Is Cactus Global a scam
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Is Cactus Global A Scam Or Great Opportunity For Writers?

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Welcome to my review on Cactus Global!

With the advent of the Internet, we are given hell lot of opportunities in any field of our choice. Whatever we want to know or find the Internet never disappoints us, and always shows us ways or paths that lead us to where we want to go.

Already many organizations need people for their vacant positions at their companies, so they keep posting updates on the Internet for different job openings and positions.

There are so many opportunities for people who are willing to work from home or want to do an internship. Companies, too, are ready to employ such people and encourage them to work from home.

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Be it any work area; there are a lot of companies that are looking out for such individuals.

Today we will know about one such company named “Cactus Global” that gives individuals opportunities who are good in writing, proofreading, translations, editing, etc.; but in the medical science field.

What Is Cactus Global?


Cactus Global is a Mumbai, India based medical communications company that was initiated in the year 2002.

Cactus Global is an Indian company that has its branches in other countries as well as the USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and China.

They are a group of medical communications advisors who are working closely with their clients to provide articles or edit manuscripts that are medical-related for different pharmaceutical companies and other related medical companies.

It claims that it is a different type of global medical communications agency with a unique business model.

Is Cactus Global a scam

They aim to regularly and consistently deliver excellence that goes beyond technical expertise.

Also, to manage budgets wisely and maintain high levels of quality and data integrity.

Also, they claim that they thrive on their core values of Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Fun, Communication, and Trust.

Cactus Global is also searching for more freelance writers, editors, translators and academic writers.

All those people who are interested in making their careers in the communications field can be a part of Cactus Global provided they have a particular background in the science field or are interested in writing medical articles.

If you are all for writing medical articles for pharmaceutical companies and other related areas, then this is the job for you.

They also offer four different types of working culture that candidates can choose from:

  • Work from home
  • Work from office
  • Freelance writers
  • Internship

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What Are The Services That
Cactus Global Offers?

They say that their service is to transform raw data into actionable insights.
There are six essential services that they provide as below:

  • Scientific Publications
  • Medical Communications
  • Medical Information
  • HEOR
  • Regulatory Writing
  • Digital

All these services include many other areas that they cover, which you can easily find out from their website.

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How To Join Cactus Global?

It is free, and anyone can join Cactus Global having a minimum college degree and a background in science.

You can fill out an application form and submit it to the company. It’s very easy to apply for any of their existing job openings. It is similar to applying for Mommy Jobs Online.

What Are The Requirements If You Wish
To Be An Employee At Cactus Global?

Prerequisites of an employee are basic communication skills, command over the English language with correct grammar skills.

The candidate must also be efficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

A screening exam will be conducted that will test your editorial and proofreading skills. People with excellent working knowledge of biomedical sciences are preferred.

What Are Some Of The Works You Would Be Doing At Cactus Global?

  • Editing manuscripts for science journals.
  • Writing and editing for different areas like physical sciences, chemistry, engineering, healthcare, and medicine.
  • Quality checks and proofreading on manuscripts…

Cactus Global has lots of current openings which you can choose from.

They have a varied list of work areas from which you can choose depending on your knowledge and expertise.

So, even if you are only good at one thing, you can be better at some other area of work.

Their current job openings are in areas of:

  • Medical writing and editing
  • Marketing
  • Academic editing, physical sciences, and engineering
  • Academic editing, humanities, and social sciences
  • Marketing & sales
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Translation
  • Medical communications
  • Academic editing, medical & life sciences
  • Publication support
  • Customer service
  • Operations management
  • Others

How Are You Paid At Cactus Global?

You will be paid per word and not per hour.

Also, the rate is dependent on the subject area that you applied for and the qualification tests that you underwent.

The pay increases when your writing and editing skills improve, and the more documents you can write and edit, the higher your pay will be.

What Is Good About Cactus Global?

Great job opportunities:

People who want to work from home, office, do freelancing, or only an internship Cactus Global offers a wide range of job opportunities.

Flexible working culture:

At the end of the day, you are a writer, editor, proofreader, translator, etc. And will be working for a flexible number of hours at the place of your choice either home or office.

Excellent Rating:

Global Cactus has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, with zero customers complain.

What Is Terrible About Cactus Global?


Most of the work in on deadlines. Many of them are unable to submit their work on time. There’s not much freedom with this company, because you will have to write a lot if you want to make money. Although you will work from home, you are an employee. You need to follow their strict rules.
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Fewer opportunities for people outside India:

People who are thinking to take up the freelancing work from outside India can have lesser opportunities from this company.

Less pay for more work:

Many say that the payment is lesser in comparison to the work that is given.

Cactus Global Reviews
What Employees Say?

When I researched Cactus Global online, I was interested in what other people who work for Cactus Global have to say. I checked on Indeed website and average rating from 56 reviews is 3.1 ( out of 5).

Let me show you some screenshots:


Is Cactus Global A Scam?

Definitely not!

Cactus Global is a legit medical communications agency that takes care of all the medical communications data and gives the best outputs around the globe with the help of their academic writers, editors, translators, proofreaders, etc.

Also, the fact it has been in the industry for the past 17 years and has become not just a successful team but a thriving community.

Writing is a creative art, be it in any work area, and Cactus Global gives people opportunities to work for flexible hours at their convenience.
But missing part is creativity!

All those people who are looking out for jobs in the medical field and who are good at writing and editing, especially from science backgrounds can go ahead and apply for a job at Cactus Global.

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Alright. Maybe its time to hear from you? Do you have experience with Cactus Global? How much you earn from it? Is Cactus Global a scam?

Do you prefer to write for others or you are planning to start your own online business?
Post your answers and comments below!

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