Is Prize Rebel A Scam
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Is PrizeRebel A Scam Or You Can Make Real Money?

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Oh, my God! Aren’t we tired now of knowing the numbers of survey sites that are available like everywhere? But at the same time isn’t it amazing to know that there are so many opportunities that are available for us from where we can earn pretty decent.

Today we will be reviewing another such site that allows us to earn some extra bucks. 

What Is Prize Rebel?


Maybe you already heard for PrizeRebel, but you want to make sure that you do your research.

Prize Rebel is nothing but a GPT (get paid to) survey site just like Swagbucks where you can earn some money by filling out surveys or doing specific tasks. 

People who are still studying and those who are homemakers or even those who want to earn some passive income these opportunities of survey sites is possibly one of the best things that they can do. It is a very convenient job that you can do from anywhere at your comfort and ease.

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So, even if you have a job at hand and still feel can earn some extra bucks then Prize Rebel or similar sites are just for you. But, if you think you can become a millionaire overnight or just by filling surveys, then you are at the wrong place. 

Prize Rebel started off in the year 2007 in San Diego, California. One thing that Prize Rebel is clear from the beginning is its pay structure. They are very clear about how much they will be paying you for the tasks that you do & it is not a huge amount so think on this before you decide to start your journey with Prize Rebel.

It Is Essential To Understand
The Prize Rebel Points System

It is simple when you earn 100 points that means you make $1. And with Prize Rebel be rest assured that once you join them, you will be given many a task to fulfill so you can make out how much you can earn.

Also, it is vital to notice that Prize Rebel is not another “get rich quick scheme” site. So, they are not making any false promises to you in terms of making money, which is a positive point about it.

How Can You Start With Prize Rebel?

First of all, it is entirely free to join the site, but the only thing is to be at least 18 yrs of age and above. And, if you are under 18 but between 13 years to 17 years, then you need to provide parental consent to do that. You can sign up with your email address or your Facebook account.

Also, anyone from almost any country can join Prize Rebel, but every country will not have access to all the surveys that Prize Rebel gives out to fill. Countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia are more benefitted with surveys and other offers.

Following are types of Tiers they have that you can redeem for rewards.

  • Silver – 1,000 points
  • Gold – 3,000 points
  • Platinum – 7,000 points
  • Diamond – 12,000 points

So the rewards point table is as simple as you can see above. The more you take up tasks on Prize Rebel, the more points you earn and the more points you earn you reach, the higher tier every time and so you can earn more rewards.

They give out different categories of gift cards from their esteemed partners like Amazon, Forever 21, Whole Foods, and Best Buy etc. But, this is entirely dependent on your location.

And, if you are only interested in cash, then you can earn $5 to $500 through PayPal, of course, depending on the tasks that you complete and the points that you acquire.

Different Ways By Which You Can Earn Money With PrizeRebel.

1. Surveys – Fill out, fill out, and fill out as many surveys as you can. The more you fill out surveys, the more points you are going to acquire. However, many surveys might not be available for all countries; hence, many can miss out filling out many surveys. USA and Canada earn most of the points.

2. Cash offers – These offers are provided by 3rd party platforms like Adscend, TrialPay, Adgate, RadiumOne, PeanutLabs, OfferToro,, Superrewards. In this, you need to go through & complete different free and paid offers. Most of the times, the paid offers offer more rewards than free ones.

3. Watching videos – This is the most exciting task to fulfil. Who would say no to money if it comes from watching different videos? Just sometimes, you might have to watch many videos to get more points.

4. Viewing websites – This is yet another interesting task to do. Here, you need to visit 10 websites for 15seconds each and you get paid for it.

5. Playing games on the phone – Who doesn’t like playing games on phones? And what if you know that you are going to get paid to do so. How exciting can this be? This is through their partner site Offertoro. However, each game may have its own rules & regulations that you must follow, so make sure that you read the instructions correctly.

6. Tasks – This is done through their other partner site Figure Eight, which makes you, do little simple tasks like giving a title to a product or adding a description to a picture, and you, earn points for that.

7. Jackpot numbers – Just like how we used to play Housie in our childhood, this is somewhat similar. You need to choose 4 digits & then wait for the draw to be made. If the draw result shows the same 4 numbers which you had chosen, then you hit the Jackpot and earn reward points but, this lottery ticket will cost you 20 points.

8. Contests – There are also different contests that you can participate in & earn more points if you get lucky. There are 4 various contests that you can be a part of like Surveys contest, Task contest, Referral contest, Offer wall contest.

9. Referral program – This is one of the best things from which you can earn more money. You need to refer your friends as much as possible. Also, it is the most profitable. Whatever your referrals make in life, you get 20% of it. But, how much you earn from Referrals also depends on your membership level, and at what tier level, you are at. If you are already at the Diamond level, then you earn 30% of all referral earnings.

Referral program is just type of Affiliate marketing, and if you know how it works you can earn much more than couple bucks a month. Read my post if you are interesting to make 4 or more digits monthly.

How Does PrizeRebel Pay?

You can redeem your cash through PayPal when you have reached 500 points, i.e. $5. And the minimum payout requirement is $1, i.e. 100 points.

There are other payment options as well like Visa cards, Dwolla which is direct bank deposit but available only in a few countries, Different gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, iT, etc. or you can even donate when you earn to different charity organizations.


Prize Rebel Certainly Has More
Positives Than Negatives


Positives here are another opportunity to earn passive money or some extra bucks. It is convenient and makes us do exciting stuff. There are a lot of surveys available and the more surveys you fill out, the more points you earn.

Prize Rebel is very easy to understand survey site without creating any confusion and is very clear. Also, it has an excellent referral program. It is the most profitable way to earn most of the money from this site.

The negatives are the complaints about lower payouts and how restricted the surveys are too few countries. Also if you have been inactive on Prize Rebel over 6 months, then you can lose out on the points that you have accumulated.

For people who are not from the USA and Canada can easily be screened out during surveys.

If you want to earn more money, good option is to sign up for more GPT programs:

Is PrizeRebel A Scam Or Not

3 stars review

Well, for me, Prize Rebel is not a scam. It seems quite genuine even with its points and tier system. It nowhere claims with any quick rich scheme and is very clear from the website itself.

Though the earning process is quite slow, you earn decent points depending on the tasks that you complete for them. So, if you think you can get some quick bucks and you find doing these tasks exciting then go for it.

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