Is Emris International a scam
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Is Emris International A Scam? Rising Above Other CBD Oil Opportunities Or Only a Scam?

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Very smartly, some MLM companies realized that doing business in the usual niches like beauty, health, and wellness with natural ingredients are might not be as beneficial.

So, they jumped into products derived from CBD to further boast its authenticity in the same regular niche.

Have to mention that MLM companies, even after facing fierce competition from a market full of similar products and niches, still try to make a mark by proving consumers that they are different.

Talking about a similar MLM called “Emris International” that deals with products for health and wellness and also delves into the beauty niche and products for pets as well all derived from CBD.

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What Is Exactly, Emris International?

Emris International is a multi-level marketing company that offers CBD based products (similar like HempWorx, Kannaway, Prime My Body, hempSMART,  CTFO, Zilis, … ) in the health & wellness space, along with products in beauty and also a product for pets.

This is how small the product category is for Emris. It is a recently developed MLM company founded in 2019 by a group of three.

The founders are Aspen Emry (Founder & CEO) and the husband-wife duo of Ilean Harris (Co-Founder & Chief strategy officer) and Matthew Harris (Co-Founder & Chief visionary officer).

All three have had rich experiences in the field of network marketing and have also been successful in the same. What’s interesting about the name of the company ‘Emris’ is that it is a combination of their names – (EM)ry and Ilean and Matthew Har(RIS).

It is based in Tampa, Florida, and is spread across South Africa and Ireland as well.

‘Emris – an undying legacy,’ makes it clear on its website about vision:

“to elevate the human experience through premium, naturally-based health, and wellness products and the power of social commerce done the right way.”

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Let Us Have a Look At Their Compact
Product Offerings

There are more and more followers of CBD or cannabidiol around the world. It is claimed to treat a variety of health problems, including anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma, muscle cramps, acne, loss of appetite and weight, and even Parkinson’s disease.

Unlike many other MLMs that offer a wide range of product categories, Emris starts their journey in the industry as a new MLM with compact product offerings.

Perhaps they will increase the product spectrum once they gain more experience as an MLM company in the market.

Anyway, below are the products it offers:


Full-spectrum hemp extract oil that claims to treat health issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite and body weight, chronic pain, epilepsy, muscle spasms, glaucoma, and also Parkinson’s disease.

It comes in 2 flavors lemon and natural flavor.

Emris synergy

Vitality Plus

This is their dietary supplement that helps in boosting the immune system, fights anxiety and stress, improves digestion, increases healthy body sugar, rich in anti-oxidant, and promotes overall health and wellbeing.

This combination of the oldest plants in nature, such as Ashwagandha root, Turmeric root, Cinnamon bark powder, Holy basil leaf, and others, works in harmony and brings maximum vitality.


Vida is also their dietary supplement and claims to consist of the goodness of two dozens organic vegetables, fruits, and super greens in a single tablet. It also helps in alkalizing the body.


This is their beauty range.
It includes CBD based age-defying eye serum, Vitamin C cream, Clarifying exfoliator and cleanser, and also Restorative brightening masks.


This is for your furry friends.

Emris offers a broad spectrum hemp product for pets that helps in calming their nerves and comes in a bacon flavor.


Renew is their daily dose of dietary supplement that helps you in the journey of your weight loss.

The product helps in removing toxins from the body, works on the problem areas, and reduces bloating and helps you in losing weight quickly.

Synergy Nano

Emris Synergy Nano

This is another broad-spectrum hemp product in the form of soft gels and is less than 25 nanometers in size cannabinoid droplets for offering on the go and better lifestyle.

Emris produces all its products from American farms in Colorado.

Companies have started to offer CBD based products, especially in the last couple of years, looking at the incredible medicinal and healing properties that Cannabidiol has.

Also, the fact that the US has wholly legalized hemp production after a lengthy ban of 80 years is proof of the beneficial properties that hemp consists of. Emris also claims that its products are 100% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) free.

How Can You Join Emris International?

Emris calls their members as brand ambassadors and offers packages just like any MLM does. Only after signing up with one of their starter packages can an individual start earning from the company.

The three packages are:

  • Basic Starter Pack – $49
  • Business Builder Kit – $199
  • Legacy Builder Kit – $499

The above packages come with things that can help an individual in their MLM business with the company. It includes a welcome booklet, access to a replicated website, and other marketing tools and materials.

You can start your own online business without selling or recruiting. 
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The Compensation Plan At Emris International

Emris has a binary compensation plan. If you want to read the full Emris compensation plan, click here.

This is a system in which you need to ensure that both “legs” maintain balance to maximize commissions earned.

To get company perks, you need to be an active brand ambassador. You must retain at least 80 Personal Commission (PCV) volumes for the next five weeks, and to be eligible to receive the remaining commissions, you need to maintain two active brand ambassadors, one placed on each leg of the binary plan.

Emris provides 9 different ways to earn with the company as below:

Emris Compensation plan

Retail profits

You can earn a 20% commission by buying their products at a 20% discount and reselling them.

VIP Customer Bonuses

You receive a 10% commission on your commissionable volume when your customer signs-up and becomes a VIP customer.

Global Customer Pool

An incentive-based community pool is paid out every four weeks, depending on the performance during that period.

Fast Start Bonuses

When a customer signs-up through you to buy expensive packages, you receive a bonus.

Team Bonuses

The more members you recruit in your downline, the more residual income you earn from the team you make.

Check Matches

Depending on your rank and overall performance, you receive a commission and also a small bonus from your downline enrollees.

Director Bonus Pool

With four ranks with the Director, every four weeks, an increasing number of shares are earned. Depending on the shares, a percentage of bonus pools are received.

VP Bonus Pool

This is for the four ranks of the Vice President. The higher the level, the higher are the shares.

Incentive Trips

For ambassadors with higher ranks, they also offer luxurious trips.

What Is Nice About Emris International?

  • Their owners seem to have rich experience in network marketing and business.
  • Unlike other MLMs, they offer a limited range of products that seem genuine enough and are also 100% THC free.
  • They straightaway offer a retail commission of 20%, which is a better rate than many MLMs.

What Is Ugly About Emris International?

  • The company is too new in the market, so the effectiveness of its products cannot be judged at this stage.
  • Products are priced at a higher rate compared to its competitors.
  • Their compensation plan is too complex to understand with multiple ways of earning money.
  • Satura

Is Emris International a Scam
or a Pyramid Scheme?

No. It isn’t any scam or a pyramid scheme.

Though it is fairly a new company opened up only in 2019 still, it has a fair share of products to be sold and is a legit MLM company that offers CBD based products.

But, the problem still remains the same for most MLMs. That you need to depend a lot on recruiting others in the business and, most of the time, may not even recover the cost spent on buying the starter packs.

After more than a hundred MLM reviews that you can find on this site, I believe we have already determined the failure rate of MLM companies. Statistics show that in most cases, more than 98% of distributors will not make any profit, and therefore MLM is a very shaky business for which to invest.

Therefore, I do not recommend Emris International at all.

Such unprofitable most MLM businesses can turn out to be. Hence, if only earning money is in your mind, then skip going for MLMs.

Is There A Better Business Opportunity?

A much better option of earning income from home is through Affiliate marketing where you don’t need to recruit anybody; in fact, you are your own boss. You can start your own online CBD oil business,  without having to recruit anyone.

We live in the 21st century, and our lives are drastically different from 1950 when multilevel marketing was invented. If you want a successful business, focus on online business.

You can, like me, launch an affiliate website, you can promote any products you want ( not just CBD products) from any company. 
So why sell such a limited product range?

Commissions for affiliates range from 5% to 75% and include digital products, Amazon products, and recurring services.

Last year, with my affiliate websites, I generated 4 figures each month and I can show you how to make them using the same training

Of course, you can promote whatever you want and keep all your earnings (don’t share it with your upline).

Affiliate marketing is much easier to understand and makes you earn good income monthly, which only requires your marketing skills online. 

But don’t worry. If I, as a single mother with three children, without prior education, managed to learn how to make serious money online, you will succeed, too!


Having been part of several MLM companies, I realized that all of them ( including Emris International) has an alike story. Health and Wealth, travel, and abundance promise you, while in reality, less than 2% (top of the pyramid) succeeds in doing so.

As I like to travel and do not like to depend on working hours, or whether my downline in TruVision will do a good job and secure me a percentage, I have taken circumstances into my own hands.

Not only do I earn four digits a month, but I also work when I want and travel where I want!

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