Is Essante Organic a scam
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Is Essante Organics A Scam? Make A Fortune Working 7 Hours Weekly!

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In the big blue ocean of already millions of companies selling products that are in the health and wellness industry. Essanté Organics is no behind in this rat race.

Everybody today is more into selling things that talk all “organic” or “natural” or “plant-based’ and everything else that shows them that their products are natural and cruelty-free.

Well, as human beings, because of our hectic daily schedules, we want to take care of our health and make sure to maintain our wellbeing.

To do this, we are on a constant hunt for ways that can help us achieve this because most of us hardly get time for any physical activities or yoga that can maintain our body and mind.

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So, these companies enter as a hero in our lives to give us the solutions to all our problems. Anyway, health is a subject that every second company wants to tap because they know even if they have a lot of competition people will still want to find different products from different brands and try it out for better results.

Today we welcome another such MLM company named “Essante Organics,” which talks about the same thing that the other thousand companies are selling.

They offer us organic and natural products that improve our health and further our lifestyles. Also, can you make a fortune working 7 hours per week?

What Is Essanté Organics?


Essanté Organics mission is “to eliminate toxins from everyone’s life, one household at a time.”

They claim to have products that are all-natural, organic with toxic-free ingredients to make safe pH balanced products that enable one to have better health and wellbeing.

They also claim that they are helping the planet by making products organic and toxic-free which in turn improves people’s lives.

To cut a long story short Essanté Organics is not only a company selling health and wellness products, but most importantly they are an MLM structured company that needs people to expand their business on a global level.

They want to help people with their business opportunities and make them lead a toxic-free and financially free life.

I can give you a large list of companies that are also selling health-related products that are natural things like that. For example, there are Herbalife, Amway, Norwex, MelaleucaShaklee, etc…

Its questionable are those products are really 100% organic and toxic-free products as those companies claim to be.

About Essanté Organics Company

Essanté Organics is typically a multi-level marketing company based in Arizona that is into selling organic, cruelty-free and toxin-free, all-natural and pH-balanced products.

Is Essante Organic a scam

The founder Mr. Michael Wenniger started the company in the year 2009 intending to make the company the green leader of the world and to provide people with products that do them good without the use of any sorts of chemicals.

Initially, in the year 2004, Mr. Michael Wenniger had started the company as ” Essanté Worldwide” which was later rebranded as Essanté Organics in 2009.

His mission has always been to make products that are ‘good for the people and good for the planet.’

The company is already a winner of several awards, and Mr. Michael Wenniger too has been in the list of ‘Top 55 CEOs’ from a competitive inventory of 500 CEOs across the world”.

Seeing the emphasis on the products being organic and toxic-free Essanté Organics is determined to put across this message on a global level that its high time we use products that do well to not only our health but also the planet earth.

But, as I wrote above, there is already a long list of companies that are already tapping this niche market of health and wellness and to top it all they too are only talking about offering products that are organic and natural.

So where does Essanté Organics stand out?

Let’s Get Into The Product Range
That Essanté Organics Offers

  • Body & Spa – This includes body care items like soaps, deodorants, shower gels, sanitizers, body butter, etc.
  • Cosmetics like: mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, and lip balm.
  • Facial care items – like mists, face cleansers, handmade body bars, anti-aging repair creams, and moisturizers.
  • Haircare items – like shampoos, conditioners, serums, gels, etc.
  • Oral care items like toothpaste, etc.
  • Home care – This includes items like dish soaps, hand soaps, laundry liquids, organic bug spray repellent, etc.
  • Baby care – This includes baby lotions, shampoos, essential oils, toothpaste, hand soaps, sanitizers, etc.
  • pH nutrition – This includes power-packed food supplements like capsules for digestion, vegan and protein shakes, superfood jars and powders, calcium supplements, alkalizer, etc.
  • Essential oils – This includes singles, blends, roll-ons, diffusers, etc.

In addition to the above, they claim profound results are guaranteed by using their products under “5 Days Results”.

How Can We Start A Business
With Essanté Organics?

Just like any other MLM company, Essanté Organics too has a sign-up fee which is an initial payment for one to become a ‘Brand Partner’ or a ‘Wholesale Customer which is worth $29.95.

Essante Organics Membership Comparison

After this, they will ask you to purchase their “Go-Green Packs” which are worth either $199 or $499. The Go-Green Packs are also called ‘Below Wholesale Pack’ because they give you discounts when you buy products in bulk.

There are necessarily two basic ways of earning money from Essanté Organics:

  1. Earn retails commissions through selling their products.
  2. Recruit more people and create a downline that will result in more overrides and commissions.
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It is not enough to just selling products to make sustainable income in this company. Being prosperous here indicates that you need to recruit people to sign up to this company, and to recruit others, which looking something like this:


If you are on the TOP of this MLM pyramid system you will make money, but if you don’t recruit enough people, and those people don’t include others, you will just lose your money.

Let me show you something:

According to this chart, you have to recruit more than 512 people to reach Level 8 if you want to earn more than the average US income! Also, those people need to be good at making sales, if you want to grow further.

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How Is The Compensation Plan
Of Essanté Organics?

There are different income streams through which you can earn your profits like:

Retail sales

You can earn a 30% commission from direct sales plus 5% from purchases made from your downlines.

Below Wholesale Pack bonus

You can earn this bonus by selling Go-Green Packs. For $199 pack you earn $50 and for $499 pack you earn $100.

Team Bonus

As a distributor, you need to enroll two downlines and help them recruit the other two, and the cycle continues. It requires to have at least 75 members monthly auto-ship. The more the downlines you create, the higher the ranks you reach and, the higher the level, the more is your profit.

Express Start Gold bonus

You can earn $500 if you enroll four downlines in the 1st month itself and assist them in recruiting two downlines of them each.

Global Profit Sharing

You can earn the company’s annual profit if you can generate at least 50k sales volume per month for 2 of your downline teams.

100% Matching Bonus

For earning this you need to have five downlines that are each making $5,000/month from the team bonus. And, by achieving this, you can earn $25,000/month that is a 100% matching bonus.

Essante Organics – Pros And Cons

Good About Essanté Organics

  • They claim a 30-day money-back guarantee where customers get a refund on all their products if they are not satisfied.
  • They are quick in responding to customers for both positive comments and answering their negative feedbacks.
  • It is a 7-time award-winning company plus they are also accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Bad about Essanté Organics.

  • Making products that are only organic and toxin-free is a claim that cannot be trusted. There are no proofs attached to it.
  • Another unrealistic claim is that you can make a fortune ( with 6 different income steams) working only 7-10 hours a week. This is hardly possible, especially for beginners.
  • No income disclosure statement is provided by them, which can show or prove any income-earning of their members.
  • Members have to invest in upsells, at an expensive cost after paying the sign-up fees, essential for gaining more commissions and profits.

Is Essanté Organics A Scam?


Definitely Not!

It’s been around ten years already for Essanté Organics in the business and it proudly sells products that emphasize more on organic, natural and pH-balanced products and also has been quite successful too in doing so.

It is a legit MLM company that sells good organic products and gives a wide range of product options as well both to the customers and their distributors and gives them an income-generating opportunity.

Still, if you are into organic and natural products, want to make your health chemical-free, and bring about a change even in the environment, then you can think of doing business with Essanté Organics.

Otherwise, you can give it a miss.

However, if you are looking into a better way of earning passive income, then Affiliate marketing comes to your rescue.

It involves no cost and there is no recruiting involved whatsoever.

If you love organic products, you can make your own website and sell whatever products you like.

There are dozens of organics-based companies that looking for affiliate marketers.

You can make money by promoting products or services of your choice at your convenience from anywhere from each sale made through your efforts on social media platforms, blogs, websites, etc.

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