Is RegenaLife a scam
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Is RegenaLife A Scam? “Healthy” MLM or Pyramid Scheme

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Regenerating A New Hope In People’s Lives Or Only A Scam?

I don’t think there ever is going to be an end to online companies and websites that all of us are surrounded by.

Especially the online companies that deal with health and wellness products.

Since ages, we have been seeing these companies being born each day and continuously do so even when they know the level of competition they will be facing in the online market.

These companies still keep coming out only for the fact that they know that people are never satisfied with a product or two with only one brand or store.

Even if they are loyal customers of a particular brand, they still are on a constant search of newer products and services from other brands as well. And of course, for new earnings opportunity.

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When the question is of health and wellness products, they want to try everything that the market offers because the quest for getting the best products or services with regards to good health and wellness never ends and will never end also.

So welcome yet another MLM structured company to the never-ending list of MLM companies called “RegenaLife” that also deals with health and wellness products.

What Is RegenaLife?

Is Regena Life a scam

RegenaLife is nothing but an MLM company at heart that was initially founded as ‘Regeneration USA’ in the year 2008, and later on, the name was changed as ‘RegenaLife’ in 2016.

Mr. Justin Chernails founded it, who has more than 30 years of experience in the food and nutraceuticals industry and is currently the board advisor of the company.

Mr. Ernie Cadiz is the CEO and has over 27 years of business experience in different sectors like Energy, Telecom, and Real Estate.

RegenaLife claims that they have the best and the cleanest products with quality as their top priority.

They also claim they are a product company first and then a network marketing company.

They also say that all of their products are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made with plant-based minerals. It continued to reveal different products in the health and wellness niche like HempWorx or Young Living.

RegenaLife’s focus is on making whole foods and supplements that are aimed at achieving optimal health and healthy aging.

What Are The Product Categories That RegenaLife Offer?

Though RegenaLife has a wide spread of products, its most famous product is the whole food bar that claims to have anti-aging properties.

However, below are the various product categories:

  • Cardiovascular support – infusers, tea, capsules, oils, prostate health formula, etc.
  • CBD products – CBD Hemp oil, joints package, pain rub, CBD shampoo, etc.
RegenaLife CBD oil products
  • Cleanse/Detox – organic oils, detoxifiers, organic super greens drink, etc.
  • Energy/Focus – vitamin capsules, organic drinks, etc.
  • Immunity/Minerals – capsules, drinks, extracts, etc.
RegenaLife Immunity products
  • Joint support – oils, soft gels, capsules, etc.
  • Skin/Hair – creams, serums, skin sprays, organic coconut oil, facial cleansers, hair growth formulas, shampoos, etc.
  • Snacks – cocoa bars, whole body snacks, etc.
  • Weight/Fitness – body shakes, weight loss packages, etc.
  • For your home – air purifying anti-microbial gel, etc.
  • Pets – CBD pet treats, etc.

They also offer free shipping packages like skincare packages, weight loss packages, etc.

How Can You Start With RegenaLife?

This is quite unusual for an MLM company, but RegenaLife is entirely free to join, and there is no enrollment, joining, or monthly and annual recurring fees.

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But, there is a ‘Fast starter package‘ which you will need to buy ranging from $99 to $549 if you wish to be a part of their business and qualify in their compensation plan.

And, the starter kit includes items like:

  • Free E-commerce website.
  • Market tested products.
  • Personalized newsletter follows up series with your website links.
  • Monthly Affiliate Contests and Bonuses.
  • Certified organic and natural products.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program – Save 10%
  • Enrollment Gift Card Program – Save 10%
  • Exclusive Members’ Back Office Area.
  • Simple Uni-Level Compensation Plan.

And the list has many other things as well, which you can know from their website.

What Is The Compensation Plan, And How Can You Earn Money With RegenaLife?

Like all other MLM structured companies, in RegenaLife too there are two basic ways to start with:

Retail profits

The retail amount you earn by selling directly to customers after buying the products at a wholesale rate.


The money you earn by creating more downlines and the sale they make. So, you need to find people willing to buy and sell products, and also recruit others to this business.

The problem with MLM is, even if you are a great selling person, you can expect that everyone in your downline will sell as much as you do. Maybe, you can train them, but it is far from easy job!

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There are other ways to earn with RegenaLife:

  • Retail commissions – you can earn commissions by buying the products at a wholesale rate and selling the products directly to customers at a retail price.
  • Ranks – the higher your level, the more are your commissions according to the compensation plan. Total, there are 12 ranks to be achieved from Active to Black Diamond.
  • Group sales – you earn commissions depending on the performance of the group sales by your downline. This also depends on your rank status.
  • Infinity bonus – from the 8th level to infinity in the pyramid, bonuses ranging from 1% to 5% can be gained.
  • Check match bonus – bonuses of 15%, 10% & 5% can be achieved at the first three levels, but there are also specific criteria to be fulfilled for this. And, if the level 1 team member earns $1000, you can make a bonus of %150.
  • Quickstart packages and coded infinity bonus – this is calculated on the entire product line, including the fast starter package, and ranges from $0.50 to $200.
  • Lifestyle bonus – this starts at the diamond level and can range from $500 to $2000 monthly.

There are 12 rank advancements, and for this, a member must maintain 50PV and higher within seven levels and also personally keep enrolling new members that should further earn individual PVs.

The ranks are:

  • Active
  • Builder
  • Manager
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Black Diamond.

All the above ranks have specific monthly active qualification requirements, team, and rank advancement bonuses, which you can know in detail by downloading their compensation plan pdf from their website.

Positives of RegenaLife

  • No membership/enrollment fees.
  • A wide variety of product categories to sell.
  • Been in the business for the past 11 years.

Negatives of RegenaLife

  • Like many other MLM companies, less than 1% make money (!)
  • The low success rate in an overcrowded market – you can find these kinds of products in your favorite supermarkets, and also a lot of other MLM companies sell alike products
  • High prices for products – it’s hard to sell what you have thousands of similar products with lower prices
  • It is focused more on recruitment.
  • Expensive starter packs – Althouse you can start with buying just a couple of products, later you will be required to purchase the more expensive things to be able to achieve the full compensation plan.

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Is RegenaLife A Scam?

2 stars review

RegenaLife is not a scam, but also don’t expect too much.

It is a legit MLM company that has been in the business for the past 11 years and has been successful in the market as well.

Though it’s compensation plan, seem very difficult to understand just like other MLM companies; still, it is genuine enough to explain the policy.

It is clear about the rank advancements and the commissions at each level.
It may seem to be a pyramid scheme, but it is not. It has actual products that it sells, though it is more focused on recruitment.

If you are quite interested in selling different health and wellness products, then there are better MLM companies that can give you more commissions.

But, the whole idea of doing business with an MLM company can be avoided since the online world provides us with better income-generating opportunities like Affiliate marketing.

You will only promote products or services of your choice without the hassle of any recruitment and earn money with each sale made through your efforts on social media, websites, blogs, etc.

Hence, doing business with RegenaLife is not a good idea to go with, and better online opportunities like Affiliate marketing should be explored to earn better income.

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