Is Bellame A Scam
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Is Bellame A Scam? ( $70K A MONTH ?!)

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Making A Name In The Personal Care & Beauty Industry Or Only A Scam?

Welcome to my Bellame Review!

All of us know that there is just no end to companies and especially MLM structured companies that emerge every day out of nowhere.

Just to let us know again what we already know, and that is even they give out the best products in the market in that particular sector.

All these companies’ main motive seems to be just one thing – to make people believe that they are the best in the business and that their products are “different” from their competitors.

These companies know how tough it is to maintain a status in an industry that is already tapped by millions of others. And some of them are already big brands that they will be competing with.

Still, companies do form each day. They still are ready to face their contemporaries in the market, and to top that make claims so high that only boasts their products sometimes even without any proper shreds of evidence or even without any scientific proofs to support their claims.

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Another company tapping the beauty and personal care market called “Bellame.” It is nothing but an MLM company at heart that deals with beauty and personal care products.

What Is Bellame?

Is Bellame a scam

Bellame is yet another MLM company in the beauty and personal care industry that is very recently launched and is as young as only two years old. It was launched in 2016 by the husband and wife duo Melissa and Scott Thompson.

Talking about Melissa, she has been working in this sector since 1999, starting her career with Avon and worked there till 2007 before she jumped to Belcorp.

And, after a short stint at Belcorp, she moved back to Avon and then joined another company named Mana in 2014.

Later she worked for Stella & Dot in 2015. And, in 2016 she became the chief marketing officer in a company called Astoria, which is her husband Scott’s company.

And finally, in 2016, Melissa, along with husband Scott, founded Bellame. Both of them claim to have around 45 years of experience together in the industry.

What Products Does Bellame Offer?

Similar to Younique, Belcorp, Arbonne, Mary Kay or Amway, Bellame’s products include its flagship items targeting the Billions worth beauty industry.

Since we know Bellame just debuted two years ago, they have not come up with a list of products or categories, but they are focusing on four of their main products like:

  • Hydrating moisturizer
  • Hydrating cleanser
  • Hydrating serum
  • Hydrating eye cream
    You can also get the above bundled for $272.

Other coming up products are:

  • Moisturizing lip lacquer
  • Moisturizing lipstick
  • Moisturizing sheer lip gloss

Important to note here is that they claim all their products are harmless and free from chemicals.

They are also gluten and cruelty-free, paraben, and phthalate-free and are backed by patented technology and ingredients.

Bellame Beauty Passport

Members can get some extra benefits and advantages like product discounts if they apply for a beauty passport.

Bellame Beauty Passport

Benefits of the beauty passport members:

  • Sneak peek previews of new products
  • Free shipping for orders of $50 and above.
  • Savings of 10% off the product’s retail price.
  • Birthday savings
  • Purchase a $25 annual membership pass and get discounts and free membership with Auto replenishment order.
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How Can You Get Started
With Bellame?

Like all MLM companies, Bellame too comes with two types of starter kits, and this gives you the required tools and materials to get started with their opportunity:

  • Basic Starter Kit (Influencer Kit) worth $332 value (for $199)
  • Digital Starter Kit worth $179 value ( for $49)

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It also gives you the option to choose your products and the budget as well.

The Starter – Influencer Kit includes:

  • Bellame Binder and Training Inserts 
  • White Magnetic Bellame Box
  • Moisturizing Lip Gloss Bella Blush
  • Moisturizing Lip Gloss Bella Bronze
  • Bellame Branded Loofah
  • Bellame Branded Cosmetic Case
  • Head in The Clouds Luxe Color Palette
  • Down to Earth Luxe Color Palette
  • Bellame Artistry Brush Collection

What Is The Compensation Plan Of Bellame?

As usual, it is confusing and difficult to understand as most of the MLM Company’s compensation plan.

Bellame is no different, but still, let us try and understand their compensation plan.

First of all, like all MLM companies in Bellame too there are two basic ways of earning money like:

  1. Retail profits
  2. Recruitment and earnings from the sale made by your downlines.

Other ways through which you can earn money from Bellame:

Retail commissions

Depending on your rank and the products you choose, you can earn between 25% to 40% commissions per sale.

Residual commissions

The higher your rank, the higher are your commissions. The more sales the people under you make, the more commissions you earn.

Affiliate ranks

Bellame follows a Uni-level plan and has eight levels associated with it as below:

  • Partner – maintain retail sales of $300 in a rolling three month period.
  • Senior Partner – recruit a partner and generate 500 PV.
  • Executive Partner – recruit and maintain 3 people and generate 1000 PV.
  • Director – recruit and maintain four people and maintain 500 PV and 3000 GV per month.
  • Senior Director – recruit three partners and one director and maintain 500 PV and 3000 GV per month.
  • Executive – maintain at least two partners and two directors and maintain 500 PV and 3000 GV per month.
  • Diamond Director – maintain 4 directors and maintain 500 PV and 3000 GV per month.
  • Platinum Executive Director – maintain at least six directors with $125,000 as your downline’s sales total volume monthly and maintain 500 PV and 3000 GV per month.

As I said, Bellame follows MLM concept, so you as their member, need to recruit as many people as you can and create a big team and earn a specific quota to make commissions once you qualify. 

Platinum-level Bellame partner, AJ Yates, revealed on her YouTube video how she earned $70K of bonuses in Bellame as part of the Founding Compensation Plan.

Pros And Cons Of Bellame

What Is Good About Bellame?

  • Vegan and cruelty-free products.
  • Discounts from beauty passport.
  • As a partner, you get discounts on their products.
  • Tribe community as a support

What Is Not So Good About Bellame?

  • Too many levels to reach higher ranks and earn better income.
  • Income disclosure statement not provided.
  • A very new company in the industry so cannot be trusted much. ( we need to see it 10 years)
  • Group Sales monthly quota of $3,000 in just 3 months to be promoted
  • In the name of niche products, they are on an expensive side.
  • Earning potential is quite low since the company is new, and the market is overcrowded.

Is Bellame A Scam Or
A Pyramid Scheme?

Though Bellame might be a new entrant in an already overcrowded market, it has some real products to be sold, and it focuses majorly on four product lines as of now with new ones coming up soon.

Also, the fact that its owners have a wide-scale experience in the beauty and personal care industry insists on having a bit of trust in the brand.

But having said that, Bellame does not offer anything that their competitors don’t. Their products are similar to what we already have in the market, so the income-earning potential automatically becomes less also because the company is not very old in the business.

My answer to the question, “Is Bellame a scam” or Pyramid scheme? it’s not.

A lot of people think that MLM is the same as a Pyramid scheme. But is not! If a company has valuable products that sell and recruitment is not the main source of income – it’s probably legal.

But! It is so hard to succeed in MLM business.


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The best thing is that I own my time and I don’t have pressure to recruit other people to join.

How I’m doing it? Easy.

If you get my “SECRETS of Making Money Online”, which contains step by step email training, you can immediately get the essence of the exact process of how I do it. 

Regardless, you want to join Bellame or not this training offers varied ways and useful strategies on how to create your online presence and promote your products as productively as you can.

Bellame is not a scam or a pyramid scheme, but getting your hands dirty in any MLM business model in a traditional way (as people did in the 1960s) is a waste of time considering the number of efforts to be put and the low amount of money that is earned.

Do you have experience with Bellame or similar MLM companies? If so, what do you say about these companies? Are they legal or not?

Do you prefer to invest in MLM or affiliate marketing as your start-up business next year? Please, let me know in the comments below!


Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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