Is Insight Global A Scam
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Is Insight Global A Scam Or You Can Get A Good Job?

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Jobs! Yes, you heard that right. Where do we find jobs? The moment we hear the word “job,” there are so many things that can come in a person’s mind mainly because some of them might be having a great job at hand and many of them do not have a job at hand at all.

The Internet shows us so many ways to search for new jobs for people not having any and also to people who want to switch from their current companies. One of the companies that provide jobs is Insight Global.

But, you need to be very careful, because there are a lot of scam companies on the internet. Is Inside Global a scam?

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However, since we know that the Internet is flooded with many such opportunities for various market industries, how do we know all the information that the Internet is giving us is legit or accurate?

Today we are going to know about one such company that calls itself a staffing agency named “Insight Global.”

There are many job providing companies that we must have come across in our lives. Insight Global is one of them.

What Is Insight Global?


Insight Global is a staffing agency, a company that provides job opportunities to employees seeking it and also help employers and companies fill in their vacant job positions.

Basically, Insight Global gives you employment with a company and also provides the opportunity to be part of Insight Global itself.

Insight Global was founded by Mr. Richard Lingle in the year 2001 and is based in Atlanta. They are a premier provider of employment and staffing solutions to Fortune 1000 customers across the United States and Canada.

The sectors in which Insight Global specializes in providing jobs are:

  • Information Technology
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering (Non-IT)
  • Healthcare
  • Government Services

Starting as a start-up company in Atlanta, it has now spread its horizons to 51 locations spread across the United States and Canada.

So, Insight Global acts as a bridge between the prospective employees and employers in the US and Canada.

Insight Global claims that the employment rate is 33,000 placements each year for varied Fortune 1000 corporations.

The different market industries that work with Insight Global are Banking and Finance, Communications, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom, Aerospace and Defence, Energy, Telecom, Technology, and Retail.


There are different types of contracts too that the agency offers:

  • Long term
  • Short term
  • Temporary to permanent
  • Direct placement
  • Enhanced staffing services

To find out and search for candidates, Insight Global takes help of their own Recruiters and Account Managers to do the task. Also, they seek help from sites such as Monster, Dice, etc.

The Placement Process Of Insight Global
Is A 5 STEP Process:

  1. Do a job search on Insight Global, browse for jobs, and submit the resume.

2. Candidates will go through a phone interview where they will be asked about their job objectives and their past work experiences.

3. Candidates will have to give a face-to-face interview by visiting the local branch.

4.In this step, when the job criteria and employment objectives meet you get notified, and there is a match alert.

5. In the last step, the employer takes your interview and also receives reviews from your past companies.

There Are Several Benefits That The Contracted Employees Enjoy

such as below:

  • Medical and Vision: By United Healthcare
  • Dental: By MetLife
  • Pre – Tax Benefit: For medical and dependent care
  • Direct Deposit: For all employees
  • Online pay statements: Management of paychecks online
  • Retirement package: 401k savings plan
  • Weekly payment: All contractual employees get paid weekly.

If you want to start a job by being an employee in Insight Global, below is what you need to know:

There are mainly two positions that you can have at Insight Global. One is Recruiter and the second is Account Manager.

Recruiters are generally the entry-level employees who are mostly college grads looking out for jobs.

Account Manager is a position which you will supposedly reach when you work as recruiter successfully. So to promote to an Account Manager position, you need to give in long hours of work for God knows how many years.

So, it is a long process for you to reach a better position at the company if you are thinking of becoming an employee of Insight Global.

There are also several awards that Insight Global has won, and it has also featured on many US major news networks.

Recently, in 2019 it won awards like:

Can We Call Insight Global
A Pyramid Scheme?

No, we cannot call Insight Global a pyramid scheme. Because pyramid schemes first have a sign-up fee which you need to pay to become a member, and secondly members get compensation for recruiting others in the scheme.

Insight Global does not do any such things. In fact, it is entirely free to join just that it will take a part of salary as a commission upon candidates getting the jobs.

Also, pyramid scheme companies have products or services that are unsellable, and they only focus on recruiting more and more people. Whereas, Insight Global is a legit staffing agency that does not have any product and only service that many are pleased with.

How Can Be Your Career Path
At Insight Global?

If you wish to be an employee of Insight Global itself rather than them employing you for some other company, then this is how their levels are.

1st basic level – Recruiter.
2nd basic level – Account Manager.

Is Insight Global A scam

They also claim that promotions can happen within 6-9 months, but that depends upon merit and not tenure.

When you start as a recruiter, you begin as a telemarketer first.

Mainly your job would be to find out and qualify candidates and then hand over to the Account Managers. Generally, all college grad students are selected for the position of recruiters.

Some even blame Insight Global to be a scam for college kids.

However, one thing is clear that it is not a scam. Had it been it would not have been in the industry for so many years plus they legit give jobs to candidates.

Though, their onboarding practices and promotion ladder can be considered as a scam.

As a telemarketer, you will need to make thousands of outbound calls in a month and keep doing only that as a recruiter.

With that, the company will lure you to continue doing the same showing promotion to the Accounts Manager position. However, nobody promises that plus nobody can guarantee how much time it will take for you to reach that position.

Also, the company claims that the payroll is massive when a person reaches the Account Manager position but all this not backed by any proofs.

How Are The Benefits And Compensation
For Employees At Insight Global?

Employees are paid weekly.

They also provide medical and vision, dental benefits, short and long-term disability insurance, and life insurance. Also, the retirement package of 401k, sick pay, paid vacations, etc.

Once the recruiter reaches the Account Manager position, there is an increase in the base salary and will also earn commissions.

They are also eligible for cell phone and car allowances and expense account for company-related spending. They also receive year-end incentives and bonuses and also all-expenses-paid incentive trip.

What Are The Pros for Insight Global?

Various benefits: They offer multiple benefits as discussed earlier, not only to the candidates have they provided employment but also to recruiters.

Growth opportunities: From being only a recruiter to Account Manager to various other ranks and levels, there is plenty of opportunity for growth in the company. Also, for job seekers, Insight Global provides them with multiple job and growth opportunities.

Old in the industry: The Company has been around for 18 years now and has been efficient enough in talent management and recruitment.

Weekly pay: Employees also get paid weekly.

No cap on commissions: There is no cap on commissions, and the Account Managers have high earning potential.

What Are The Cons For Insight Global?

Tedious work: If you don’t enjoy sales, then doing a job at Insight Global is not for you.

Long working hours: Also, the fact that the newbies who enter as recruiters have to be there for long working hours and keep making outbound calls every month.

False claims: Some of the candidates who have been employed by Insight Global believe that the jobs are not permanent and are only contractual or temporary.

The omission of vital information by recruiters: Some recruiters don’t give full details or no information at all, and this also puts a wrong impression on Insight Global for dealing with such recruiters.

Payment issues: Some also say that they only claim for weekly pay, but they don’t actually provide the same.

Do I Recomend Insight Global?

If you are seeking a job and looking for a staffing agency that can help you with it, then you can try out Insight Global, but if you want to have a better-earning source, then Affiliate marketing is the way out.

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So, Is Insight Global A Scam?

No, it is not a scam. Insight Global is a legit company since 2001. Eighteen years in the industry already and is still present in the market and growing. It is spread across all over the United States and Canada.

It does provide various benefits to the candidates it helps for employment. Not only that they also offer benefits to the recruiters they hire.

Insight Global is okay if you are only looking out for contractual or temporary jobs, but if you are looking out for permanent jobs, then Insight Global may not be for you.

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