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Big Profit System: Can You Make $10K a Week or Only a Scam?

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Sometimes some people get desperate in their quest to earn good money every month. This makes them get into online programs that boast about getting them with their ‘get quick rich’ schemes and make bold statements about how you can make money with only a click on the mouse.

Taking advantage of this continuous want of people to make money from the convenience of their homes makes companies come up with easy money-making schemes and influence people into their business.

One such company that claims to make people earn $1,000 to $10,000 per week is “Big Profit System.” The company claims that people can earn money without making any calls or any Internet marketing.

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Let Us Start By Knowing What The Big Profit System Is?

The Big Profit System boasts of giving big profits to individuals who join. It is only an online platform that provides Internet marketing training for selling the company’s membership itself.

The weird most thing about this company is that it doesn’t spill out any details about the founder of the company, only that it was founded in June 2012.

Though it provides Internet marketing training, the company also has an angle of an MLM structure where individuals are trained to promote their system to others. You need to recruit others as well in the system so that people who are recruiting others can earn “big” profits from the company.

They do not even have a proper website that gives more in-depth details about the company as a whole. In fact, it only makes bold statements about how an individual can earn big commissions from their program and how they can become rich quickly. Also, the domain was registered privately, and hence, it gives no information on who owns it.

Sign-ups are fed into a third party business by the company as per the terms and conditions of the Big profit System. The company provides a marketing system for helping individuals by assisting them in generating sales.

Does The Big Profit System Offer Any Products?

The Big Profit System does not provide any tangible or retainable products as such except the company’s affiliate membership itself, which the affiliates need to market. However, their Big Profit System affiliate membership comes with access to their marketing system.

Their marketing system includes social media guides, personal development courses, how to drive traffic and marketing guides, etc. Depending on what package a person buys, the products differ.

What Is The Cost Of the Big Profit System?

Different levels in the Big Profit System offer different packages, which include material guides, courses, and learning materials. A front-end fee of these packages cost $1000, $3000, $6000, $12,000, or $20,000. An additional fee of $280 is added on top of the package as an admin fee.

Claim from Big Profit System website

Looking at the front-end fees of the packages, the company seems to offer expensive upfront costs. Still, fortunately, other companies will not require you to pay any upfront fees like,,, and Wealthy Affiliate.

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How The Big Profit System Claim They Work For The Individuals

Their website talks a lot about easy money-making without the hassle of selling anything or explaining anything to anyone. They claim that their system runs on auto-pilot for their members. Their website claims to be the easiest and lucrative program available for the following reasons:

For driving visitors on the site, a person can join and plug into one of their exclusive “Done for you” advertising packages.

  • The company’s marketing system will help in generating leads for the individual and handling all the questions and also signing up the prospects for the individuals will be done by the Big Profit system success coach.
  • Individuals can earn $500, $1500, $3000, $6000, or even $10,000 for each sale made by the company for the individuals.
  • Individuals can track the progress of each person as the Big Profit System success coaches work with their prospects.
  • Individuals can get access to their exclusive Members back office tracking system.
  • The back-office system helps track every lead right from opting-in to signing-up.
  • Based on the actions taken by a prospect like clicking a link, opening a mail, replying, etc., the company also scores them.
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What Is The Compensation Plan
At Big Profit System?

The Big Profit System follows a unilevel structure for its compensation plan. At BPS, people who buy into the system can start earning commissions for recruiting others in the system. Your earnings are dependent on what level you purchased and what level your recruit buys.

But, their commission plan can either earn you money or, in many cases, can even make you lose out your commission.

For example, if you are purchasing at the $3000 level and your recruit also purchases at the same level, you will receive $1500 commission. But, if you are buying at the $3000 level and your recruit purchases at a higher level than you, say at $6000, then you do not receive any commission.

The commission structure at the Big Profit System looks like this:

  • Level 1 – make $500 per sale
  • Level 2 – earn $1500 per sale
  • Level 3 – earn $3000 per sale
  • Level 4 – earn $6000 per sale
  • Level 5 – earn $10,000 per sale
Big Profit System Levels

At the commission structure at the Big Profit System, you can earn commissions from the people who are at the same level as you or a lower level than you, but not from people who buy at a higher level than you.

What Are The Negatives Of
The Big Profit System?

  • No details are provided about who runs the company, and the domain details are also protected, so one cannot see who the site is registered to.
  • Their packages are overpriced, starting from $1000 and going up to $20,000.
  • The BBB has not even listed the company.
  • The income disclaimer on their website states that the figures mentioned on their website are not meant to be an income guarantee.
  • Their sales page only boasts about earning “massive” income and provides no value to support the over-hyped statements.
  • Their commission plan is also flawed, not giving you commission if your recruit buys at a higher level than you.

No positives were found for this fishy website named Big Profits System that doesn’t even provide any essential, necessary details about the company on their website.

So, Is the Big Profit System
A Scam?

Well, Big Profit System is on the lines of being called a scam.

A company that doesn’t give the name of the person who owns it or any other details like the address, phone number, etc. cannot be trusted. And, when it asks you to pay hefty amounts at the beginning of the program itself, the program looks all the more skeptical.

There are far better options for earning money online with sites like,, etc.

With Big Profit System, you will only end up losing out your hard-earned money, your energy, and efforts to get nothing in return.

How I Make Money Online?

There are far better income-earning opportunities online, like Affiliate marketing that helps you gain a significant monthly income.

You can, like me, launch an affiliate website, you can promote any products you want from any company, so why sell such a limited product range?

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