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Is Coupon Cactus A Scam? Or You Can Get Some Cashback?

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We live in the web world; we look for things from the online platform from various parts of the world. Today no one love to go out there and visit places directly to the retailers, whether its clothes or anything useful for humankind.

Today I will talk about the online site which provides cashback offers.

Yeah, MOMMY’S will love it, every woman loves discount offers and why not you should try to save your money by getting things at the right price.

As I was surfing around for good discounts for my online shopping, I came to one site, Coupon Cactus.

Well, my inner writer and reviewer got to lighten up and felt I should write on this site for my fans and readers who ready my reviews.

I will cover some essential points of this site like what is Coupon Cactus, how you get discounts, its pros, and cons everything.

So all the ladies here are the first review for discount lovers.

What Is Coupon Cactus?

Coupon cactus logo

To start with the website, its old fashion site, maybe they never care about changing the look of the site as I felt website design awful and old fashion.

The company is there for more than one decade, so it has some name in the market. Bad or good, you decide after my review ends.

Coupon Cactus has excellent ratings on BBB. A good rating forces me to go through the details.

It is an online platform that offers coupons and cashback offers. It works similarly to Ebates, Mr. Rebates, or Dollar Dig.

n coupon code, you get the latest online coupon codes and reasonable sales offers, with attractive deals, too, if you are a regular member of the site.

Coupon Cactus also provides cashback service when a member can earn cash rebates by shopping from the site.

Mainly this site work as an online affiliate store, which gives links to top stores available online, and by collaborating with them, they get offers which they share with their members.

According to them, they are having connection nearly with 19,000 stores and over 4000 merchants that offers cashback and different coupons.

You get coupons of stores that are based in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

Joining The Process Of Coupon Cactus

Signing up is free, you have to sign up with your email.

They don’t ask any personal information for joining the site.

The next step is to find the items you want to buy from Coupon Cactus, so search through categories and select options you like.

After selecting options, click on the coupon or we say in their language shopping link. Enjoy shopping online with few savings from coupon cactus.

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How Do Coupon Cactus Work?

Coupon Cactus is working for more than a decade, and they have collaborated with nearly 19,000 online stores, which include all the branded companies.

They get the right amount of commission as they increase the sales of the companies online.

The process is straightforward they are accessible and collaborated with many excellent companies, so with one hand, they are taking ten and giving you 2 out of their commission.


The good thing about them is they give you $3 for joining the sire from a Facebook page. When you redeem coupons through the website, you get cashback in your account.

You can take your commission when you reach $10 in PayPal. Also, they give multiple options for payment, which is a good thing.

They work every quarter, which starts from January 1 to March 31 and the amount you will get before May 15. The second quarter is April 1 to June 30, and you will get paid before August 15.

The third quarter starts from July 1 to September 30, and you receive payment until November 15.

The last one begins from October 1 to December 1, and you get the money until February 15.

Coupon Cactus offers embedded coupons which you can redeem from online stores. Cashback is not fixed; it varies according to each brand and store. Companies decide the cashback amount.

Referral Program Of Coupon Cactus

Coupon cactus has a referral program, too, where you can send a referral link to close ones.

If your referred one joins the site, then you will get a bonus for it.

There are no fix rates like how much you will get bonuses and coupons on your referral.

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Let’s Go Through Its Pros And Cons


  • The website is legit, which is and good thing.
  • Excellent BBB ratings.
  • They give reasonable offers in coupons.
  • Some offers are not available on other sites. They have to build good repo with merchants, and they have a monopoly in many brands in terms of cashback offers and coupons.
  • They have a good reputation in the market.


  • You cannot print coupons and go to your nearby store even it is there on the site. Everything works online from the site.
  • The primary issue is a commission, and it depends on the company when they send them coupons or cash you will receive after that. So no fixed time as coupon cactus doesn’t provide cashback and coupons from their personal accounts. You will earn some money back in 3 to 7 days after purchase if they receive the amount.
  • The cashback you get in your PayPal only when you reach $10.
  • You get cashback via PayPal or maybe with a check.
  • You will receive the money quarterly.
  • Well, I personally don’t find any earning opportunity.

So, Is Cactus Coupon A Scam?

To start with the last take on this site, I will say Coupon Cactus is not a scam. The company is legit, and anyone can join.

You can use coupons worldwide to earn cashback every time you shop through the website.

The good thing is they have a wide range of stores of good companies which gives you a wide range of varieties and cashback from the right products.

So the concept is excellent for Coupon Cactus, and they have made the proper name online with more than a decade they are working.

Yes, specific issues are their like customer care is pathetic, I have seen many reviews were many shouts loud with frustration saying coupon cactus is not having best customer care service.

Another thing I felt is not okay is quarterly cashback. You get a few bucks on purchases that too after three months of buying, which I think is not a good thing.

All over a good site with some small issues, if they short out such things, then I can say it’s an attractive website.

However, Coupon Cactus is a good saving program for online shopping. loyalty programs. If you want to use your time on saving a little money, then this can be for you.

But, If you value your time and want to earn money online, not just save, Coupon Cactus is not for you. Then I recommend you take a glimpse at Wealthy Affiliate because there you can make online money for a living.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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