Is Neora a scam
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Neora: Has ‘Nerium’ Reinvented Itself As Good Skincare MLM, Or Is It Only A Scam? Review 2020

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Making the skin look a particular way is what most of the individuals want, as that is what they desire when it comes to skincare and wellness.

Undoubtedly, the skincare industry is one of the most popular and a million-dollar industry.

Companies and businesses face fierce competition when it comes to skincare products as they are aware of an individual’s constant need and demand for such products, which are incredibly conscious about their skin.

“Neora” ( Neora International) is one such MLM company in the skincare and wellness niche that offers products that claim to have anti-aging properties and many other skin benefits and that which is backed with scientific research.

What Is Neora After All?

Is Neora a scam

Neora is yet another network marketing or multi-level marketing company that explores the areas of skincare and wellness.

However, Neora is the reinvented version of an older company called ‘Nerium,’ which was under the scanner and surrounded by many controversies in the past few years.

The company changed its name to Neora and come up with a new version and idea of the company.

Nerium was founded in 2011 by founder and CEO Jeff Olson, and currently, Neora is based in Texas, the USA.

Formerly with Nerium, their flagship product had an ingredient named “Nerium oleandrin extract,” and that why it was called Nerium.

However, they rebranded themselves after the controversy and said that they offer a wide array of other products as well and hence named it as Neora.

But, it seemed that this move was taken more because of the lawsuit they had to go through and only to divert customer’s attention.

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The Controversy Surrounded Nerium

Neora was formerly known as Nerium, which was also a skincare and wellness company but was named Nerium because of a specific ingredient in their products called the “Nerium oleandrin extract.”

However, a lawsuit was filed against the company by the FTC, calling it was only a pyramid scheme that focuses solely on recruitments and not profiting the members associated with the company through selling their products.

The FTC also alleges the company that it resorted to deceptive marketing practices and misled their distributors and customers.

This made Nerium rebrand itself as Neora.

The new company also claimed that they would be having new global headquarters and even ‘revolutionary compensation plan.’

It is quite clear that Nerium reinvented itself only to escape the allegations put on them and avoid the controversy since nothing else has changed with them in terms of their products, logo, etc.

The FTC alleged that the company had made false income and health claims. They also claim them to be only a pyramid scheme.

In another controversy last year, Neora breached a confidential settlement agreement with the original makers of Nerium products called Nerium Biotechnology.

Where Olson, who should have paid millions of dollars to Biotech, paid $10 million to Biotech for giving up Nerium history, name, start product, and the goodwill associated.

It also claimed that they made false advertising by putting before and after images of the old Nerium products to sell their new Neora products.

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Let Us Have A Look At What Products
Neora Offers?

Neora offers products for both their customers at retail rates and their affiliates at wholesale prices, and they do not contain the Nerium oleandrin extract anymore in any of their products.

Neora now focuses more on their ‘IQ’ line of products that claims to have some great ingredients.

Neora products

Neora Sets

Currently, two sets are available for purchase (and sale if you become a Neora distributor).

These are the “Cleanse, Correct, Protect Set,” which contains four products: Refreshing Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash, Age IQ Night and Day Creams, and Illumaboost Brightening Shield. The price of this set is €369 (about $ 400) or $ 270 if you opt for a monthly autoship.

The second set is “Advanced Skincare Set”, which includes Day and Night Cream, Eye Serum, Eye-V Moisture Boost, Double-Cleansing Face Wash and IllumaBoost. The price for this set is €528 ( $572) or $360 if you opt for a monthly autoship.


This includes their new specialty of IQ product line like Age IQ Night Cream, Age IQ Day Cream, Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash, Age IQ Eye Serum, Eye-V™ Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches, and IllumaBoost Brightening & Shield.

As you can see, there are only six products you can sell, and it is difficult to sell the same products every month to the same customers, especially when they are so expensive ( from $60 to $100 each).

Also, remember that you first have to buy these products to sell later.


The wellness sector has previously included Wellness Chews Energy Formula, Wellness Chews Sleep Formula, Youth Factor Superfood and Antioxidant Boost Powder, Prolistic PRe, Probiotic Plus Vitamins, etc. but currently, you can only find just one product on the Neora site and that is it EHT Food Supplement.

As Neora stated earlier, their products were packed with various probiotics, nutrients, vitamins, etc. that support your digestive health, boost energy and alertness, improves sleep and overall health of the body.

I wonder why they were then removed from sale unless it is another lie, as many sources state.

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How Can One Get Started With Neora?

In this section, I will show you how to get started, how your compensation plan works and how you can make money with Neora.

There are 2 main ways you can make money with Neora:

  • Sales commissions
  • Referral Commissions

Neora offers three starter packages that one can choose from, ranging from €599.99 to €1199.99 ( $650 to $1300 )

  • Starter pack – this costs $650 ( €599.99) and includes 8 Neora products, marketing materials, and online training.
  • Builder pack – this costs $975 (€899.99) and includes 13 Neora products, marketing materials, and online training.
  • Premium builder pack – this costs $1300 ( €1199.99 ) and includes 19 Neora products, marketing materials, and online training.

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How Is The Compensation Plan Of Neora?

Neora follows a uni-level compensation plan, and many of the bonuses and commissions are dependent on the ranks you achieve in the structure.

For those unfamiliar with how equal pay plans work, here’s a quick explanation:

  • Level 1 – The first level of the Unilevel Compensation Plan structure will only be available to recruit members personally.
  • Level 2 – The second level of your unilevel reimbursement plan will only have members of your team sponsoring your Level 1 members in person.
  • Level 3 – The third level of your unilevel reimbursement plan will only have members of your team personally sponsoring your Level 2 members.
  • and so on…

However, let us know the ways through which you can earn with Neora as below:

  • Retail profits – the difference between the wholesale price and the retail rate is your commission.
  • Rank advancements – They have a total of 18 ranks. Every rank has different criteria to qualify to earn commissions accordingly.
  • Residual commissions – you make money from the sales generated through auto-ship products, retail, preferred customers, and personal recruits.
  • Preferred customer bonus and commission – you can earn credits through your purchases and when you do a sponsorship for enough preferred customers.
  • Sponsoring commissions – when a new person purchases any enrollment pack and signs up through you, 20% commissions can be earned and later can go up to 30% with higher ranks.
  • First-order bonus – for getting your first preferred customer and for making the first order with the company, you can get a 20% commission.
  • Personal sales commissions – based on specific criteria, you earn an extra commission for retail sales.

There are other bonuses as well, like Matching residual bonus, Generational bonus, Infinity bonus, Lifestyle bonus, Luxury car bonus, etc.

If you want to know more detail about the Neora compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Positives of Neora

  • The founder of the company has rich experience in the skincare and wellness niche since 1988.

Negatives of Neora

  • It has been under the scanner by the FTC. It has presented the company with a lawsuit concerning many false claims made by the company.
  • It makes false claims of curing certain diseases. I suppose that is why many products have been withdrawn from sale and why you can currently only find one product from the Wellness sector.
  • It does not provide any income disclosure statement, so it’s impossible to determine how much a Brand Partner will actually make.
  • It has been involved in false advertising and deceptive marketing strategies.
  • The starter kits are highly-priced and go up to $1199. It is always good to invest in your business, but these first costs can turn many people off (which you should recruit).

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  • It is focused more on recruiting and not on selling the products. As with most MLM companies, to be able to rise in the ranks and earn more commissions, you will need to recruit a lot of people.
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Is Neora A Scam? Can It Be Trusted?

Well, it is on the borderline.

Though it has actual products, the company places more importance on recruiting people rather than selling the products. So, it can be called a pyramid scheme, and that is what the FTC claims as well.

Plus, the lawsuit the company has gone through making its original company Nerium change its name to Neora in itself proves that it cannot be trusted.

Changing the name of a company in most cases only happen because they want the customers to divert their attention from any controversy the company is facing and try to rebrand and reinvent themselves with a new name.

Still, nothing changes in the company in terms of their logo, products, etc.

Neora is a company that seems to be only a scam with its controversial ingredients and false income and health claims, plus the scandals it has been a part of makes the company even more untrustworthy.

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