Is Isagenix a Pyramid scheme
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Is Isagenix A Pyramid Scheme? (Another MLM SCAM Exposed?!)

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Welcome to another company that talks about wellness and health.
This is my Isagenix review.

There has been an ocean of companies in the online market that deals with right from beauty, nutrition, personal to wellness and health, and they are offering different buisness opprtunities. All of these companies and products can be found on one common platform, and that is the Internet.

The Internet has opened gates of endless opportunities to so many companies and businesses and has given them a chance to prove themselves how they are different from their competitors.

When it comes to health, it has today become a trend to talk more about it rather than a real concern.There are so many doctors and experts that we hear every day talking about specific ways of achieving a healthy lifestyle or most importantly, to lose weight.

How many of them do we follow? Still, we keep searching for different ways to lose weight or become healthy in a certain way.

Today we will be discussing a bit about a company named ‘Isagenix’.

It talks about the same topic of health and wellness that we always keep hearing from one person or the other. Isagenix claims that they will help you get thinner while your wallet grows larger.

Don’t worry; I’m not here to brag you to sell you something. My goal is to answer the question, “Is Isagenix a pyramid scheme? Or a scam?

I`m not (anymore) in any MLM scheme because I found a much better way to earn passive income.

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What Is Isagenix?


Isagenix is a health and wellness company that deals with products for weight management, nutrition, energy, etc.

Its products are dietary supplements and also personal care products, but mostly they focus on weight loss products.

Isagenix is another network marketing company that wants people to not only be healthy through their products but also to become wealthy through their MLM opportunity.

When Did It All Get Started For Isagenix?

Founders John W. Anderson, Jim and Kathy Coover started Isagenix in the year 2002 based in Arizona.

The trio has dedicated their lives in the health and wellness industry that can change people’s lives with their formulas.

They also started Isagenix to provide an opportunity of business to individuals who desire to transform their lives financially.

The bad news is that those founders already been involved in MLM company called The Cambridge Diet which went bankrupt.

Today, Isagenix is an international Multilevel company with over 200,000 members in around 13 countries.

Isagenix proudly calls itself a business opportunity and shows people that they are an MLM company at heart that desires to make people healthy as well as wealthy.

They want people to use their products and get health benefits as well as share the same products and get income benefits as well.

Isagenix vision is “to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain and in the process, create the most trusted and respected health and wellness company in the world.”

What Is The Product Line That
Isagenix Offers?

Isagneix has a lot of different product in couple of categories:

  • Weight loss – this includes weight loss packs, energy bars, energy shakes, slim cakes to curb cravings, etc.
  • Performance – includes protein powders, shakes, and bars for muscle building.
  • Vitality + wellbeing – this includes dietary supplements, energy bars and shakes for total health and longevity, healthy lifestyle and healthy aging, for brain and sleep support system and joint and pain-relieving system, etc.
  • IsaKids – this includes smoothies and multivitamin chewable for kids.
  • Essential oils – these include oils to revitalize and stimulate, for post-workout cooling, digestive health, for skin/scalp and overall health, coconut application oil, cool mist diffuser, etc.
  • Personal care and beauty – it includes day and night creams, toners, cleansers, exfoliating creams, body washes, serums, etc. ( Similar to Jeunesse)

Their main aim is to provide people with products that detoxify and cleanse the body, help in metabolism, lose body fat, and weight. Moreover, at the same time, build overall health and wellbeing. If you want to see all the products from the Isagenix company, click here.

Their product list is acutely very similar to product list on Shaklee, Beachbody, Yoli, or Herbalife companies.

Isagenix has a flagship product, “9 – Day and 30 – Day Weight Loss System.”


This is a package that includes all the protein shakes, energy bars, and drinks for muscle building and herbal supplements for weight loss. However, the pack is priced around $270 to $380.

That is an expensive package!

Do Isagenix Products Work For Weight Loss?

I found different reviews on Isagenix products. Some people are delighted with the results they had, and some think that they wasted their money.

Some of them claim that their system for weight loss work if you follow the system correctly. Most of them say that shakes are tasty, but they have problems with “cleanse days” when you need to have to intake only 500 calories in a day.

There are a number of people who think that products are too expensive and that they can buy similar products in way less price.


How Do You Get Started
With Isagenix?

The first thing to be a member of Isagenix is that you need to be invited by an already existing member.

To become an Isagenix distributor, first, you need to become their Preferred customer and order one of the Starter Packs. Tips and prices of the packs you can see here.

After that, there is a signup fee of $29 yearly. This will be recommended for you because with this fee you will be eligible for further discounts and rewards.


There are other fees as well like the minimum monthly order that you need to purchase to be their active member plus the initial product order.

You will need to generate at least 100PV in a month to remain an active member and for the ‘Qualifying product order‘ you will have to choose from different product and prices.

What Is The Compensation Plan Of Isagenix?

They follow a binary compensation plan where (similar as NewULife).
As a member, you need to recruit two members on each side of the binary.

The two members on each side hire the other two under them, and so on and so forth.


In a Binary structured system, you have two legs ( or sides). Left and right. You need to invite two people to start building your structure. Then those two need to invite the other two, and so on.

This system Isagenix called “You + 2, Them + 2”.

If you are interested to learn more about this system, watch the video below:

Just like any other MLM company, Isagenix also has two basic ways to earn money:

  1. Retail profits – selling to customers on wholesale rates and earning the retail commissions.
  2. Building downlines – recruiting people and building teams for earning incentives & bonuses.

Also, Isagenix encourages two types of marketing:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Social media marketing

This is the reason why many of its members sell among their family, friends and relatives and promote through their social media posts.

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Ranks at Isagenix

The higher the ranks, the higher are your commissions.

  • Associate – the first rank, you will become Associate when you sign up as Isagenix distributor. You will get a reduced price for products. You will be qualified for a team bonus but you will not receive it until you reach Consultant rank.
  • Consultant – for this rank, you will need to recruit at least two members ( one per leg). You will get 100 BV for any new member, and you will also need to make 100 PV – which means that you need to purchase products to receive personal volume.
    If you get 600 BV ( 3 members at one, and three members on another leg), you are qualified for Circle Bonus, which is $54. The maximum that you can earn from circles is $250 per week.
  • Manager – you will become Manager in the Isagenix compensation plan if you accomplish everything from the previous rank, and also, two of your members need to become Consultants. If you reach this rank, Isagenix will reward you with $250. This is Crystal Manager Promotional Bonus.
  • Director – for this status, you will need to have six personally invited people who achieved Consultant rank. If you achieve this rank you will be qualified for the Director bonus pool.
  • Executive – to be qualified for this rank, you will need to have ten personal recruited members that are achieved Consultant rank at the same time ( five on one side, and five on another). Also, you need to sign up for auto-ship.
    As Executive Isagenix distributor you will get an option to be involved in two new bonuses: Executive Team Matching Bonuses and Re-Entries.
  • Platinium – the highest rank in Isagenix compensation plan. If you are in Director level and qualified for the Re-Entry bonus, you will be qualified for Platinum rank also.

There are other bonuses as well that you can get paid by Isagenix:

  • Product introduction bonus – the commission you get when new members make sales.
  • Executive matching team bonus – you get a 10% additional bonus based on sales made from direct referrals.
  • Team bonus – is given based on the performance of your downline binary teams.
  • Other incentives – this includes rank advancement and leadership pool incentives, etc.

Positives About Isagenix

Old enough

It has been in the business for around 17 years now and still is famous for its nutritional products.

More focus on the customer

Unlike other MLM companies, Isagenix focuses more on the customers to become their preferred customer first and later become their member.

Acredidited by BBB

This company is acredited and has A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.

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More Negative Reviews

There have been many people who have given more negative reviews for Isagenix. Like having side effects, rashes, diarrhea, and weakened immune system, etc.


Positive Reviews – Placebo effect?

Isagenix diet is based on ther shakes, bars, and other “healthy things”. But, if you want to follow this diet, you will need to have cleansing days, with ridiculously small amount of calories intake.

So, if you eat regular food and include “cleansing days” in your eating habits, probably you will have the same weight loss as with Isagenix’s “healthy eating plan.”

Slow profit ratio

Though Isagenix claims to give many incentives and commissions for the products. However, to reach a higher rank is a slow process, plus the profits are less compared to the continuous efforts you have to put in.

Most people loose money!

As in the most MLM companies, you will probably find put that you spend more money, than you make.

I found Isagenix’s income disclosure statement from 2017. As you can see, about 50% of distributors made less than $337 in a year! If you calculate that those members were abligated to buy products every month to stay active ( $270 x 12 months – $3240! ), you can easily see that they actually lost money.

Isagenix income disclosure statement

What about the rest of distributors? 10% made more than $3,094, and only 1% made more than $40,323 ( as you can see on the image above).

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So, Is Isagenix A Pyramid Scheme
Or A Scam?

Well, Pyramid schemes are business models where members only earn from recruiting others and do not necessarily involve products or services to be sold.

However, Isagenix is Not a pyramid scheme.

It involves real products, and its focus has been more on customers rather than on recruitments.

Plus, they make a member of their business through an invitation from an already existing member and encourage the new member to be a preferred customer first to use the products and become an active member later.

Also, Isagenix is Not a scam as well.


It has been in the industry for around 17 years now and it also offers genuine products for many years.

Plus, they are quite clear with their compensation plan as well, where they want participants to become preferred members and use their products first.

So then later become members and build a downline to earn more incentives and bonuses.

It is not strainge that only 1% people make serous money in this company. It is the case with almost every Multilevel marketing company!

However, if you still want to try out the MLM opportunity of Isagenix, then it can be a bit of a risk even though it is not a pyramid scheme or a scam.

Since the profits are very less and the products involved are also health and nutrition-based which has their own set of side effects and a hell lot of negative reviews.

So, you can skip this business opportunity and try and figure out some other better online income-earning sources.

How I Make Money Online?

After beeing a distributor for a couple of MLM companies ( as Avon and Amway), I concluded that it is not for me.
First of all, I don’t like to brag people and talk only about the company and products, and “great business opportunity.” I love my friends, and I want to stay ina good relations with them.

So, after researching, I found Affiliate marketing! If you are thinking of making good passive income, then Affiliate marketing is a better option any day. It has no costs, only profits.

Whenever you help make a sale through the promotion of products or services through your efforts on social media platforms, blogs, or websites. It also includes no extra efforts to recruit people.

I’ve personally built a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream and become financially independent after my divorce or any prior experience! If you want to become financialy independent, click here.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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