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Is Extrabux A Scam?

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Making People Earn Extra Money
Or Only Bogus?

Okay, most of us are at a point in life where all around, we only see online websites that talk about “giving it back” to the consumers. Either half of these online websites are MLM companies, or they are cashback sites.

New companies are emerging every single day selling one thing or the other even when they know that they will have to face some serious competition.

These companies are not just individual websites selling one thing or two. Most of them are MLM or Cashback websites that sell more than 1 product or service and influence the general consumers to be a part of their business and earn some money back from them.

With the emergence of such online companies, the number of cashback site companies has also doubled in numbers. Through this, what we understand is that these companies want to have a win-win situation for everybody involved.

In the case of cashback sites like Dollar Dig or Mr.Rebates, the brands or the product companies pay the cashback websites and get promoted through their platform.

The cashback website puts various deals, coupons, and discounts around those brands and products and sells them to the consumers.

So, Extrabux benefits here and the customers too, moreover they also receive cashback or different discounts depending on the brand or product they are buying. This way, everybody involved in the process benefits from each other and earns something in return.

Today we will be talking about one such cashback site called “Extrabux,” which also claims that customers not only get great deals, but they also receive great cashback!

Let Us First Know What Is Extrabux

Is Extrabux A Scam?

Extrabux is an online cashback website that was started in the year 2006 and headquartered in San Francisco, California though it is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So, Extrabux is an online cashback site that helps you earn some cash back from every purchase you make from their website. It has a partnership with more than 10,000 retailers.

The brands and the product companies provide their affiliate links on the website through which you can reach the product or brand to make a purchase. And, because you make purchases of your favorite brands and products through their website, they reward you with different discounts, vouchers, and cashback.

So the math is elementary here, the brands and the product companies pay Extrabux for putting their products on their website and promoting them.

Extrabux offers various cashback rates and deals or discounts on all these brands that are a part of their website and make the customers earn cashback too through every purchase they make through them.

Extrabux gives out a share of the money to the customers that they receive from different companies and brands in the form of cashback.

This way, the brands, and Extrabux get promoted and the customers to earn something back.

What Are The Product Categories That Extrabux Deals In?

Extrabux deals in almost everything – from apparel, bags, travel, and leisure, to body and nutrition, and also grocery stores.

You can also find various other stores and brands from Australia, Britain, America, Canada, etc.

How Can You Get Started With Extrabux?

The sign-up for Extrabux is absolutely free, and anyone can join it. In fact, you get a $5 bonus upon signing up with Extrabux.

You have to enter your email ID with a password. After that, you search the store you want to shop from.

Extrabux rewards

After entering the store page, start shopping and get availed to various discounts. You need to complete your purchase then and make the payment.

And, the last step is where your cashback gets added to your Extrabux account after you make your first cashback purchase.

There is one more step through which you can earn 10X earnings, and that is by referring your friends. With each friend you refer, you can get $5 plus you also get an extra $5 from their whole year earnings.

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How Does Extrabux Pay You?

To receive any cashback first, you need to gain at least $10 in your accounts before you start receiving your payouts.

You can earn up to 30% cashback on every purchase that you make.

There are different methods through which Extrabux pays you:

  • Check (the US only)
  • PayPal
  • Amazon E-gift cards
  • Amazon E-vouchers
  • Charity, etc.

Their website claims that you receive your cashback in 1-7 days.

But, the catch here is the cashback will be added within the said time, but you can only cash out the same after 90 days because only then can you withdraw it.

A New Feature Of “Cashback Boost Card” Added To Extrabux.

This new feature is basically to earn higher cashback by using the Cashback boost card. This card is to boost your cashback rate and give you more earnings.

If a product costs $100 and the cashback rate is 10%, you get $10 back.

Pros of Extrabux.

  • There is no sign-up fee and anybody can join it, plus you receive a bonus of $5 upon joining.
  • Higher cashback rates up to 30% plus feature of earning more with Cashback boost cards.
  • 10,000+ stores to choose from.
  • Earn more cashback with the Extrabux extension browser feature, where it tracks cashback automatically even when you shop directly from the store’s website.
  • Various product deals, discounts, and shopping coupons available.

Cons of Extrabux.

  • Customers don’t receive the payments on time. They have to wait for more than 90 days to cash out, and many did get any cashback.
Extrabux complains
Extrabux complains
  • You need to earn $25 in Cash Back to get a $5 sign up bonus.
  • You need first to make $10 in your account to be eligible for a cashout.
  • Not every purchase can qualify for a cashback. For this, you will need to take help from their support team continuously.
  • Many complained about not receiving cashback at all, and sometimes their customer support is also of no help as criticized by many.

If you are interested in a more genuine cashback website I suggest you try DollarDig or Mr.Rebates.

Is Extrabux A Scam?

Extrabux is an online cashback site that is operating since 2006 and is still part of the online market. Had it been any scam, it would not have survived till now.

So, Extrabux is definitely not a scam. It is a legit cashback site which does make you earn some decent money.

But, there are many other better options for cashback sites other than Extrabux like Mr.Rebates, Dollar Dig, Ebates (Rakuten), Swagbucks, etc. that will make you earn more and will also not make you wait as long as 90 days to cash out your money.

If you want to explore the big platform of Extrabux with more than 10,000 retailers and give this cashback site a try, then you can definitely go for it.

But you need to have the patience to wait for 90 days for your money withdrawal; otherwise, there are many other better options for earning cashback and various other discounts and coupons.

So for now, you can give Extrabux a miss.

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