Is Beautycounter scam or legit
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Is Beauty Counter A Scam Or This MLM Company Can Be Counted Upon?

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BeautyCounter is yet another Multi-level marketing model company that claims it is a success today because of the workforce it has behind it.

Well, no wonder it is a Multi-level marketing company, so it has to have a large group of people working behind it to make it a success. But is BeautyCounter A Scam?

There are so many MLM companies today in the online world that one only gets tired now to hear about, another significant reason being that every company is claiming how with the help of people they have built their business and how beneficial it has been not only for the customers but also for all those people working behind it, the sales force.

But, the truth is that many of such companies that are MLM based companies claim how they benefit so many people with each sale, but the truth of the matter is that it is a complicated process first to understand and then to execute.

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First, Let Us Understand
What MLM Is?

MLM – Multi-level marketing is a type of marketing that is mostly used by pyramid structured companies where people who decide to be a part of this business act as both sellers and buyers. This becomes a bit easy for the company to earn money rather than the people who are a part of it.

These people have first to buy products themselves and sell it further to others at a higher price.

Generally, most MLM company products are on a higher side in terms of price on top of that people who become sellers put the extra amount as their commission on that product.

So the product becomes even more expensive. 

The central pressure of creating a sale is then put on the sellers who try and sell these products through, or they need to include more and more people in the pyramid, so they too become sellers and increase sales.

What happens with MLM marketing is that it sounds easy in the beginning, but actually it is really not.

Considering the fact that the sellers at the end of the day may not create a sale because the products are quite expensive secondly, they also have the pressure that they need more and more people in the pyramid so that they get a commission from other sellers’ sales too.

Let Us Know More About Beautycounter


“Beauty should be good for you.”

This is their tagline.

BeautyCounter is an MLM company that is focussed on selling cosmetics and skincare products.

BeautyCounter is all about beauty products. BeautyCounter swears by clean beauty and claim that they only promote beauty products that are safe for people to use.

BeautyCounter was initiated in the year 2013 by a businesswoman named Gregg Renfrew. They claim that more than 80% of the ingredients of their products are all-natural, organic and even plant-based.

They do not advocate or believe in harmful chemical-based products. In fact, they also have a list of such toxic ingredients on the website and have named it “The Never List”.

What Is The Product Range Of BeautyCounter?

  • Skincare
  • Makeup
  • Bath & Body

BeautyCounter products prices are on a higher side as compared to other brands because they also claim that they are toxic-free products and most are natural.

But coming to think of it, it is essential to understand that with beauty ranges and prices on higher levels plus the competition it faces with other MLM companies it is a task for sellers to make a good profit out of this.

People thinking of making a career in this or thinking of becoming a millionaire with BeautyCounter should stay away because you definitely cannot become rich with only this type of marketing where the process is prolonged for you to earn good profit.

Also, you need to first start a membership with BeautyCounter where you become a seller and a part of their pyramid. You need first to buy all these products to sell it further, which makes this an even more lengthy process towards earning profits.

beauty counter scin care products

People are becoming more and more aware today about beauty products thanks to the Internet and moreover Social media.

There are so many promoters as well as people with their websites and channels on social media that today, people know what is good or what is average or bad in terms of the quality of beauty products.

Also, the fact that the competition in the beauty product and personal care range is enormous. So to even sustain as an MLM company is a huge task to accomplish because this kind of marketing depends on more and more people.

So think all these points before deciding to be a member of such MLM companies where you will need to work continuously but would hardly make any profit out of it.

If you are still thinking of giving it a try then here how you need to go about it.

  • Pay an enrollment fee worth $85.
  • There are different product packages you can select from like $218, $419 or $723.
  • To maintain the membership, there is also a yearly renewal fee of $50.

Once you pay the enrollment fee, it provides you with a personalized website of yours and also gives access to back-office support and a training platform.

MLM companies also sell these products ranges with a trick to the sellers claiming that the actual price of the range is so and so and you get a certain percentage of discount if you buy this product range.

This is quite common when it comes to network marketing where the company tricks the sellers so that they become members.

What Is The Compensation Plan Of BeautyCounter?

As a consultant, you can earn 25-30% commissions or product sales.

To remain an active consultant on BeautyCounter, you need to add more and more volume of consultants to the pyramid. The more you keep recruiting, the more profits and bonuses you will earn as a consultant.

You can learn more about their compensation plans in detail from their website.


  • As a newcomer in the business, you can learn a lot from this MLM company.
  • If executed the tricks of selling correctly, then you can earn high commissions.


  • A slow and lengthy process.
  • Need to recruit more people to earn more.
  • Need to buy the products first to sell it further.
  • A lot of patience is required because profits do not come overnight.

Final Say On BeautyCounter

3 stars review

Well, BeautyCounter is not a scam but you cannot the deny the fact that is just like other MLM companies where the workload on you as a consultant is much more than the company itself and the profit also comes late.

Making a career in this is not a good option.

But still, if you want to learn some entrepreneur skills, then you can think of BeautyCounter to learn something from it.

Again, it is expensive for you too because you are not only paying the enrollment fees but also buying its beauty package.

Better than this would be Affiliate marketing where you earn better commissions only by indirectly selling products or services through your websites, blogs, or social media and earn your passive income.

So, in affiliate marketing, you don’t need to pay any fee or to buy products or invite anyone. Also, you have thousands of companies which have affiliate programs so you can choose what to market.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • Lisa Rudder

    You actually are misinformed. You can buy Beautycounter online or at their store or now at Sephora. The consultants sell but they don’t have to buy and resale.

    • Jelena

      Thanks for the information, Lisa. But if you can buy Beautycounter products online or at Sephora, then their consultants are in an even worse position. Because if I can buy directly from their site, why would I buy through consultants?

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