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Is iMarketsLive A Scam Or Trading In Favor Of Its Members? 2020 Review

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Are there any fewer online companies in the market already that new companies emerge every day dealing in all sorts of markets?

Yes, today is no different, and we are at it all over again with yet another company that is slightly different in terms of an MLM structured company.

It has the same motive of only increasing the members in the pyramid and therefore increasing the sales of their products.

Today, we will be discussing a forex and money trading company called “iMarketsLive.”

It offers software and training tools for educating investors into online trading efficiently.

iMarketsLive is only a network marketing (multi-level marketing) company that deals in the online trading market.

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That is the only different thing about it, unlike most of the MLM companies that cater to the beauty of the health industry.

Let Us Know A Bit About iMarketsLive

Is iMarketsLive A Scam

International Markets Live, known as iMarketsLive, is nothing but an online forex trading company, which is also a network marketing company.

It was founded in the year 2013 by a group of traders and the current CEO of the company is Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre.
It is based in New York and currently is operating in 120 countries.

Christopher Terry has past experiences of working with Amway and Zeek Rewards.

Is iMarketslive a scam - Christopher Terry

Initially, he worked in the construction business first as an employee and then the owner and served it for 12 years.

He started trading in the year 1995 and soon in 1998 became a full-time trader.

What Is The Product Range That iMarketsLive Offer?

Since we are talking about an online trading company that also educates regarding the same to its members for earning a good income and make them learn about forex trading.

Let us dive into knowing iMarketsLive academies that are categorized into four components such as:

iMarketsLive academies
  • FRX Academy – How to gain mastery of currency trading. This academy teaches you how to combine and multiply your money from anywhere in the world.
  • HFX Academy – it is a program that will make you identify forex trading opportunities and make you understand the patterns of doing so.
  • DCX Academy – How to master digital currency trading
  • IBO Academy – Discover how to take benefit of the $ 180 billion industry and learn a detailed plan to build a successful home business that can supplement or replace your existing income.

What Are The Different Products And Software That iMarketsLive Provide?

  • DLDelorean – an algorithm that puts you in the right place with hundreds of market opportunities at the right time to help you find your own style.
  • SDSteady – It looks for this algorithm as long-term trading ideas that you will be able to set and forget.
  • VB -Vibrata – this tool provides multiple strategies that seek out trading ideas for you – you never need analysis.
  • STSwipetrades – a trading phone app that will alert you when you should trade.
  • LV – Levels – an algorithm that identifies entry points, halts a loss and picks up one level at a time in markets.
  • GC – Goldcup – this is a combination of strategies that are interconnected and seek the ideas of a big trades
  • BB – Bounceback – this tool looks for and identifies the best entry points to enter the markets.
  • HS – Harmonic Patterns– software that analyses the market and gives crypto alerts.
  • SCSwipecoin – similar to Swipetrades and will give you an alert on your phone app on the latest trade ideas on cryptocurrency.
  • PV – Pivots – this algorithm takes the guesswork out of finding market opportunities by identifying key turnaround zones across many time frames.
  • LB – Liberty – this tool focuses on finding high rhythm trading ideas for binary options.

Do They Products Work?

If you want to check that a company is legitimate and their products work, you have to visit sites that you can trust and trust. If you just read the positive stories from the iMarketsLive site, you will not have a complete picture.

That’s why I visited the Better Business Bureau and found some reviews from people who ordered packages and tried to make money through a forex trade company, as iMarketsLive presents itself.

See their impressions:

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How Can You Get Started With iMarketsLive?

No MLM company has anything for free.

Continuing this tradition, iMarketsLive, too, has fees for starting up with this opportunity.

It has two packages that members can choose from:

Platinum Starter Pack

iMarketsLive Platinum Starter Pack

To avail of this package, you need to pay $225, which is a one-time fee plus a monthly cost of $145. And, the products that it includes the mastery academy, goLIVE, the exclusive harmonics scanner and piptalk.

Elite Starter Pack

For this package, you need to pay $325 as a one-time fee plus monthly a cost of $150.

This includes everything in the platinum package and more. It includes every powerful add-on below to help simplify the learning process and gain full mastery in the markets.

iMarketsLive Elite Starter Pack

iMarketsLive provides with all the trading tools and software from the above packages.

How Can You Earn Money From iMarketsLive,
And What Is Their Compensation Plan Like?

Like all MLM companies, iMarketsLive also has two basic ways of earning money:

  • Retail commissions by selling its products or subscriptions directly to customers.
  • Commissions from downlines upon them making a sale.

Plus there is another way also for earning from iMarketsLive that is with:

  • Forex trading using their software, FX signals live.

iMarketsLive compensation plan follows a Uni-level structure, and below is how it looks like:

  • Bonus from first order – you can earn a commission of 50% from the first order.
  • Fast start bonus – new affiliates start earning fast start bonus at 4 levels deep – Level 1 gets 30%, Level 2 gets 20% & Levels 3 & 4 get 5% each.
  • Residual income commissions – the commissions that are paid out are on a 3×8 matrix system. With the full matrix structure, the total number of positions is 9890 in your downline. You can also earn an 8% commission for each position in your downline.
  • The more people you recruit, the more you earn commissions:
    • Commissions on level 1 to level 4 by sponsoring two affiliates.
    • Commissions on levels 5 and 6 by sponsoring six members.
    • Commissions on level 7 by sponsoring nine new affiliates.
    • Commissions on all 8 levels by sponsoring 12 affiliates.

You can see the details in the video below.

Although the video was made in mid-2019, with IML (and MarketsLive) in the meantime making a new site, giving different names to packages, new prices (higher than they were) and new names to their products, I believe the compensation plan has remained the same, or very similar.

The Green Flags (positives) Of iMarketsLive.

Since I want to be completely honest and open when I write reviews about different companies, I can’t find ANYTHING positive about this company.

I can say that the owners were quite innovative when they merged forex trading and MLM. That sounds interesting and probably catches the attention of a lot of people trying to make extra money or a side job.

But they are not educating people in the online trading market. They are just trying to make as much profit for themselves as possible.

In the continuation of this post, I will also reveal the reasons for my opinion.

The Red Flags (negatives) Of iMarketsLive.

#1 Better Business Bureau posts a RED ALARM
for this business

Consumers tell the BBB about their experiences after signing up and paying a subscription from the company.

Many consumers have difficulty trying to cancel a service with iMarketsLive. These consumers claim that there are long delays in processing the required returns from the company.

Many consumers had to send multiple messages in an attempt to get a cancellation or refund requests. Several consumers have stated that email is the only way to reach iMarketsLive.

The BBB noted a significant jump in consumer disputes filed against this firm in the fall of 2019.

Is this the reason why iMarketsLive rebranded their site, changed packages and their prices, as well as the products they offer. In this way, we have the impression that it is a completely different company.

Don’t be fooled by this, they use the same tools to recruit people, and take your money.

#2 Not for people who are new in
the online trading market

Forex trading is a risky industry that is not intended for everyone. You need a lot more learning, knowledge and practical preparation than what IML has to offer.

There are hundreds if not thousands of resources and courses related to Forex that will give you a good understanding of the industry.

#3 iMarketsLive is marked as a Ponzi scheme

Countries like France, the United Kingdom, and Belgium have marked iMarketsLive as a Ponzi scheme and an unauthorized firm whose activities require authorization.

The Financial Services and Markets Authority of Belgium issued an alert to customers for using iMarketsLive products:

IML ponzi scheme

French financial markets and AMF or Autorité des Marchés Financiers have also issued a warning to their customers to deal with a company like iMarketsLive.

The UK Financial Conduct Agency has designated iMarketsLive as an unauthorized company that performs regulated activities requiring authorization.

So, at least three states have already issued alerts on this company’s activities and it’s a big red flag for anyone anywhere.

#4 Their products are much more expensive compared to other trading companies online

IML claims their software is worth thousands of dollars because it can help you make money without doing anything.

This makes their claim for a one-time payment ( $225 or $325) combined with a monthly payment of more than $ 100 lures some people.

However, their products are expensive for what they want to do. There are other trading software and platforms that are cheaper and more reliable than iMarketsLive.

In addition, the resources they have compared to in their library can be accessed for free or at a minimal cost if you know where to look.

#5 There is no mention of anybody earning anything from this platform

Even on the iMarketsLive site, I found only one “success story” where it is clearly an ordinary advertisement. I also tried clicking on the “more stories” button but it doesn’t work.

I have not found any real person who shows any success or profit with IML.

What Do We Do With iMarketsLive?

A company that has been in the market for only six years and has a red alert by the BBB is something that cannot be trusted.

Though iMarketsLive is not a pyramid scheme because of actual products back it. It sure does seem to be a Ponzi scheme where a few countries have also marked it as an unauthorized firm.

And, to top it all, its products are also entirely on the expensive side.

If it is only about earning a good passive income.
Then why go for iMarketsLive, which is quite a questionable company?

Instead, it is better to opt for Affiliate marketing or some other MLM company that can give better income-earning opportunities.

Also, the fact the newbies won’t understand all this at all, and it won’t be a fruitful opportunity for them.

Hence, working with iMarketsLive cannot be advised since, for such market areas, people tend to lose more money than earn something!

How Do I Make A Living?

If you’ve read some of my reviews, then you know I’m not a fan of MLM. Not all MLMs are illegal or unprofitable, but the part where I have to recruit my friends or family is what I dislike.

Instead, I found Affiliate Marketing. It is my best-recommended business model for anyone who wants to make money online.

Also, Affiliate marketing is a much better option for earning a good income and can be opted for.

There are several reasons …

  • You don’t have to recruit anyone into the business to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote all the products you want and are not limited to promoting the products of one MLM company
  • Get started for free

In fact, with affiliate marketing … I created a four-figure monthly passive income and became financially independent as a single mother with my three children, without any college degree or work experience!

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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