Is Mannatech A Scam
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Is Mannatech A Scam? Only 72 People Succeed​?

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Every day there is a different story with a new company that becomes the talk of the town for a temporary period for its “different” products. Yes, this will be a post about a health and wellness company called Mannatech.

Well, honestly there isn’t anything different with these companies or their products; the only thing is that every company sells its products differently, making various claims about the magic ingredients of their products.

Also, they claim how they are different in terms of an MLM company with multiple opportunities for income-earning with their easy to understand the compensation plan.

Funnily, most of the time, the compensation plan is the most challenging part to crack and is always challenging to understand.

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Mannatech is one such company that deals with health & wellness products among a thousand others who are sailing the same boat of the MLM business.

What Is Mannatech All About?


Mannatech is the brain-child of Mr. Samuel Caster, who started it in the year 1994 intending to provide the best nutritional supplements in the market.

Is Mannatech A Scam

More than 25 years already in the business, Mannatech now is expanded to 26 countries worldwide.

It operates in countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Denmark.

Mannatech is a company that makes nutrient-based supplements ( similarly to Amway, Forever Living, Nikken, Bode Pro,…) made from glyconutrients to support the overall cellular communication of the human body.

To top it all Mannatech has obtained 143 patents and 95 of them are already in the major global markets.

Mannatech still considers itself as a “start-up company that is fresh, innovative, and energetic but with a wisdom that comes with experience.”

There is one exceptional cause attached to Mannatech and that is “Mission 5 Million (M5M)” and this makes Mannatech different from its competitors.

What Is Mission 5 Million (M5M)?

Mission 5 Million is a beautiful foundation that aims to feed 5 million malnourished or undernourished children with proper nutrition with the help of their product PhytoBlend powder supplement.

This is a global cause to fight malnutrition around the world by making children receive adequate nutrition.

Mannatech has already generated over 122 million servings of nutrition and aims to provide over 20 million servings each year to malnourished children.

Most importantly, each purchase that a customer or a member makes, Mannatech donates the amount to M5M Foundation to provide nutrient-rich supplements to malnourished children across the globe.

What Are The Products Of Mannatech?

Formerly, Mannatech began as a pharmaceutical company, but because some federal law changes, they took a new direction and entered the nutrition industry.

Their flagship product is “Ambrotose,” which are capsules and powders made from Glyconutrients (or glycans) that improves the communication of cells in the body. Also, most of their products are based on this flagship product.


Does Ambrotose really work?

Inventing Ambrotose was a successful idea because we will see a lot of good reviews from customers.

But, as I say in one of the previous post, it is hard to believe to those reviews, as most of them comes from MLM distributors who want to sell products. Lets see what Mannatech says about this product:

Mannatech calls all its products as transformational products and is divided into four categories as below:

  • Integrative health – this includes various capsules and powders essential for the overall integrated health of our body and mind.
  • Targeted health – this also has various capsules and powders but are targeted to specific problems of the body like joints, immune system, seasonal stress, for bone, brain and heart health, etc.
  • Essentials – those are the products as “sleep support”, “eye support”, multiviatmins, etc.
  • Weight+Fitness – they offer Osolean powder that builds and maintains lean muscle and also helps in weight management.
  • Skincare – this includes various moisturizers, facial creams, cream for skin irritations, etc.

How Do We Get Started
With Mannatech?

Just like any other MLM company, Mannatech, too, has two different ways to earn money:

  1. As a retailer ( sell their products and earn commissions)
  2. As an initial Associate member (recruit others to join and sell)

If you want to become Associate member (distributor) you need to pay autoship fee, which is worth $49.99/year.

After becoming their distributor, you get a 10% discount on retail pricing, 20% as loyalty points, free premium business tools for 90 days, turn-key business with global distribution, 180-day money-back guarantee.

You are also eligible for various incentives, bonuses and commissions, customer support, etc.


However, that’s not it. Further, you will be asked to purchase different packages like:

  • Basic Pack$99-$169
  • All-Star Pack $499
  • Premium All-Star Pack$999

All these packages give a member a better head start to the business depending on the pack the member selects.

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But, can you really make money with Mannatech? Let dig deeper into their compensation plan:

The Compensation Plan Of Mannatech

Mannatech is focused on a uni-level compensation plan, and there are as long as 18 different ways to earn from Mannatech!

As usual, like some other MLM companies, Mannatech’s compensation plan also is too lengthy and tough to understand and you can know more of it from their website if you wish to.

However, we will try and understand it here in brief.

  • Retail profits – you can earn commissions by selling it to retail customers after buying them at a wholesale price.
  • Direct selling bonus – the bonus you get when your downlines make any purchases by buying the sign-up packs.
  • Team bonus – the more you recruit, the more commissions you receive, also by helping your teams recruit more members.
  • Performance bonus – this is the bonus you get when your downline teams achieve maximum sales volume.

Sounds good to have those number of bonuses?! But, to be very clear, it is extremely hard to succeed in the MLM business.

You need to have some specific skills to persuade people to join and then to teach them to be successful in sales. In fact, in most MLM business, only 1% of people are successful in that!

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What Is Good About Mannatech?

  • Age-old company – Mannatech has been in the business for more than 25 years & still is flourishing in the market.
  • Member of DSA – Mannatech has been a member of the Direct Selling Association for the last 21 years. Proof that it is legit.
  • Public traded company – Mannatech’ s stocks are traded on NASDAQ: MTEX. Also, they went public way back in 1999, so it proves that the company is genuine.
  • 180-Day money-back guarantee – it guarantees refund within 180 days if the customers or distributors are not satisfied with their products though attached with some terms & conditions.

What Is Bad About Mannatech?

  • Too expensive – other than the start-up cost there are other additional package costs which will come later.
  • Focused more on recruitment – all the incentives and profits come mostly from recruiting more and more members. Though they have actual products from which retail profits can be earned, but more focus is only on making more from recruitments.
  • False claims – they even claimed that their products could prevent and treat diseases like cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc. for which FDA had sent them a warning letter and hence the FDA does not recognize them.
  • Low Earnings – looking at the extended compensation plan of Mannatech, it is difficult to make comfortable passive income. There are a hell lot of ranks, levels and requirements which only upon fulfilling them can you earn some commissions or profits.

As you can see in the image above ( from their official website), only 25 people earned more than $80,000 yearly. The majority of people ( more than 5,500) made less than $1000 for the whole year.

We can do quick math. If we want to make little more than U.S nationwide minimum wage, about $20.000 per year, we can see that only 72 succeed. So, its little more than 1% of all associates.

It is no different than in another MLM companies.

So, Is Mannatech A Scam?

No, Mannatech is undoubtedly not a scam or a pyramid scheme.

But, as a business opportunity, I don’t recommend!

It has been in the business for more than 25 years and is spread across 26 countries across the globe. Had it been any fraud company or a scam, it wouldn’t have survived so long. It also has 143 patents in the global market.

They also till date have had 17 human clinical trials that have been published. The NSF certifies many of the products manufactured at facilities. And, over $150 million has already been invested in research and product development.

At the end of the day, it is only an MLM company that has a long list of requirements to fulfill before gaining any incentives or commissions.

As you see above, only a very small number of people were able to make more than $20,000 yearly.

Still, if you want to try your luck with Mannatech, you can give it a try if you are somebody who believes in using nutritionally based products that will also benefit malnourished children worldwide.

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