Jeunesse Global Review
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Is Jeunesse A Scam? Be Aware Of This Company!

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Today antiaging products are seen in bulks everywhere, some are good, and some are of lower quality, which gives no result.

Well if you ask me anti-aging products, cannot make you look younger. For that, you should be young from your heart and eat healthy food to keep your skin shiny.

As we are talking about anti-aging products, I came up to one company called Jeunesse Global which sells anti-aging products; it’s a controversial company as some of saying that Jeunesse is pyramid scheme and products are not up to the mark.

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In this review, I will cover points like what is Jeunesse Global, how it works, can you earn from it, and the Pros and cons of the company, and if is Jeunesse is a sca. So let’s start.

What Is Jeunesse Global?


Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are the founders of the company. They experienced in this work as they have worked for many enterprises.

Randy and Wendy thought to start their own company in 2009 after they retired from their regular work. They invested their money into this business, and in September 2009 at 9 pm it all started.

They came up with a plan which was related to health, wellness & skincare products, with compensation plans similar to MLM companies, giving training and support to their distributors around the globe.

Their primary focus is of selling Antiaging products and also expands their business with MLM strategy.

Wendy and Lewis are also the founders of another MLM company called Fuel Freedom International. So you can guess how they get the idea of creating yet another MLM company.

Jeunesse is the fastest growing MLM Company according to figures. This is a piece of excellent news to read. But my question is this a hype or something terrible is cooking behind the scene I mean is this company a perfect option for earning money? 

As it is MLM company means you should be useful at recruiting people under you to grow in this business. Which is frustrating part to do, same old fashion business, tell people door to door and beg “please, purchase these products it is good” and all to gain profit for yourself.

Let Us See What Jeunesse Have In Their Products

There are four major categories of products that Jeunesse sells, Skin Care, Nutrition, and Energy & Packages.

  • AM & PM Essentials – dietary supplements for taking daily ( in the morning and before sleep)
  • Finity – supplements for whole body health
  • Instantly ageless: it is used to reduce wrinkles and all to look younger in two minutes, and according to them it stays for 9 hours on your skin, what it means is it is and make up not a remedy which can make your skin younger forever. This ageless product of Jeunesse cost nearly $75.
  • Luminesce: it helps you to give you a glow which you need in your face. They are seven products related to this, price is between $45 to $140.
  • M1ND – for memory and cognitive functions
  • Monavie – drink with açai berry and 18 other plants for body protection and stress reduction.
  • Naara – a drink that replenishes the skin’s loss of collagen over time
  • Nevo – natural energy drinks that come in four flavors: Acai Grape, Lemon Ginger, Peach Mango and, Mixed Berry.
  • NV – is Beauty Essentials line of products as a primer, body mist, bronzer and, shimmer.
  • Reserve: It is to grow your immunity power and keep you energetic all day. It comes in different flavors. According to them, they have used natural products for this one.
  • Revita BLU – go-to drinks for revitalizing and renewing
  • RVL – hair products: shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment.
  • Zen Bodi: This one is for better Physique. Price is approximately $22 for a small product.
Jeunesse Global Products review

Well not to tell a lie they have tried to make some right products by using natural elements in it.

But the problem is prices it’s too high, and I feel it is due to their marketing policy, which I think can cause them in near future as they will not get customers for their products due to prices.

Second problem is that you can buy Jeunesse global products online, at their official site. So, you can lose some of your customers this way.

Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan

You get a commission in six different ways in Jeunesse, which we called as rewards.

  • Retail Profit: You get approximately 35% of each retail product.
  • New customer acquisition bonus: You get $20 to $300 on purchases of your recruiter.
  • Team Commission: It is based on the binary concept, earns more by your recruiters.
  • Leadership matching bonus: In this, you will be given ranks to move forward in this business.
  • Customer acquisition incentive: You will get good commission by making your chain larger if you recruit more people in limited time.
  • Bonus Pool: You will receive a discount from the company once you jump up to a certain level in ranks.

They have six steps, and all looks good, but recruiting process and all is like MLM, and we all know no matter how good business or products you have MLM cannot give returns after certain levels.

But still, people come under this kind of traps.

Hey-Mom- Turn Your Ideas Into reality

You need to read real statistic of this company if you want to know the truth about your earnings as Jeunesse distributor. Read this income disclosure, that you can find on Jeunesse official website and you will see that only 2% earned more than $82,000 last year.

About 40% of Jeunesse distributors made less than $245 last year.
The rest of them ( about 58%) made from $245 and $4.350 yearly

If you see their business, it’s all about recruiting people and the main focus related to products is getting lesser by the time. Many countries take Jeunesse Global lawsuits (like Australia).

Pros And Cons Of Jeunesse Global

Generally I don’t believe in giving good points for MLM as I found them scams, I am not telling it is a fraud, but personally, it does not give me the great vibe to guide someone to join this company.

Still, a few pros are as follows:


  • the website is good.
  • You know who is holding this company.
  • They have products to attract people to join their company. It is like Amway and similar companies.
  • They are trying to give the right quality products.


  • It’s MLM, which is similar to the Pyramid scheme.
  • You have to purchase stock, which can be a headache after some time.
  • Stock Images.
  • Fake news spreading regarding product quality.
  • Product is expensive.
  • Many claims are false, like income and health benefits.
  • More than 70% will fail in this business, which is not a small ratio.
  • Last year this company faced with the second Pyramid scheme lawsuit acording to

My View on Jeunesse:

1 stars review

All and all complicated company you cannot call it a scam or you cannot tell anyone that it is a good company. For me, it’s a big NO for everyone. They have created a hype which I don’t think will stay for a long time.

Yes, they have products to sell, but the way they are focusing on recruiting more people can be trouble factor for them in many countries as it’s under the scanner at many places due to its functioning way.

So better stay away from it and don’t waste your money and time on Jeunesse.

I know that for staying at home mom is very attractive to start with MLM company. I was a member of a dozen! They all have a similar story and a lot of fake promises.

I would instead tell you to start with Affiliate marketing. Its different business model, that also allows you to work from home and the time that suits you, but you don’t need to beg your family and friends to join.

You can work independently and choose to promote any products you like from hundreds companies.

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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