Is Bode Pro A Pyramid Scheme
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Is Bode Pro A Pyramid Scheme? Redefining Health Or Another Scam? My Review

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Initially, before the advancement of the online world, people used to rely on physical shops for businesses or face to face selling or even word of mouth selling.

But, gradually with the advent of the Internet people have got so many endless opportunities to make the online world their shops and sell anything and everything they want to. One of the companies that encourage you to sell products online is Bode Pro.

That being said, I guess people have taken this opportunity too seriously because every day some company or the other enters the market with a business plan in mind and taps the same markets that a thousand others are tapping.

Tired Of Being Scammed?

Well, everybody is swimming in the same big ocean and still trying everything so that they don’t drown in it.

Despite, knowing there are a hell lot of other competitors who are already in the health business still it seems some companies don’t lose hope and try and wish to create a name for themselves too.

Bode Pro is one such company that is into making health drinks and supplemental nutritional liquids that claim to improve one’s health and enhance a person’s immune system.

Okay! So, companies are now coming up with juices and drinks that can even help a person obtain optimal health.

Well, can’t say how much of this is true or can be believed because can only energy drinks or juices be enough for us to achieve overall health?

This seems to be a bit deceptive.

Let Us Dive Into Knowing
What Is Bode Pro?


Bode Pro is actually a new name for the Vemma company. It is a health and nutritional drink company based in Arizona that was initiated by Mr. Benson K Boreyko back in the year 2004.

It offers drinks that claim to have all the nutrients and proteins that can help a person achieve optimal health.

It aims at building a solid foundation for overall health with their scientific formulas and nourish the body on a cellular level. Bode also claims that they are clinically studied.

Bode company wants to capitalize on the energy drink market and provide business opportunities to people as well for good earnings. All in all, Bode Pro is an MLM company at heart.

Now that we know what Bode Pro is at a primary level, it is essential to understand that Vemma ( same company, but different name) has been a culprit too with some unethical works done in the past that one should know before thinking of buying their products or doing business with them.

Bode Pro – Vemma’s Fraudulent History

Benson K. Boreyko, Bode Pro owner

The founder, Mr. Benson K Boreyko, had made some false claims that their dietary supplements can cure and prevent ADD and ADHD without any backing of evidence and proofs to support this claim.

So, in 2015, the FTC banned Mr. Boreyko from making any such false claims about the products and misleading the general public.

FTC called Vemma an “illegal pyramid scheme”, and a court stopped the assets of company.

Also, a non-profit research center claimed that Vemma made products without any warning labels from lead, carcinogens, and reproductive toxins. So, from this, one can know how untruthful this company has been to its customers regarding the safety of its supplements and the unrealistic claims it makes.

If the above was not enough, then Vemma was also involved in charging customers credit cards repeatedly and kept shipping products even when the customers wanted to cancel the account.

In 2016 the business was shut down by the FTC.

So, in January 2017. Bode Pro is founded by siblings, Karen, and Lauren (and also Benson Keith Boreyko), and launched two months later.

It is evident that Mr. Boreyko finds a way to make huge money for themselves, and he doesn’t want to quit launching MLM companies. FTC said, “The majority of Affiliates make no money,” but at the same time, Vemma generated $200 million in annual sales!

The best way to make huge money is to start an MLM company that sells nutritional supplements. The most significan industry in network marketing are, HerbalifeIsagenix, Melaleucaor BeachBody – all of them sells nutritional products!

What Is Bode Pro Product Range?

Bode Pro has three lines of products. Those products are primarily focused on women, weight loss, and mental health.

Bode Pro products

Bode Products Line

Bode TEN

They claim that this product fuelled with nutrients necessary to the body’s balance and wellbeing; any dietary commission has not legislated this product. 

The story is that this product can help your body create new MITOCHONDRIA ( small engines that create up to 90% of total cellular energy). The price is $79,95 for 30 servings, but this product dont have any evaluation from Drug Administartion.

Bode Strong

It is a Phytonutrient blend made from plants and their nutrients. Infused with fruit flavors, it focuses on the skin, nails, and hair, offering strengthening agents that protect your body against free radicals and oxidative stress.

Price is $79,95 for the product that not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ( you can buy a similar and evaluated product for $14,99).

Bode Happy

It is a “smart” energy drink. Claims that it is a natural energy boost that will enchase your mood, boost energy, and improve your focus. It contains six vitamins, L-Theanine, L-alanine, caffeine, saffron, and Biotin.

Price is $65,95 for 24 servings.


includes liquid anti-oxidant supplementary drinks, which claim to have 12 vital nutrients plus 65 plant-sourced minerals.

Vemma Ionic

is a balanced mineral supplement, and it claims it has 65 major, trace, and ultra-trace minerals, which are fundamental to human health.

Verve Original

Energy drinks with burns potential energy with 12 essential vitamins, 120g caffeine, and 65 plant-sourced minerals.

They claimed that Verve OG might feature the highest amount of antioxidants available anywhere, but those claims have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The price is $49,95 per 12 cans.

Verve Sugar Free

An energy drink with 0 sugar. It contains everything from Verve Original, but without sugar and only 4 calories per can. The price is $42,95 for 12 cans.

Verve Burn

Formulated to boost metabolism, protect muscles, and suppress appetite. Contain 22g proteins and 7g soluble fiber. The price is $62,95 for twelve cans.

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How Do We Get Started
With Bode Pro?

To start a business with Bode Pro and become their distributor, you need to become a customer first. So, you will need to purchase any product from the Bode Pro website and invite another person to buy also.

Their idea is that you need to like products before you start selling them.
So, if you like it, you will need to purchase your starter kit.

You will need to pay $29.95, and after that a monthly fee of $9.95. For this money you will get your own website, marketing tools and also social media training .

However, people have complained that even after paying this amount, there is no useful guidance or support given by the team, after that training, to start with the business.

They are only focused on the MLM structure where they want to keep adding members and earn commissions by doing that.

What Is The Compensation Plan Of Bode Pro?

There is a compensation plan that said you could earn money in two ways. One is to resell products, and the other is to recruit more people who will also sell products and include more and more persons.

Bode Pro Influencers get a 15- 25% discount on the purchase of products from Bode Pro so that they can earn a retail profit by direct sales to its customers.


Depends on how much sales you make, you can become Influencer, Gold Influencer or, Platinum Influencer. You will reach Platinium Influencer rank when you get 4 customers and 150 customers points.

When you reach the Platinium Influencer rank, you are qualified to earn bonuses from your team. You can grow your downline to 7 levels. To be able to make a team bonus, you need to have at least 150 organizational points.

Every Bode Pro product is assigned a commissionable point value – ‘points’. You will be paid monthly and is a paid percentage of commissionable point in total.

With this, you can earn a 5% check matching bonus of a profit team volume. Everyone that you personally involved gives you the opportunity to earn 5% of thier income.

There is also a “Leadership bonus” for those who sell A LOT of products! If you gain 100K – 500K points, you will get another 2-5%.

If you watched the video above, it sounds great, but even for a smaller bonus, you will need to invest your time, efforts, and hard work. It’s not EASY MONEY!

The ugly truth about MLM concept is that only 1% of people make huge money ( usually owners and first joined), the other 2% can make some money, but 97% of people lose money!

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Pros And Cons On Bode Pro

Well, honestly, I don’t believe any reviews on any MLM company. Most ofpeople who post that reviews are just looking for new customers and they will post false claims about products and earning opportunities, both.

If you are ok with such a compensation plan and are ready to have the patience to grow your downline, then you can earn some considerable income from it. You will need to be very consistent in your efforts in doing that.

Althouse, Bode Pro looking attractive, don’t forget that the owner of this company Benson Keith Boreyko, was also the owner of Vemma and has some big issues with FTC!

  • False claims on Vemma – has only been into making false claims about the safety of its products. Also, no evidence whatsoever has Vemma ever provided to support their claims. Similar is with Bode Pro products – most of them are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Not listed at BBB and not approved by FDA– Bode Pro is not listed at Business Bureau and is not even approved by the FDA.
  • Too many requirements to earn money – First, you need to purchase their starter kit worth $499.95 plus you need to sign up for auto-delivery of their products even when you don’t want it and every month you need to make $150 worth sales. To top that, you also need to enroll six other affiliates before you get paid.
  • Focused on recruiting – Bode Pro is solely concentrated on recruiting more and more affiliates and distributors and proves that it is only a pyramid scheme. Though there are products that they sell even they are not backed with scientific evidence so they cannot trust their products and whether they also sell them.

Do I Recommend Bode Pro?

1 stars review

Honestly, NO.

As I write above, this company is no different than some other MLM companies. Nothing better you will find here, and there is a red flag when we talk about the Body Pro owner with his controversial background!

He left people that joined the last company – Vemma without money, but he has made $200 million in annual sales! Looking at the list of wrong things he has done in the past plus showing no proofs for the claims it makes for Bode products, it cannot be trusted.

Also, Bode Pro does not show any income disclosure, which can prove the income-earning of its members.

You can give this business opportunity a miss because nobody wants to waste money and effort for a company that is not trusted.

However, if you want to earn from an MLM company only, then the Internet will give you a long list of better MLM opportunities that are genuine with their compensation structures and incentives.

But, a much better income earning source than any MLM is Affiliate marketing. This program helps me and a thousand other people to have

There is no recruiting and no need to invest any money, through the promotion of products and services of your choice, you can earn some good passive income with each sale made.

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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