Is Plexus a scam
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Is Plexus A Scam: Making You Lose Weight Or Your Money?

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It happens that when people are searching for weight loss products online, they are presented with multiple choices to choose from the online platform.

Since the Internet gives tons of search results that offer a variety of brands and companies with weight loss products, consumers are becoming more aware of what to buy and from where.

This knowledge also has been given by the Internet to buyers.

People are so conscious about their bodies or health overall, which, in a way, is a positive sign.

They are concerned about their well being, but it also poses them with many scam sites or companies that only make big claims about their products and do nothing for real.

If people are aware of what their body needs, then they should also be mindful of where they need to buy those products from or whether to even trust a particular brand or not.

Companies take advantage of the constant need of consumers for weight loss or diet products and make products that can be extremely harmful to consumers or their overall health.

If a company combines two things that a person needs, such as weight loss products + extra profit, people will gain enormous interest.

One such shady company is Plexus, which also boasts about its ‘magical drink’ called “Pink Drink.” And, no points for guessing why the drink is called Pink Drink because it is pink in color.

To be honest, I am not a part of this MLM company in any way, but I have been a member of several others ( Amway, Avon, Oriflame,..) and have seen countless numbers of people who not only fail to reach their goal but lose their money.

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What Is Plexus All About?

Is Plexus a scam

In an already saturated market industry of health & wellness, Plexus is yet another addition in the niche (an addition that was just not needed).

This company talks either about making people lose weight or providing supplements that provide all the vital nutrients to the body.

To add some other categories, they also sell personal care and skin care products.

It seems like they added different categories just for the sake of it and for making the product line look bigger.

Plexus is nothing but yet another MLM company that deals in the health & wellness niche.

It was founded in 2006 by Tarl Robinson, based in Arizona.

It is a company that primarily sells weight loss, diet, and nutritional products.

What’s weird about the company is that although the growth of the company has been evident since the last few years, the company has faced and is still facing tons of complaints.

Financially Plexus seems to be doing great, but strangely, the number of claims and the flak it has received in all these years from real customers and even from their past distributors does not match with the financial success the company talks about.

Now, any person looking to be associated with this company will have to sell their controversial products and also depend on their business opportunity.

Plexus Magical “Pink Drink”

The Pink Drink is their flagship product, which is named as “Plexus Slim.”

This product has been made with a focus on losing weight. And, it is not rocket science to understand that it is called the Pink Drink because it is pink in color.

Plexus Slim is a powder mix that you need to take twice a day before your meals. This drink helps in curbing your hunger pangs.

The worst part of any company is when they make uncorroborated claims about their products, and they do not have any proof to support their claims.

To add to the lie, Plexus also claims that their products are “clinically tested.”

Still, the reality is just the opposite, and there have been no official proofs given. This makes the company seem even more questionable and suspicious.

Research shows that the ingredients of the powder are quite controversial and not safe for anyone to consume and can cause a lot of side effects as well.

The ingredients include:

  • Chromium
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Beet extract (for the pink color)
  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Flavoring, sweetening & color agents

The company has also received a warning letter from the FDA for making false claims about products that can treat different medical conditions.
In reality, they have no proof.


What Are The Product Categories That
Plexus Include?

Though their main focus is weight loss, they have included other product categories as well:

  • Nutrition – supplements that help in boosting your health.
Plexus nutrition products
  • Weight Management – Supplements and powders that control your hunger and also improve your diet.
Plexus Weight loss products
  • Personal Care – this includes body creams, breast check kit, etc.
Plexus personal care
  • Skincare – includes their trademarked product line ‘Joyome,‘ which consists of two main products, ‘Night repair’ and ‘Day serum.’
  • Combos – product packages that include a combination of products to cater to different needs.

Similar products to Plexus Slim include Isagenix and Shakeology.

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How Can One Join Plexus?

For starting with their business and becoming their ‘Associate,‘ you need to sign-up with a yearly fee of $34.95.

Further, you need to purchase additional product packages costing either $99 or $199 for continuing in the business and earning money.

With buying these other products, you will be considered as ‘Ambassador’ and can start to sell products and recruit people. To add to all this, there is also a monthly auto-ship order of $100 that you must incur to qualify for commissions and remain active in the business.

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The Compensation Plan At Plexus

There are a total of 11 ways you can make money with Plexus as below:

  • Preferred Customer Bonus – when your customer joins and becomes an Associate, and purchases products, you earn commissions.
  • Fast Start Achievement Bonus – new ambassadors reaching the mock rank level of Gold, Senior Gold, Ruby or Senior Ruby in the first 30 days of becoming a Plexus Ambassador, earn a special bonus.
  • Retail Rewards Commissions – earn commissions by buying at wholesale prices and selling it at retail price.
  • Override Commissions – you can earn a 5% override commission from your level 1 downline Ambassador’s sales volume.
  • Business Building Bonus – by selling the welcome pack costing $99 or $199, you earn commissions.
  • One-Time Achievement Bonus – for achieving certain ranks, you earn commissions.
  • Plexus Points – bonus can be earned for helping your downline ambassadors to reach 100PV or more than that every month.

The last four bonuses are for the people who can reach the top ranks in the company:

  • Sapphire Pool Bonus
  • Emerald Pool Bonus
  • Diamond Pool Bonus
  • Earning a Diamond Re-Entry Position

See their PDF compensation plan for a more detailed explanation, or watch the video below:

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Negatives Of Plexus

Unsubstantiated Health Claims

It has made false health claims and has received a warning letter by the FDA for the same.

Their distributors have made false income claims as well.

The study listed more than 100 cases in which Plexus distributors made the claim that Plexus product lines can cure, treat, alleviate symptoms, prevent or reduce the risk of developing disease and disorder.

Many Have Reported Side Effects

Products are not clinically tested and have reported having a lot of side effects.

Some people have reported unpleasant but non-serious symptoms, such as nausea, bloating, gas, constipation, and abdominal pain.

Plexus Slim also contains caffeine, which can cause side effects such as dizziness, headache, anxiety, and insomnia if taken too much.

Plexus side effects
Plexus side effects 2
Plexus worldwide side effects

A Lot Of Customer Complaints

Although it has been in business for 13 years, Plexus Worldwide is accredited by the Better Business Bureau since two months ago ( 12/30.2019) and it is rated with an A grade.

However, while researching Plexus, I came across information that there was a previous BBB rating, where Plexus had a BBB rating of C based on over 600 reviews.

Although Plexus re-accredited to the BBB just two months ago, they have over 70 customer complaints.

Supremely Low Success Rate

These are facts that no Plexus Ambassador will tell you (they may not even know it). But if you look at Plexus Income Discosurere, you will see that 82.41% of all distributors earn an average of $ 301 per year.

Their income disclosure statement also shows less than 1% of distributors make it to the top.

Like most MLM companies, that 1 % is earned by founders, top executives, and people who got involved at the outset.

Regarding the Positives of Plexus, there isn’t any except that still the company is in the market and doing financially well.

Can Plexus Be Called A Scam?

Looking at the strange working of the company where it is financially doing well, but also has lots of complaints from customers give a sign of being a scam.

Their website also places more importance on recruiting people rather than selling their products, which also makes it look like a pyramid scheme.

So, the company has all the reasons for being called a scam.

It has made huge claims about its products, which are not true at all and can cause severe side effects to consumers.

A company that has got a warning letter from the FDA and provides no proof of any claims they make is a company that cannot be trusted.

Plexus must be avoided for sure.

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