paying You Money For Playing Games?

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A day doesn’t go by without the use of our mobile devices. Every person on planet earth is clung to their phones, and why not?

We have created our little world in a device called mobile phones. We depend on it almost for everything: texting, chatting, calls, video calls, and now even downloading different apps and games as well.

This is an addiction that nobody wants to leave.

Looking at the craziness for phones and being virtually active always, app developers have come with apps where they offer you to download apps and get paid for doing that.

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Yes, you heard that right. One such app that promises to pay you for downloading various apps or games is AppNana.

What AppNana Is All About?

AppNana free gift cards

AppNana is among the many mobile apps that claim to pay a good amount of rewards and cash for downloading an app or using certain apps or even playing games.

AppNana has been in the business for the past few years, and its domain was registered in the year 2010. It is stemmed from its parent company called Mapiz, which was founded in 2009.

Mapiz developed a few casual games for the iPhone.

AppNana was founded by Max Guan, who is also the CEO of the company, which is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The main motive of AppNana is to benefit all:

Game developers who get an opportunity to put their games on the online world through this app and also get them downloaded and tested by users.

Then the users or players who earn rewards or cash for doing that and ultimately AppNana who get paid by the game or app developers for providing them a platform.

AppNana is all about completing tasks given by the app for earning ‘Nanas.’ These ‘Nanas’ are credits that you earn as a player for completing a task and can later get the credits exchanged for greater rewards.

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How Can You Get Started With AppNana?

Getting started with AppNana is the easiest thing to do.

You only need to download the app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

Then, you need to register yourself on the app for free and then wait for the offers and tasks to appear on the dashboard.

How Can ‘Nanas’ Be Earned From AppNana?

The primary way to start earning ‘Nanas’ from the app is by first registering yourself and creating an account that will pay you 10,000 nanas.

And, for logging in your account every day on the app, you will receive 400 nanas.

Other typical ways to earn from AppNana is by downloading an app and keeping it open for 5 minutes, watching an advertisement, or video, downloading a game and fulfilling a task given.

AppNana earn nanas

After people earn enough credits, they can exchange it for gift cards or rewards from Facebook, iTunes, Xbox, Amazon, and also cash cards for certain PlayStation games and Xbox.

People can also exchange their credits for some real cash that AppNana pays via PayPal.

They can earn cash amounts ranging from $2 to $100 monthly.

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They can even exchange their credits for game cards, game developer Steam’s wallet cards, or virtual currencies of other app games.

People can also use the credits for purchasing paid apps.

How Much Can You Earn From AppNana?

The biggest claim that the app makes is that they have made their members earn $2 million.

But, what they haven’t mentioned is whether the $10 million they boast about has been paid to users in real cash or only credits in the form of ‘Nanas.’

However, nanas can be converted into cash.

Also, the rate of conversion from nanas to dollars is not something that is fixed; it can vary a bit. And, with higher the transaction, the conversion rate improves.

However, it is also imperative to note that the amount of nanas earned is way too low in front of the amount of time given to complete a task.

Generally, the tasks take around 5-10 minutes to get completed, and in return, you get rewarded with 1000-2000 nanas.

A few experienced users also estimate that if one regularly spends more than 2 hours a day using AppNana, he or she can earn around $10 monthly.

So obviously Apnana is not a source of income you can rely on.

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Anyway, currently the rates on AppNana are as below:

  • PayPal – $2 from 45,000 nanas.
  • Gift cards from Google play store – $10 from 160,000 nanas & and 50 from 650,000 nanas.
  • Gift cards from Amazon – $1 from 30,000 nanas, $2 from 45,000 nanas, $3 from 60,000 nanas & $55 from 90,000 nanas.
  • Gift cards from iTunes – $5 from 90,000 nanas, $10 from 160,000 nanas, $15 from 210,000 nanas and $50 from 650,000 nanas.

You can earn greater with Referral bonuses.

In fact, AppNana pays in the best possible manner with referral bonuses.

You can receive as good as 2,500 nana rewards for referring others to the app. And, the people you refer also get a bonus of 2,500 nanas after they sign-up using the referral code.

One of the reasons why AppNana is rated excellent on app stores is because of the amount they offer for referring people with unlimited referral bonuses.

How Do You Get Paid With AppNana?

AppNana either pays you in gift cards or cash.

When it comes to redeeming nana credits for gift cards, the transaction is done immediately, with the gift card getting sent to you via email.

If a person wants to receive cash by redeeming the nanas via PayPal, it may take a few days to process the transaction. The higher the transaction, the better is the return.

What Is Good About AppNana?

  • Easy to register on the app and create an account for free of cost.
  • The interface of the app is simple for anybody to understand.
  • It also offers cash as a reward, which is unlike other similar apps that only reward with gift cards or other rewards.
  • Paid apps can be downloaded using nanas without people paying anything from their pockets.

What Is Not So Good About AppNana?

Too much time invested for too little money

It takes longer for people to redeem nanas for cash, gift cards, or other rewards as only a limited amount of credit can be earned in a day.

According to reviews on the App Store, people who choose to uninstall AppNana do so because they realized that it just wasn’t worth the time.

Even just to get an Amazon $ 5 gift card, you need 150,000 nana credits. This is the case with too much time for too little money.

Also, the chances of earning a good amount of income are extremely low since only a few apps can be downloaded in a day to earn nanas.

Luckily, there are websites like or that will pay you for what you already do online, such as downloading apps or shopping.

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Not Accredited By BBB

AppNana doesn’t even have a listed BBB profile forget about getting rated by them.

Beware of Malware

AppNana can also give access to malware to disrupt or gain access to your phone.

It doesn’t allow safe deletion and seeks root tools, creating files on your phone that can be read anywhere.

AppNana Not Working

Unfortunately, there are more and more reviews on AppNana where many people say that their application does not work at all.

Some happen to collect tens of thousands of nanas and can’t redeem a gift card.

AppNana not working 1
AppNana not working 2

What Can We Conclude For AppNana?

AppNana is not a scam. It is an official app that pays out cash or rewards people with gift cards or other rewards.

However, even when the app is legit and not a scam, it cannot be recommended since the income-earning potential by completing tasks is very meager.

Spending hours and hours on only downloading apps or testing them is a clear waste of time when the return in front of that is only in pennies. And, one certainly cannot depend on such mobile apps to earn a decent income monthly.

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