Is Optavia a scam
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Is Optavia A Scam: Making You Lose Weight Or Increasing Your Expenses?

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When it comes to weight loss, every other person is interested in knowing companies that can help them lose weight and make their body healthier.

Companies, too, are taking full advantage of this fact that people need products or programs that boost their confidence by giving them a body they desire, which in turn helps in uplifting their self-morale.

The weight loss industry is estimated to be a $70 billion industry, and every year it only keeps growing, giving more profits to companies. This is also one of the primary reasons why companies want to dive into this industry, offering programs and products to people and profiting from the same.

A part of this industry is another company named “Optavia,” which deals with providing products for weight loss and also meal replacements.

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Let Us Know More About Optavia

Is Optavia a scam

Optavia is said to be a unique company selling meal replacements and weight loss products and programs. Still, it is only an MLM company at heart.

Headquartered in Owings Mills, Maryland, the company was founded by Dr. Wayne S. Andersen and Bradley T. Macdonald and was created in 2016/2017.

However, interestingly it was rebranded from one of their programs from 2002/2003 called “Take Shape For Life.”

So, their earlier program “Take Shape For Life” and Optavia both offer the same products and programs. In fact, even if a person searches for “Take Shape For Life,” the page gets redirected to Optavia’s website.

Also, Take Shape For Life has been a part and subsidiary of another company named “Medifast” while Optavia is an independent company.

Now, all this doesn’t seem very clear, but talking only about Optavia here; it is an independent company that focuses on weight loss programs and products.

Let Us Have A Look At The Product
Offerings At Optavia

People who are looking for food items that can act as replacements for them, Optavia can prove to be beneficial for all those.

It is all about meal replacements at Optavia.

They are created with the view to not only make an individual lose weight but also provide with all the required nutrients for the body.

Optavia products

Optavia provides a variety of meal replacements like Brownies, Shakes, Mac & Cheese, Bars & Pancakes. Their products cost nearly $350-$425 per month.

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Not just products, Optavia also offers a program of ‘coaching and community system.’

Generally, it happens that individuals, while are in their process of losing weight, can lose hope and determination also midway. So, there need to be people or coaches who make you uplift your confidence. Hence, Optavia offers a coaching system that helps members in the weight loss process.

Optavia’s Lean & Green meal plan is also getting some attention.

Their Lean & Green meal is a protein-packed meal that includes three servings of non-starchy vegetables, plus five to seven ounces of lean protein and also two servings of healthy fats.

Optavia Lean and Green meal plans

That is dependent on the choices that you make for the lean proteins. The Lean & Green meal can be taken at any of the six meal times throughout the day.

It offers six meals like beef stew, chicken cacciatore, turkey meatball marinara, chili lime chicken, ginger lemongrass chicken, and also chicken with rice and vegetables.

Let’s Dive Into Knowing Optavia’s Business Model

Be it about weight loss products or meal replacements, Optavia at the end of the day is only a multi-level marketing company or a network marketing company.

But, the best part about Optavia is that it is different from other MLM business models. We will talk about it later in the review.

It is a business model that is dependent on “independent distributors” who are their members for promoting their products and not on retailers to sell their products.

How Can You Get Started With Optavia?

For becoming their distributor, you need to put in $199. It is a one-time fee for a home coach business kit, and then through the promotion of their products to others, you can start earning.

Plus, to remain an Optavia coach, you also need to pay a yearly renewal fee of $99.

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Following are the things that the kit includes:

  • A personalized website with free access.
  • Subscription of 3 months to the Healthy Habits e-newsletter.
  • Access to a business management portal.
  • Marketing materials like brochures explaining their meal plans, client introduction pack, and a coaching guide.
  • Locked-in pricing for the next scheduled Optavia convention.
  • Desk and business accessories like Notecards, a coach bottle, pens, decals, and a desktop organizer, etc.
  • Support training video through email.

The Optavia business kit obviously has its value, but you might still hesitate to spend almost $ 200 unless you know if you can make it and make it.

Fortunately, there are other home-based options where you do not have to pay any upfront fees and you can get started for free with sites like Wealthy Affiliate,, and


What Are The Ways Of Earning Through Optavia And Their Compensation Plan?

Optavia business kit

After purchasing Optavia’s health coach business kit for $199, you can become eligible for earning income from them.

It includes all the training materials and brochures to help you start with the business model, and it is also compulsory.

Once you purchase the kit, you automatically become their health coach.

This makes Optavia unique and different from other MLMs. However, it is also imperative to know that by becoming a health coach, you do not become a health expert in any way.

Following are the ways through which you can earn from Optavia:

Health Coach Income

Depending on the number of products your downline purchases, you can earn commissions. And, the total revenue decides the percentage of your commission.

So, you are receiving money only when they make a purchase and not when you enroll new members.

Business Coach Income

Your ranks increase as and when your downline grows, and you generate more revenue.

You can earn by mentoring other health coaches and making them successful in the business model.

You also earn when you help build successful teams of coaches. For assisting the downlines to achieve their sales, ranks, etc. you can get commissions and bonuses.

Business Leader Income

You can earn by helping your downline reach the rank of ‘Executive Director’ and when you reach the status of ‘Regional Director.’

Basically, you can get paid for developing leadership in your team.

So, the business model is first to become a client, then become a coach and then finally become a leader in your team. Then you will need to help others achieve the ranks and become successful.

The coach’s purchases cannot earn commissions here; instead, they are given to their sponsoring coach.

Also, the commissions cannot be received on program materials or Optavia merchandise.

How Much Can You Earn From Optavia?

According to their income disclosure statement, only 0.15% of coaches made $200k per year after being with the company for an average of 113 months.

Only a little more than 1% of coaches make $50k per year.

However, 82% of coaches only make less than $2,500 per year after being with the company for 1-3 years.

What Is Good About Optavia?

  • A much better compensation plan – unlike other MLM companies, its compensation plan is different and simple. It doesn’t focus on recruiting people; it is clear with a focus to help people. It relies on product sales and not on enrollments.
  • Refund within 30-days – Optavia also offers a 30-day refund policy in case you are not satisfied with their products.
  • Renowned company – Optavia is a subsidiary of Medifast, which has been in the business since 1980.
    And, Medifast is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. It is also the recommendation of more than 20,000 doctors since it came into the business.

What Is Not So Good About Optavia?

Health Coaches Are Not Experts

Independent distributors who purchase the business kit become the health coach, but this doesn’t make them a health expert.

This idea of calling the distributors health experts is quite misleading.

Complaints About Taste

Many have complained about the weird feeling of their fuelings and meal replacements. Still, since they are meal replacements, they are definitely not going to taste like regular food.

Complaints About Refunds

Most of the complaints I have found about this campaign are related to refunds. Although Optavia claims to have a 30-day guarantee, in practice, many people have failed to refund their money.

Expensive Products

All their products are quite highly-priced.

Though they do sell their fuelings individually, they also influence to purchase their packages and kits.

They have a program called ‘optimal health’ where they give you a plan for getting the best results in losing weight, but this will also require you to buy their snacks and food in bulk.

It is a 30-day kit worth a minimum of $300-$400, which needs to be purchased every month.

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Is Optavia A Pyramid Scheme
Or A Scam?

Definitely not. Optavia is a legit MLM company that deals with meal replacements and weight loss products.

Since it is also a subsidiary of Medifast, which started in 1980, so; the company also has rich experience in the industry.

Optavia is also not a pyramid scheme. It offers actual legit products, and most importantly, it doesn’t depend on any recruitment or enrollment of others to earn commissions.

However, if making people succeed through ranks in the model and receive commissions for the same is what you would like, then you can opt for the business opportunity. Otherwise, going for any MLM is, most of the time, not the right decision.

Although Optavia does have a unique compensation plan and makes its distributors earn differently, unlike most MLMs.

Still, spending money at the start of the business with a higher amount and then making other expenses in the program is something that makes the entire business model very expensive.

It should be considered only when you are confident enough to promote the products, make sales, and earn commissions.

Is There A Better Business Opportunity?

A much better option of earning income from home is through Affiliate marketing where you don’t need to recruit anybody; in fact, you are your own boss. 

We live in the 21st century, and our lives are drastically different from 1950 when MLM was invented. If you want a successful business, focus on your online business.

You can, like me, launch an affiliate website, you can promote any products you want from any company, so why sell such a limited product range?

Commissions for affiliates range from 5% to 75% and include digital products, Amazon products, and recurring services.

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Of course, you can promote whatever you want and keep all your earnings (don’t share it with your upline).

Affiliate marketing is much easier to understand and makes you earn good income monthly, which only requires your marketing skills online. 

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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