Is Arise Work From Home A Scam
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Is Arise Work From Home A Scam? Review: Does Arise Work?

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With the world becoming more and more digitized each passing day, it was essential for companies from different sectors to make their business come online for most of their work.

With this, many companies offer “work from home” opportunities to individuals who can work from the luxuries of their homes.

Usually, even individuals keep looking for such work opportunities where they don’t need to leave their homes to go to an official office for their jobs.

Looking For a Legitimate Way to Make Money From Home?

Not all companies that claim to be work from home opportunities are genuine.

So, it is also important to keep researching opportunities as they can sometimes make you lose your money or only prove to be a scam.

One such company, open up their own mini call center business, and earn a decent monthly income is “Arise.”

This company, which calls itself “the future of customer care,” provides training and a platform for individuals to provide customer care solutions to clients by working at home.

What Is Arise? Let Us Get In The Details Of The Company

Is Arise Work From Home A Scam

Making individuals earn some good money monthly within the confines of their homes is what Arise works for.

It is a technology company that launched in 1997 to enable small enterprises by providing them with inbound call center resources.

They proudly call themselves as “customer experience innovator” that aims to deliver real customer service experiences.

However, Arise first was initiated in 1994 as a technology company selling proprietary switch. Soon it switched in the customer care world to expand their business and also to connect smaller businesses with larger companies, needing services like customer service, tech support, sales, etc.

Scott Etheridge is the CEO of the company and their headquarters are based in Florida.

Their site claims that they have more than 260 employees and thousands of skilled service providers all over the world. However, partnerships with the company are only available to legal residents of the United States, United Kingdom/Ireland.

How Does Arise Work?

The one that Arise is most honest about in their work is the fact that they do not provide any jobs to individuals, unlike say Fiverr, which offers jobs even though you don’t have your own company.

Instead, they provide them with a business opportunity. And, Arise makes this fact very clear on their website. So, joining Arise means you work as an Independent contractor whom they call Arise Certified Professional (ACP) and build your own business.

Hence, Arise is only a platform that makes companies meet independent agents to take care of their call center support work. And, to do that they provide you with the training to find your clients.

So, you work directly with the clients, and Arise does not hire you as their employee.

Arise Work From Home Opportunity

There are a few important ways which will make you get started with Arise as below:

  • You need to register the company first as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • Need to get trained through a certified course that will make you understand the work.
  • You will require to create a new account on Arise.
  • You will need to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to know which companies you can work with.
  • Lastly, you can review and choose the company accordingly to work with them.

Also, one noteworthy point of Arise is that anybody who decides to be part of this company as an independent agent needs to pass through some entry requirements.

One of which includes individuals to undergo a background check to ensure they do not hold any criminal record. And, if in case they do stay, then they won’t be allowed to work with the platform.

What Are The Solutions That Arise Offers
And The Industries They Work With?

  • Contact center outsourcing
  • Omnichannel contact center support
  • Business continuity
  • Simple call types
  • Consulting
  • Limitless learning

The industries they offer its solutions through their agents are retail, healthcare, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, energy and utilities, technology, banking and financial services, insurance, and fitness and wellness.

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What Are The Start-up Costs At Arise?

Generally, when people know there are costs involved in a business opportunity, they tend to consider it as a scam, which is not the case many times.

In the case of Arise, too, there are several costs involved in getting started with the company; however, it doesn’t necessarily make it a scam.

The initial cost involved with Arise is the cost to undergo for their background checks worth $7.95.

You will then be required to put in between $250 to $770 as the initial costs at Arise, followed by a recurring charge of $124 every month.
Plus, there are also fees for making use of the Arise platform worth $39.50 per month.

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The upfront costs provide an individual with registering the new company, give a headset, and get a phone line installed and offer a client certification course. And, the recurring costs involve a phone with high-speed internet.

What Is The Work Requirement At Arise?

Since Arise does not provide any jobs as discussed earlier, it is clear that you will be working as the owner of your company.

As for working with businesses, you will be required to make and answer phone calls. Generally, these types of requests include tech support, customer service, and sales support, depending on what your client requires you to do for them.

Within the Arise platform, you will get to review various ‘client opportunities’ that will help you to decide on the call you choose to take.

After selecting the client based on the information received from ‘opportunity announcements‘ and getting enrolled with them, you can decide on the number of working hours with the company as per what the company makes available.

How Much Can You Earn From Arise And
How Do They Pay You?

Depending on the company you choose to work with and the kind of work you do, you can earn anywhere between the range of $9 to $14 on an hourly basis.

So, if you work 8 hours a day, you should earn between $ 360 and $ 560 a week. It doesn’t sound bad, but most contractors don’t make as much money. This is because not everyone who works for Arise will have a whole week of work like this. And that is gross income, so you have to deduct costs and tax from this amount.

You make money from Arise, not personally but through your company.

Based on the working hours of your company, Arise pays your company via bank deposit twice a month. Then as an employee of your own company, you can withdraw your earnings.

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Green Flags Af Arise

  • They allow you to start with your own business.
  • They also help in bringing the clients to you. The hardest part when working from home is finding your clients. With Arise, you don’t have to worry about that part – you just have to set your opening hours and accept offers if you get them.
  • The business set up by Arise for you is entirely legitimate by helping your company to set up as an LLC and then providing a separate business account for managing the finances.
  • They provide complete training to make you an efficient and full-fledged agent.

Red Flags Of Arise

  • It is not for everyone; people who are ok with providing customer, tech, sales support should only consider this.
  • Training and start-up cost is too expensive, with added recurring fees to be paid every month. This is one of the reasons Arise gets a bad reputation because they charge for their training. But you will have a hard time finding a self-employed home-based program that has free training (except for the Wealthy Affiliate).
  • The earnings seem quite lower compared to the upfront and recurring costs.
  • Arise is only available to people from the US, UK, and Canada.
  • There might not be constant workflow; clients may come and go, and exciting work might not be available all the time.
  • There are hundreds of complaints and negative reviews online. Some of them claim that the Arise is a total fraud. Even a lawsuit against the company was filed at one point.

Final Thoughts On Arise

Though a few may think that it could be a scam having so many costs at the beginning itself, it is certainly not. Arise is not a scam.

In fact, it is 100% legitimate as a platform that turns individuals as businessmen and allows opening up their own company working from the convenience of a home.

People who are determined to work from home and give their long-term commitment to it should think of choosing Arise as a platform that can help them in getting successful. And, people afraid of taking up the responsibilities that come with working in customer service and even looking after the business, should stay away from it.

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