Is Jifu Travel a Scam
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Is Jifu Travel a Scam? Traveling to Earn Profits or Landing Only on Losses?

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There are a ton of companies that is in the MLM business space deals in almost anything. From beauty and health products to nutrition-based products and now even the travel industry products or services.

The MLM space is growing every day and how! It is also overwhelming to see this happen since they have come into existence not only to benefit their companies but also to provide earning opportunities to people around.

Though we are really tired of knowing that every day, an MLM opportunity arises in the online market and we are influenced to be a part of it.

Even when they sell almost the same products, still they somehow try and convince us to trust them and believe when they claim they are ‘different’ from others and it will be your way to become a millionaire.

How I Make 4 Digits Monthly Without Recruiting Or Selling?

Today we are going to explore another MLM opportunity. It offers people a decent earning opportunity in the travel space that provides a discounted travel portal for their members called as Jifu Travel.

Many who already know how MLM programs work and how it can be more of a loss to them than a profited opportunity still want to try their luck and hands at doing it.

Well, some even succeed at it, but most of them fail miserably.

What Is Jifu Travel?

Jifu Travel is nothing but an MLM business opportunity that offers membership to its discounted travel portal.

The company was started by Jeffery Boyle and Bradley Boyle just last year in 2018 and is based in Idaho.

Jeffery, however, has been in the MLM business space for years. From 2001-2003 he was a Regional VP sales of infoUSA.

From 2006-2009 he was the Founder, CEO, and President of Jus International.

From 2013-2016 he was the CEO and President (USA) of Sanki Global.

Since 2010 to present, he is the Founder and Leadership trainer at Networking Star and the founder of Jifu Travel since last year.

Bradley Boyle, on the other hand, has been a Sr. partner since 2007 at World Consulting Group and currently is the President and Co-founder of Jifu Travel along with Jeffery.

Both Jeffery and Bradley are also MLM coaches and mentors to their members.

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How Do Jifu Travel Works?

They claim they provide various discounts on various products they offer and give the cheapest rates possible.

You wonder how do they do this, and what is their profit in doing so?

For example, when an airline is only partly sold, in such cases rather than flying with only half seats sold, they sell the remaining inventory at huge discounts.

Various travel sites and Jifu Travel gives access to its members through their portal to these discounts offered by airlines.

When you become a member of Jifu Travel, you get access to these cheap and discounted rates.

Still, Jifu Travel benefits from the membership fees that you pay them for availing their benefits.

The profits that they earn are by retailing this membership, and to avail of this membership, it comes with a one-time fee of $50 and a monthly fee of $25.

If you are not interested in becoming a member, you can get a prepaid card worth $100, which is called a Buddy Pass and will give access to their portal for 6 months.

What Are The Products That Jifu Travel Offers?

It is quite different from knowing that there is also an MLM opportunity in the travel space, unlike others who mostly sell beauty and health-based products.

Below are the products that Jifu Travel offers:

  • Hotels, flights, and resorts – they deal with more than 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • Cruises – they deal with 14 cruise lines, including Holland, Disney, Carnival, Celebrity, etc.
  • Rental cars – they offer 30 rental car providers in 49,000 global locations.
  • Activities and excursions – they offer sightseeing tours, spas, tickets, etc. in more than 1,000 cities with 20,000 activities and excursions.
  • Reward credits – on every purchase you make, they offer reward credits, which you can use later for booking travel.
  • Concierge services – they provide live chats or agents to help in the traveling formalities like making new reservations, changing or amending the existing ones, planning trips, help in building itineraries, etc.

However, above are the products that Jifu Travel offer, but as a member, you only have to sell the membership to their site for earning money and not their products per se.

How Can One Get Started With
Jifu Travel?

Have you heard about any MLM program that comes for free? No right?

Jifu Travel, too, has fees to be paid to become their member, and they offer various packages for the same.

They offer two things:

  • One is to join them as a member, where you are paying first for subscribing, followed by a monthly fee.
  • Second is to join them as an affiliate, where you pay the fee and also earn by offering their membership to others.

However, below are the packages they offer:

  • Silver Affiliate Pack – $100 one-time fee + $30 monthly fee.
  • Gold Affiliate Pack – $400 one-time fee + $40 monthly fee.
  • Platinum Affiliate Pack – $600 one-time fee + $80 monthly fee.
  • Diamond Affiliate Pack – $1,000 one-time fee + $120 monthly fee.

There is also an Entry affiliate pack worth $40 plus a monthly fee of $10, which only gives you commissions of retail and recruitment up to two levels.

Start your own online business is not that difficult.
If you have the right training, community and personal mentor, making money online is easy.

Start your own online business is not that difficult.
If you have the right training, community and personal mentor, making money online is easy.
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How Is The Compensation Plan Of
Jifu Travel?

No MLMs compensation plans are easy to understand ever, and so is Jifu Travels compensation plan. Anyway, let us try and understand it in a bit.

It follows a binary compensation plan and has a total of 12 ranks with different criteria of achieving commissions which we will not get into detail with and only know the ways of earning from Jifu Travel as below:

  • Retail commissions – $25 on selling membership and $5 on all retail membership sold by personally recruited affiliates.
  • Affiliate ranks – the higher the level, the higher are the commissions.
  • Residual commissions – $5 on retail membership sold by personally recruited affiliates.
  • First order bonus – 15%-30% on member affiliate’s first order.
  • Recruitment commissions – a commission depending on your rank and the pack the new member purchases when they sign-up.
  • Matching Bonus – 20% up to 10 levels depending on your rank on your personal affiliate’s team building commissions.
  • Other bonuses – include Jetsetter bonus, leader bonus, etc.
  • Travel rewards credit (TRC) – travel credits that members can redeem later to use services from the Jifu Travel portal.

If you interested to learn more about Jifu Travel compensation plan you can watch the video below:

Positives Of Jifu Travel

I generally do not advise you to become a member of this MLM company but there are some good things here:

  • A different MLM opportunity is dealing in the travel space.
  • Cheaper for those who only want to become their members and not an affiliate.
  • The owners have been quite experienced in the MLM space.

Negatives Of Jifu Travel

  • A company that is only a year old cannot be trusted much.
  • Have a costly rate for joining as an affiliate.
  • Meager income-earning rate since not everyone will opt for using their portal for their traveling needs.

Is Jifu Travel A Scam Or A Pyramid Scheme?

Definitely not. It is not a scam or a pyramid scheme since it is backed by actual products and a legit travel portal. It also has the support of its founders, who have vast experience in the MLM market.

The picture below shows what the commission structure in Jifu looks like. The illegal pyramid scheme only rewards recruiting and has no real product to offer.


But, since the company is only a year old in the market, it cannot be trusted fully.

Also, the fact that it is challenging to make money from an MLM business, especially when it offers something different, like a membership for a travel portal.

Not everyone would be interested in buying this membership since not every person is a frequent traveler.

So, business with Jifu Travel can surely be avoided because it has hefty membership fees to be paid, plus the income-earning rate is shallow.

There Is A Better Way to Earn

A better opportunity than any MLM business is Affiliate marketing, where you only promote products through websites, blogs, and social media and get paid for each sale made through your marketing efforts.

There is no hassle of recruiting anybody or creating a pyramid, and you earn from promoting products or services of your choice.

Why lose money on such MLM schemes when you can make good money from affiliate marketing?

If you want to learn how Affiliate marketing works, check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Here I have learned how to make money online, and now I am making more money than ever before. Plus I work from home and only do 20 hours a week.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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