Is Arbonne a Pyramid Scheme
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Is Arbonne A Pyramid Scheme In The Health And Beauty Industry?

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Since ages, we have come across so many companies that deal with health & beauty products. We have almost seen it all, especially after the advent of the Internet. 

The Internet has shown us everything and anything we ever wanted to know. It is also given us valuable information about such companies which are legit MLM based companies at heart.

Arbonne was also started as a health and beauty based company offering varied products to customers, but it is not hard to find out that Arbonne too is an MLM company. Today, we will be talking about Arbonne another legitimate MLM based company and whether it is a boon to us or another Pyramid Scheme.

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What Is Arbonne?


The brain behind Arbonne is Mr. Petter Mørck, who initiated the company in Switzerland in 1975. His vision behind starting this business was to provide health and beauty products that are purely herbal in nature.

So, that which will stand out from its competitors who are mostly selling non-herbal products. Unfortunately, the fact is that Arbonne ex-holding company, Natural Products Group LLC, actually went bankrupt is 2010.

Is Arbonne a Pyramid Scheme

Petter Mørck with other leading biochemists, biologists and herbalists started Arbonne.

Their website itself claims that their products are not harmful, and also that they are Pure, Safe, and Beneficial.

They claim that all their products are Botanical based and they are also operating in seven different countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, and Taiwan.

They also have a “Not allowed list” that includes more than 2000 ingredients.

All this might seem interesting and exciting at one point, but today, almost every company is claiming their products are natural, safe and herbal, which is why Arbonne does not stand out from other companies. I reviewed many companies like this one: JeunesseMelaleuca, Usana, NuSkin… and all of them have similar claims.

Though Arbonne claims about its herbal products, all in all, it is only an MLM company that wants to increase its business by recruiting more and more people and hence increase sales.

What Products Does Arbonne Offer Us?

  • Skincare – anti-aging collection, healthy-looking glow, hydrating formulas, skincare for man, fight-acne collection, and Calm collection for sensitive skin
  • Bath & Body – Arbonne anti-aging collection, Ayurvedic spa, pure essential oils, baby care, Shea Butter collection, Pure Mint collection
  • Hair – daily shampoo, daily conditioner, daily leave-in treatment, and also color last shampoo and hair serum
  • Makeup – CC cream, cleaners, liquid conceal, primers, brushes, foundation, powders, highlights, bronzer, blush, lipsticks, mascara, shadow palettes, liquid eyeliner, lip gloss, finishing spray, …
  • Nutrition – Daily Health, Targeted Health, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Skin Elixir, Arbonne Essentials, protein shakes, …

It is very clear from the product range itself that these products are prevalent with other companies as well, so definitely there is nothing different that Arbonne is offering except its claim that all their products are herbal.

If you are starting your career or thinking or earning some extra bucks, then let us know how we can do this with Arbonne.

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How To Start And Make Money
With Arbonne?

If you want to use Arbonne products, you can become a customer and purchased products at retail price.

But, if you want to start your side job with Arbonne and become their Independent consultant, then you need to pay $79 as registration fees which give you a starter kit that includes brochures, catalogs, and other training materials which will help you start with Arbonne.

But, hold on not just this you will also need to pay $30 per year as an annual recurring fee which starts from the 2nd year. It is essential to know here that this fee does not include any products.

So, to be in business with Arbonne, you need first to buy their products in order to sell it to your potential customers.

And, the cost of the products is in the range of $270 to $500 from which you can choose.

Also, the fact that to remain an active consultant, you need to fulfill their monthly order requirement. If you fail to do so, you don’t climb up the leadership ladder and hence there will be less or no commissions or rewards for you.

How Is Arbonne’s Compensation Plan Which They Call It “Success Plan”?

  • Commissions: These are the commissions you earn when you sell their products to your customers. For regular clients, it is 35% & for preferred clients, it is 15%.
  • Overrides: This you can earn when your downlines make a sale. And, the maximum you can earn an override is 6% which is from your direct downline beyond that it is 0%.
  • Bonuses: Depending on your performance as an active consultant and how your downlines are performing, specific bonuses can be given to you.
  • Mercedez-Benz bonus: If you reach the ‘Vice President’ rank, you are eligible for Mercedez – Benz on a lease as a bonus. However, it will be only on lease nothing else.

There are so many other MLM companies that are health and beauty based that you can choose from like Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca, Isagenix, Shaklee, etc.;

But all these companies are more or less based on the same business idea that Arbonne is working on, and, all these companies have nothing different that they are offering except the various claims they make.

If you’re interested in detailed Arbonne comempensation plan, you can read more here.

Pros And Cons Of Arbonne

What Are The Pros Of Arbonne?

  1. Been in the business for long: The company started in 1975, so it has been in the industry for a very long time & still has survived that means it is not a fake company at all.
  2. Member of DSA and accredited by BBB: They are a member of the Direct Selling Association, and Better Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating which proves they are not a pyramid scheme or a scam.
  3. You can still make money: Though the profits are low if you do it the right way you can earn some extra cash. Though it is definitely not going to make you a millionaire but still if you want to a part of the MLM business then opt for correct ways to go about it.

What Are The Cons Of Arbonne?

  1. Fewer profits: This is nothing new with Arbonne. There are other MLM companies too who only claim big, but when it comes to giving benefits, they don’t provide much. You are spending more on buying their products than actually earning by selling them.
  2. More about recruiting: Just like other MLM companies, Arbonne is also much about hiring more and more people. They are mostly concerned about how they can increase their sales force for making better sales.
  3. Failed MLM program: The statistics show how miserably people have failed to be a consultant of Arbonne. Only 62% earned an average of $788 in the year 2017, and the other 28% earned an average of $3,450 in the year 2017.
  4. Bankruptcy: Their ex holding company Natural Products Group LLC went bankrupt in 2010.

So, Is Arbonne A Pyramid Scheme?

Well, certainly Not. It has been in the business for around 44 years now.

Had it been any pyramid scheme or scam, it would not have survived for so long. But, is it beneficial for people to get into this business? The answer is not really. MLMs are not illegal, but your chances of benefiting from the multi-level structure company are very small.

The You can go check out their website if you are interested in buying herbal products but doing business with them as a consultant would take you years to earn a decent amount.

In fact, a better option for earning decent passive income is with Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing does not involve any costs it only needs you to promote various products or services at your convenience.

You can do that through your social media, blogs, websites, and keep improving the same to increase sales for that brand, and that is how you can get paid for it. This way, I am earning around $6000 monthly, and I can teach you how to start.

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  • Denise Hendershot

    Just read your article…I have been an Arbonne consultant for over 5 years…
    Things have changed up a bit…at the consultant level there is no monthly quota–
    the $49 US registration fee and the $29 renewal fee include your personal ecommerce site for that additional monthly fees….The product lines are more inclusive of skin needs and Arbonne is adjusting to the new markets..
    Thank you for an article that explains how MLM work..Sincerely, Denise

    • Jelena

      Thank you so much, Denise for your update. I’m sure it will be useful for other readers who want to start with Arbonne. Can you tell me why you stopped work as an Arbonne consultant?

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