Is My Lead System PRO a Scam
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Is My Lead System PRO a Scam? 2020 Review

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Disclaimer: I have never been an MLSP member. All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. www does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of this information.

I find many companies today help you with their planning and strategies with video tutorials and all some works, and some are total scams.

Today we will be discussing a company named My Lead System Pro.

I will inform you what My Lead System Pro is, how it works, who can use it and is it a scam or not and it really a good choice to be used in 2020?

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What Is My Lead System PRO About

My Lead System Pro was started back in 2008, by Norbert Orlewicz, President and Cofounder, Todd Schlomer, CEO and Cofounder, Brian Fanale.

It was started with the concept of marketing with MLM strategies for all the entrepreneurs who are having a business and wants to grow their business. At that time MyLead System Pro was called MLM Lead System PRO.

They claim that MyLeadSystemPRO is like to the world-class Harvard academy of business for business people who want to get fresh leads, sign-up more reps, and gain more money in any home business.

MLSP is all about providing powerful online but general marketing strategies that help marketers in creating sales online and generate more leads much contrast to the traditional ways of approaching family, friends or relatives, etc. 

The owner of this company also claims that they have added everything to make a business successful. It should be all in one tool for your online business. The original feature of the program is the so-called Attraction Marketing.”

Attraction marketing will teach you in 7 steps how to attract customers and clients to you by developing your brand and giving values, instead of chasing on the internet a group of people who are not impressed and naively they will join you.

According to the people from MLSP who developed My Lead System Pro, it ensures excellent leads and sales down the way.

Well, I feel it’s just isn’t that easy.  Earning an income online is difficult, so don’t let anyone fool you with shiny things and their marketing strategies.

The company, however, serves not just network marketers but also small businesses, affiliate marketers or people who work from home and help them make their business a success by generating leads and increasing their sales online.

MLSP talks about being an affiliate program and also offer affiliate commissions to its participants.

My Lead System PRO Free $10 Trial

The good thing about MLSP is that there is a trial period.
You can sing up for $10 and tried their training for 10 days.

Actually, you need to pay at the beginning, but they have a 10-day risk-free trial and if you decide to sign off they claim that you will get your money back.

They will teach you their so-called techniques which are:

  • How to attract people – “Attraction Marketing.”
  • How to target market,
  • Vision and mindset – every workday at 9 AM MLSP hosts wake-up calls so their members can begin the day with an inspiration and motivation
  • Campaigns – Pay Per Click, Facebook, Twitter,...
  • Customer development,
  • How to develop relationships with customers,
  • How to operate things daily, etc.

All this for beginners additional packages like funnelizer, copywriting mastery, hosting webinars, automated webinars, SEO techniques, content and few more.


It sounds that this program is a must-have in affiliate marketing!

Well, I assume it’s just isn’t that easy. Earning an income online is hard work, so don’t let anyone fool you with shiny things and their marketing strategies.

How Does MLS PRO Work?

They tell everyone that they teach how you can attract people to joining your own businesses and programs.

Every time you refer people to My Lead System Pro and they sign up, you’ll get a commission.

As per their claim, they have paid more than $18,000,000 in affiliate commissions to online business owners as they learn how to become acknowledged marketers as a commission.

You can see My Lead System PRO compensation plan here.

My Lead System Pro gives you a trial for just $10, videos as training, and they also say you will get fresh leads with their techniques, and if you don’t get success then take your money back – you have 10 days asked guarantee.

But, remember money guarantee is only for a 10 days subscription, any following subscription payments or purchased products are non-refundable.

Also, they provide coaches to train you for your business, LIVE Weekly Lead Generation Training, and their MLSP community.

To join charges in My Lead System Pro
ranges from $49.97 to $299.97 monthly!

MLSP pricing

Let us see some of the benefits and drawbacks of My Lead System Pro
Benefits of MLSP.

Benefits Of Joining MLSP

  • They have a good training session which can be useful in some business.
  • They provide free webinars which are quite a good thing to have for the newcomer because it inspires you for your business.
  • It is running from 2008, so it has what needs to survive, and they are upgrading themselves from time to time.
  • They know how to attract people as they have decent packaging of their online system.

Some of the Drawbacks of MLSP

  • It is not for all so there is more than 88% you can fail and waste your money.
    This is not something I just made up. Everyone can go to the MLSP site and at the bottom of the site find their Legal Disclaimer. There you will read: “For the month of December 2019, we sent checks to 12% of affiliates with an active account. The average amount of each check was $548.30.”
    So the other MLSP affiliates didn’t make any money, and they actually lost money because they had to pay at least $ 49 for a monthly subscription.
  • Supporting staff is below average according to prices
  • It is too expensive or says overpriced. There are many products in the market which are coming at a far lesser cost than MLSP.
  • You cannot access everything in the monthly membership, so you will need to pay more than $49
  • There are many complaints about money-back. They don’t support you if you cancel the deal and you may face problems in the timing of cashback.
  • The process needs to be more clear for clients
  • The website needs to be more user-friendly
  • Videos are free but too long which can be boring
  • You should have a business to use their product.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.
  • Too many upsell
  • You can get confused about whether it is an affiliate or MLM.

    According to one of their members, who claims to be a member of MLSP since the beginning of 2011, you can earn MLSP in a similar way to any MLM business. The more members you include, the higher the level you will be.

I have been apart of companies where I have personally sponsored HUNDREDS of members front line into an affiliate company…

… so when I see that L5 leadership level only requires 200 MLSP points which translates to ONLY 40 Premium Members! – you would earn 50% commissions on every new member after that…

MLSP levels commission

Also, My Lead System Pro Introduces its Rapid Business Success Program and on the image for a video, they have this message:

MLSP Rapid Business Success Program

As you can see, MLSP says that you will get “$1000+ Per Sale Instant L5 commissions For A Full Year”.

L5 means LEVEL 5 and a company cannot have levels if it is not some kind of MLM ( Multi-level-marketing) business. Regular companies that use affiliate marketing to sell and promote their products do not have levels.

That’s not all. You can find on MyLeadSystem blog regular posting about members’ success and often you will read about how they reach some level.

Who Can Join MLSP?

It is for network marketers who want to grow business by generating leads, get direct sales, and building a network team and, you can start with this business with a minimum payment of $49 per month.

However, It’s not so suitable for newbies in online business.

Important Points of My Lead System Pro

As soon as you join they will send you a proposal for a “must buy” products if you want to succeed in online marketing and home business. Those products cost from $49 to $2000.

There are a number of additional fees and expenses that are hidden. This is a good sales funnel, and at the end of the trip, you will probably spend more than just your initial monthly expenses on MLSP.

However, they do have a money-back guarantee on almost all its products, but just if you sign out in the first 10 days.

MLSP provides an affiliate program that helps its participants get an additional income stream.

You will feel that they will push you to grow from level to level to earn more – actually, you will make money for the company, and I feel that your own home business will be neglect, or you don`t even start any.

Final Words

First of all, MLPS is not a scam, but it is not worth it too. Training and all is good but not suitable for all. Its cost is higher with no guarantee if you stay as their member for more than 10 days.

Let me be clear – if you can’t get other people to sign up with My Lead System Pro, you probably won’t earn anything with MLSP on your online business.

There are many other options in the market that are far better than MLSP, for example, Wealthy Affiliate which I believe is more suitable for all the business and people.

Let’s See Why I Choose Wealthy Affiliate Instead MLSP

  • It is easy to use, and you get better support.
  • You get Private coaching and training
  • Wealthy Affiliate provides you a live chat facility 24/7
  • Wealthy affiliate gives you step by step guide with everyday tasks
  • They give you two free websites to work on. ( Premium members get 25 websites domains)
  • You get a search keyword tool in the Wealthy Affiliate.

Better is to join Wealthy Affiliate which is outstanding in today’s technology, and anybody can join and learn how to work from home. This program taught me how to start my own home business ( not to work for any other company and bring them leads).

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today For A Better Future.

The success ratio is a way to higher of Wealthy Affiliate than MLSP.
So I know Wealthy Affiliate its clear option who wants to work from home and earn some good money.

I started two and a half years ago without any experience and managed ( thanks to newbie-friendly WA step-by-step training) start and grow my online business, and to have around $6K every month. If I, as a complete newbie, and stay at home mom, can do it, everyone can!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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