Is Elepreneurs a scam
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Is Elepreneurs A Scam? Elevating People’s Lives Or A New Version Of Elevacity?

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It is always good to know and hear about a lot of business opportunities that come our way online.

There are so many people out there who are tired of their regular 9-5 jobs and who wish to be a part of a business that gives them a kind of freedom and financial stability.

Every day there are a host of companies that wants us to be a part of their business opportunities and who claim all sorts of profitability that we will gain.

Well, nothing wrong on the part of the companies to do so because they are doing it to expand their businesses and gain profits.

And, the companies that I am talking about are MLM companies of all sorts dealing in almost every market area.

They have different kinds of compensation plans that only confuse people like us. Because MLM Company’s basic rule is only recruiting more and more people in the business and gaining commissions from it.

Not Interested In Recruiting People?

“Elepreneurs” is one such MLM company that deals in wellness and skincare products. Well, no points in guessing this because almost all companies are tapping the same market area.

What Elepreneurs Is All About?

Is Elepreneurs a Scam

The first thing that one needs to know here is a fact about Elepreneurs that it only is a business opportunity and does not have products by its name.

In fact, the products are of Elevacity.
Now, you wonder where does Elevacity comes in the picture and what is it about?

Rob Oblon, the founder of Elepreneurs, rightly owned Elevacity, his first company, which was founded in 2016 and which was an MLM company at heart.

Very soon, it became a massive hit in the market, and even sooner, the company was in losses.

This was an eye-opener for Rob, and early in 2017, he came up with another name for the company as ‘Elepreneurs‘ and revamped the products of Elevacity.

However, both the companies are a joint venture under Sharing Services, Inc.

Well, it’s quite challenging to understand the logic behind it.

The founder gave it a different name to the company, where he could have only revamped the company, its products, and the compensation plan, keeping the name Elevacity.

Anyway, for whatever reasons they had, in short, you are selling Elevacity products in actuality in the name of Elepreneurs.

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What Are The Products That
Elepreneurs Offer?

Even though I have mentioned Elepreneurs, the products that you will be selling will be of Elevacity and following the business opportunity of Elepreneurs.

They are broadly classified into wellness and skincare products, and they are similar to the Isagenix, Noom or Xyngular product lists.

Elepreneurs products list

Wellness products

D.O.S.E – this is Elevacity’s flagship products that trigger the happiness hormones like Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins, making it DOSE. This includes below:

  • Xanthomax – this increases oxytocin hormones.
  • Choclevate Elevated Smart Chocolate Drink – hot chocolate, which is nootropic-infused.
  • Elevate Pure 2.0 – removes heavy metals and toxins from the body.
  • Elevate Nitro Coffee – increases anti-oxidants that boost happiness levels.
  • Elevate Smart Coffee – micro-ground coffee.
  • DOSE Coffee Mug.
  • KetoCre – for a healthy keto diet.
  • Hangover Defense Patch – restores lost nutrients.
  • Extreme Energy Patch – increases focus, energy, and endurance levels.
  • Sound Sleep Patch – improves sleep and morning alertness.

Skincare products.

  • Timeless eye gel
  • Elier Moor Mud Mask
  • Elier Facial Serum

How Can You Join Elepreneurs?

Obviously, because it is an MLM structured company, there are fees to be paid to get started with it.

You can start by visiting their site: The membership fee yearly is $49 and this fee only includes the comprehensive tools for your personal website and its maintenance.

But, to start doing business with them, they have 3 starter kits which you can purchase as below:

  • Happy pack – $249
  • Happier pack – $499
  • Happiest pack – $999

Because they have products that increase the happiness levels in the body, hence Elepreneurs gave the above names to their packages.

All the above packs have different Elevacity products that you need to sell for retail.

How Can You Make Money From Elepreneurs?

Like all MLMs, Elepreneurs also has two basic ways of earning commissions like:

  • Retail profits where you sell directly to customers and earn retail commissions.
  • Recruiting more people (since that is what MLMs are about) and earn commissions from each sale made from your recruits.

There is one more such way to earn from Elepreneurs, and that is by Smartship orders where you can make a 10% commission on your Smartship orders.

In this, each month, during a specific time, this service sends auto shipments to your customers, and you earn commissions but, the minimum amount of the products must be $40.

What Is The Compensation Plan Of Elepreneurs All About?

Getting into any MLM company’s compensation plan is a pain in the head, but still, we will try to figure them out.

Check match bonus – you can earn 22% from the earnings of your first affiliate, for the second affiliate, you get 44% and so on.

Infinity bonus – you can earn by recruiting 3 people. From your recruit’s two highest-performing affiliates, you can avail of a 20% commission on the total volume generated by them.

E-finity bonusyou can earn 22% commission via the Uni-level team and for affiliates whose earnings are not paid out via check match or infinity bonus.

Lifestyle bonus – these bonuses are for higher ranked affiliates who meet the personal volume each month and include 8 levels.

Global bonus pool – it has 5 ranks, and you can earn 4% of the overall sales revenue of the company.

What Is Good About Elepreneurs?

  • Unique products that include skin and vitamin patches.
  • Even after a downfall, the company came up with a new name and re-established itself.

What is not so good about Elepreneurs?

  • Very low-income potential looking at the different ranks in the compensation plan.
  • You will need to buy products forcibly every month.
  • Products and start-up packs both are expensive.
  • Controversy with Pruvit ventures where they filed a case against them for marketing keto products that directly competes with Pruvit’s keto products.

In court documents in March 2019, the Pruvit Ventures Company filed suit against Elevacity and Robert Oblong. The court ruled in favor of Pruvit, but after the appeal was filed, the two companies settled out of court. The lawsuit dealt with Elevacity, which allegedly recruited Pruvit promoters and released a keto product that competed directly with Pruvit.

According to an update in late 2019, Elevate was screened in New Zealand for its DMAA content – a controlled substance in the country.

  • A lot of unhappy customers with bad reviews:

Final Take On Elepreneurs

A company that’s been into controversy since it closed down as Elevacity.

Then changed its name to Elepreneurs just because the former did not do well as an MLM business – is a company that seems fishy.


So, is Elepreneurs a scam?

No, it is not a pyramid scheme or a scam. It definitely has actual products but only from Elevacity and sells them in the name of Elepreneurs.

So, Elepreneurs or Elevacity, whatever the name be, it can be avoided.

Getting into business with an MLM company is never a very fruitful experience in terms of earning good. Except that you are extraordinary in pitching for new recruits and making sales happen every month, which is not the case most of the time.

Is There A Better Opportunity?

Better opportunity for better income-earning is Affiliate marketing.

There is no hassle of recruiting anybody or creating a pyramid, and you earn from promoting products or services of your choice. You can make money with each sale made from your efforts on social media platforms, blogs, websites, etc.

Why lose money on such MLM schemes when you can make good money from affiliate marketing?

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