Is Creations Rewards surveys a scam
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Is Creations Rewards Surveys A Scam? Creating Opportunities For Earning Or Only Another Lie?

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We all are aware of the fact that we are flooded by companies that claim one thing or the other, and the motive behind any of these companies is only to try out their website claiming to be so “different” from others.

And also to show us endless ways to earn either points or real cash.

The concept of “get paid to” websites is quite simple to understand.

They only want us to be a part of their website and try out a long list of tasks to be fulfilled that a person does daily basis online and in return, earn something back in cash or kind.

In this, an already saturated online market of GPT sites welcomes another similar site called “Creations Rewards.”

Looking To Make Some Real Bill-Paying Money?

This website, too, just like all other GPT sites ( as SwagbucksInstagc or  Fusion Cash ), wants people to try out specific tasks assigned and earn back something.

What Is Creations Rewards All About?

Creations Rewards is another online “get paid to” website that is nothing but a rewards program where people earn for doing tasks that they generally do online daily.

Christopher Basista founded the site in the year 2000 out of New Jersey and is headquartered in Manville.

Creations Rewards is one of the oldest rewards and paid survey platforms operating for the past 19 years.

Though Creations Rewards is more about accumulating points, you can later redeem the same for gift cards or cash.

If you are already familiar with Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, or Opinion Outpost, then Creations Rewards should not be a problem for you.

But, there are a hell lot of ways like in a typical GPT website to earn money, including watching videos, completing surveys, answering trivia, exploring other sites, and much more.

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How Can You Get Started With
Creations Rewards?

First of all, it is nice to know that this GPT site is free to join, like many others. Any person 18 years and above can be a part of it.

Also, people at the age of 13 can start with this but only with parental consent. The only thing is that the person should be located within Canada or the United States to qualify.

Another exception is only one account per household is allowed, and you cannot own multiple accounts, plus you cannot sign in from a public computer.

The first thing to be done here is to create an account with them at wherein you will have to fill all the necessary information required.

After you become a member, they will send you a link on your email and clicking upon which you can activate your account. And, finally, you can start by doing the tasks that you see on the site.

What Are The Ways Of Earning
From Creations Rewards?

The best part of any GPT site is that they provide us with a lot of options to earn points or cash from, and Creations Rewards is no behind in doing the same.

Watching videos

Watching videos is the most exciting part of any GPT site wherein you get points for watching as many videos as possible. You have to watch the entire video, and you cannot do any other work simultaneously since the videos are interactive.

Shopping online

From a list that Creations Rewards provide, you can buy anything from the stores online and receive cash-back on each purchase. There are other coupons and sales too that you can take advantage of.

Completing surveys

The most traditional way of earning from a GPT site is through completing surveys. If you qualify for surveys, you start making points, one point per survey, and you cannot do the same poll until the next day.

Exploring websites

This will require you to visit websites provided in the list by Creations Rewards, where the site will expect you to even interact with the featured items or slideshows. And, on doing this, you earn points.

Offer walls

This is a kind of dashboard or a wall that is full of various offers and deals, which includes trials, videos, sweepstakes, registrations, etc. which will make you earn points.

Win and promo pages

This section is especially for earning instant points. The Win section will have a trivia game, and upon answering it correctly, you win a point. And, the promo section has a box to be filled with a word; upon entering the word correctly in the box, you earn points.


By referring Creations Rewards to your friends and family; you can earn 10% of the points they collect for their account’s lifetime when they register using your unique referral link.

Download apps

Upon downloading apps from Creations Rewards affiliate apps, you can earn points. You can only download it once, and they are mostly game apps.

How Much Can You Get Paid
By Creations Rewards?

As soon as you sign-up with Creations Rewards, you get a bonus of $5 upon earning at least 5,000 points within the first 60 days of becoming a new member.

The bonus will be in the form of 1,000 points (which equals $5), and after you make your 5,000 points within the first 60 days, they will credit the amount.

On exploring the website, you can earn between 1 to 5 points per site. For watching videos also you can make 1 to 5 points depending on the video.


What Are The Payment Methods
At Creations Rewards?

They either pay in points which you can later redeem for gift cards for particular stores or they pay cash through PayPal.

It takes around 8 to 12 weeks for processing gift cards after you request a payout, and if you require a cashout, then it takes even longer.

Pros of Creations Rewards

  • Have been long enough in the industry for the past 19 years.
  • Various ways of earning from them.
  • Membership is absolutely free.

Cons of Creations Rewards

Too much delay in payouts and some even complaints about non-payment. has received multiple customer complaints regarding payment issues. The most common problem is the slow payment processing. But according to the complaints, it seems like the standard processing time for gift cards can take months.

The fact is that the payment process can be slow, but many did not expect it to be quite slow. According to some reviews, some payments even last 6 months!

Given the speed of technology these days, that time period is simply too long to wait for a five-dollar gift card. Moreover, the delay is exacerbated by the PayPal option.

Not everyone gets qualified for taking surveys.

Another complaint was that several people had difficulty accessing some surveys. Although the website said that the survey was available to them, it would not allow them to fill in, and in some cases would not even allow them to click on the survey.

“F” rating from BBB, which is the lowest possible rating by customers received an F rating ⁠ from Better Busines Bureau – the lowest possible rating users can give. It has been in operation since 2000, but it seems that its services have not increased over the years.

Hence the F rating. This is one of the signs that you should rethink if you decide to sign up.

Is Creations Rewards Survey A Scam?

Nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty for a “get paid to (GPT)” site because more or less all GPT sites offer many options to earn points or cash in return for doing tasks.

But a company that has been operating for 19 years and still getting an “F” rating from BBB cannot be trusted.

This proves they have not made any improvements as such for the website, and many people complain about delays in payment or non-payments, which makes it even worse.

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Though Creations Rewards surveys is not a scam or a bogus site still with so many loopholes, one cannot have faith in this site for earning some extra bucks or rewards.

If you are interested in having a passive income, then there are many other GPT sites like Survey Junkie, Unique Rewards, Quick Rewards, etc. that can be trusted.

But, the fact remains that the real money they are talking about is nothing but just a few cents, which is not something a person can depend upon.

You are not going to become a millionaire just by taking surveys, watching videos, or doing tiny tasks online.

Or you can also opt for Affiliate marketing as well that gives you better opportunities for earning money in a legit way.

Creations Rewards surveys do not create proper opportunities for earning rewards or money even after offering many tasks and hence, can be skipped.

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