Is Norwex A scam
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Norwex: Genuine In Offering Chemical-Free Products Or Only A Scam?

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With an industry full of MLMs, it is imperative to be different in what a company offers since most of them are into the health & wellness market niche. It is good to know that there are companies that also offer products in the home cleaning niche as well and still be MLMs.

One such company that we will know in-depth deals in the home appliances and the personal care niche is “Norwex,” which is a multi-level marketing company.

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What Is Norwex?

Is Norwex a scam

With the advent of multi-level marketing companies in the industry, it was also crucial for companies to deal with other market niches, and Norwex does just that.

Although it is a typical network marketing company, it sells different products, including home appliances, cleaning products, and also personal care products.

What makes Norwex even more unique is that it offers products that are chemical-free as it claims.

The company was founded in Norway by Bjørn Nicolaisen back in the year 1994 and claimed to be an eco-friendly company that offers products without any use of chemicals. It also expands a bit into the personal care niche as well.

The idea of founding this company came into existence when Bjørn Nicolaisen discovered a special and unique microfiber cloth that cleaned his windshield effectively using only water.

And, hence Norwex was born with household products that could clean without making use of any chemicals. It is only an MLM company that deals with chemical-free household and personal care products.

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What Are The Different Products That Norwex Offers?

The best part about Norwex is that you could find almost everything that you need for your household. All your cleaning and household needs are taken care of by Norwex, and they offer a heap of products in these categories.

Norwex keeps on emphasizing the fact that they provide all these products completely chemical-free and based on microfiber that is clinically tested.

Their mission talks about their products being “Safe, Effective & Sustainable.”

They also talk about “Improving the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.”


First, let us have a look at their flagship product, which is called EnviroCloth.

It is the famous micro-silver cloth that claims to have anti-bacterial fiber. It attracts dust, grease, and dirt and also helps in breaking down grime, which would otherwise require chemicals to breakdown.

The usage of the cloth is effortless by just dipping into the water for wiping.

Norwex EnviroCloth

There are several other products as well that Norwex offer, which includes:

  • Household – includes kitchen and sustainability solutions, bathroom solutions as well as laundry, bedding, and other solutions.
Norwex cleaning
  • Microfiber – includes Norwex Microfiber, Mop systems, and accessories.
  • Family – includes kids’ products as well as pets, sports, and cars.
  • Personal care – includes personal care microfiber and body care solutions.
Norwex body care

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How Can You Get Started With Norwex?

Now, when it comes to doing business with this chemical-free product offering company, it gets a lot dicier.

As a company that hides costs or get people into paying fees that were not mentioned before can be considered as red flags for a company and Norwex does the same.

For becoming a consultant at Norwex and start earning from them, you need to put in $200 upfront for their starter kit.

This kit includes everything a consultant may need for their business, like training materials, brochures, etc. that can help an individual start with the business.

However, what is fishy here is that they call their starter kit to be a “free kit,” which in reality is not at all free.

You need to generate a minimum of $2,000 in the first 90 days of your enrollment in the total retail sales. If you fail at fulfilling the requirements, they charge you with $200 plus taxes for their starter kit, which they term it as “free.”

When you first enroll, there are also upgrades available with the starter kits as below:

  • Silver Package $165.87
  • Gold Package $272.78
  • Platinum Package $437.69

The above kit upgrades give you not only additional products but also extra business supplies, which include product catalogs, order forms, and business cards.

Also, to remain active as a consultant, there are specific requirements as well; that is, in every 3-month cycle, the consultant must hit $250 in retail sales for staying active.

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What Is The Compensation Plan Of Norwex?

The main drawback of Norwex as an MLM is that it focuses a lot more on home parties for selling their products.

You will be rewarded with free products, depends on how much your guest bought from you.

Norwex home parties free products

This is certainly not for everybody since not everyone is good at pitching products to their friends, relatives, etc.

If you sell $ 500 worth of products at your party, you will earn $ 175. That means to earn $3,500 a month, you will need to host a home party five times a week and sell at least $ 500 worth of products each time.

Not to mention that you need to have 8-10 friends at every party. So, you will need to find a minimum of 160 friends every month to sell products to them.

Norwex home parties

You start by first being a sales consultant at Norwex to start earning with them.

However, read a bit about their compensation plan as below:

  • Depending on the number of home parties you throw and the sales you make, you can get free Norwex products.
  • You can earn by recruiting others in the business model, but not in cash. You can get products of your choice worth $300 for each new qualified personal recruit.
  • You can receive retail sales commissions of 35% from all direct retail sales.
  • You can make money from your downlines as well. For that, you need a minimum of 3 engaged Personal Recruits for qualifying at the next level in the company. You can also earn 3% of the sales of your personal recruits by being a team coordinator.
Norvex pyramid scheme

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What Are The Positives Of Norwex?

  • It is unique in the MLM business with its chemical-free and eco-friendly products.
  • They offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee where you can refund, exchange, or return the products within the said period if not satisfied with them. With that, they also offer a 2-year microfiber warranty that may cover any normal wear and tear.
  • They have incredibly positive product reviews, and hence, their products have become quite popular as well.
  • It focuses more on selling products than on recruiting.

What Are The Negatives Of Norwex?

  • It is not honest with regards to their starter kit by first calling it as a ‘free’ kit, and then charging $200 if requirements don’t get fulfilled.
  • It depends a lot on the ‘home party model,’ which is an outdated and ineffective sales model. Also, not everybody gets successful by doing that.
  • They do not show any income disclosure statement which is very alarming.

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Is Norwex A Scam?

Definitely not. Norwex is not a scam; in fact, it is a legit company that offers household and personal care chemical-free products in an MLM business model.

But, despite being a genuine company in terms of its products, it cannot be trusted with their business model as a person doesn’t earn much from this opportunity.

It focuses a lot on making sales through home parties, which is a headache for many, and most of them do not get success from such business plans.

Their start-up costs are also high. At $200 and the pressure to keep making sales in every 3-month cycle is another reason for staying away from doing business with them.

As a buyer, you can purchase products from Norwex because it does offer some excellent products. But, doing business with them can be skipped as they do not provide anything significant in return.

Anything Else To Recommend?

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