Is Scentsy a pyramid scheme
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Is Scentsy A Pyramid Scheme: Spreading Its Fragrance All Over Or Only A Hype With Its Products?

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The companies are taking this up too seriously; they want to be everywhere, seen everywhere, heard everywhere, and also felt everywhere.

Nothing wrong with this thought process or motive of a company, but what happens here is that you are only adding more crowd in an area that is already full of many others.

Especially MLMs are aware of the fact that the concept they working on their business idea is more or less similar to many in the market.
For MLMs, it is always tough to succeed and even more difficult for distributors who become a part of that business.

“Scentsy” is one such MLM company that caters to the home care and personal care sector.

Like other MLMs, Scentsy also deals in many products and wants to increase the workforce to expand their sales and business further.

I’m here to reveal the real truths about their questionable products and business opportunity with very low earning potential. But, more important for you, if you want to join this company is: Is Scentsy a pyramid scheme?
Let us find out.

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What Is Scentsy All About?

is scentsy a pyramid scheme

Anything that is about fragrances is Scentsy.

Yes, you heard that right all its products are some fragrance infused, and this quite makes Scentsy different in an MLM structure. It sells everything that is scent-related.

The company was founded in the year 2004 by Heidi and Orville Thompson and based in Meridian, Idaho.

They distribute in other parts of the world as well, like Lexington – Kentucky, Cuautitlan Izcalli – Mexico, Groningen – the Netherlands, New South Wales – Australia, and Coppell – Texas. Their consultant support teams also work in Warsaw, Poland.

Scentsy claims that their products, too, are all-natural and free from artificial ingredients. And also better quality and superior technology just like all MLMs claim about their products but, how much of this is true is something we will know later.

What Is The Product Line Of Scentsy?

Generally, when it is an MLM company, they have many products on the list because of the more the products, the more opportunities for people to earn from them.

Let us have a look at them:

  • Their flagship products are the Scentsy wax bar and the Scentsy warmer.

And how do they work?

How Scentsy warmer works

Putting the wax cube inside the warmer, plug in the warmer and switch on the electricity, and once the wax cubes start melting inside, the room gets filled with fragrance.

Their wax bars retail at $5.40, and their warmers range from $13.50 to $60 depending upon the designs, whereas; competitive companies retail the same wax bar for just $2.

  • Scent – this includes essential oils, travel tins, room sprays, car bars, scent paks and circles, bars, etc.
  • Fragrance systems – includes warmers, wax, bulbs and accessories, diffusers, blends, scent pods, etc.
Scentsy fragrance systems
  • Laundry and clean – fabric softeners, dryer disks, bathroom cleaners, dish soaps, laundry liquids, Scentsy fresh fabric spray, etc.
  • Body – includes body creams, mists, wash, lotion, hand soaps, hand creams, fragrance mist, etc.
  • Kids – includes Scentsy blankies, Scentsy soft toys, soft toy clips, etc.
  • Pets – includes pet shampoos, sprays, deodorizers, etc.
  • Men – skin conditioner, shampoo, shave & shower bars, face balm, cream shave, soap, etc.

It is also vital to notice here that all their products are on the expensive side since they work on the idea of scented items.

This shows how Scentsy sells its products in the name of all-natural ingredients.

How Can You Join Scentsy?

No MLM business comes for free; there are always fees for everything in an MLM business opportunity. It also advertises itself as a business opportunity.

Still, at the beginning and most of the time, even while carrying out your business, you need to spend a lot to earn something in return.

To become a part of their business and purchase their starter kit, you need to pay a one-time fee of $99, followed by at least a cost of $150 for product purchases every month and $10 for maintenance of your website.

The starter kit will include all the tools and materials required for you to understand the company and the business, business cards, order forms, 80 party size scent testers, fragrances, a warmer and scent bar.

And, most importantly, they will provide with a free website for three months, and after that, you will need to pay $10 for maintaining the site monthly.

How Can You Earn Money From Scentsy,
And What Is Their Compensation Plan Like?

Just like all other MLMs, there are several ranks that you will need to reach to achieve specific points, which will make you earn money.

In this case of Scentsy, you have six levels to meet different bonuses and commissions.

All information regarding the ranks and the criteria associated with it is clearly mentioned in a table format that you can check on their website.

However, the two primary ways of earning from Scentsy are:

  • Earning retail profits and commissions from selling their products.
  • Recruiting more people and creating a downline and earning from each sale made through them.

To add up to the above ways, you can also influence people to visit your website and buy from that so that you earn commissions but to qualify for this commission you need to generate at least 500 PSV (Personal sales volume) monthly and more than 1,000 PSV per month from your downlines.

In case you fail to fulfill these requirements, then you will have to purchase the products from your pocket money every month.

The Ranks In Scentsy’s Compensation Plan Are

  • Lead consultant – generate PRV of 500 and 1,000 group wholesale volume (GWV) plus 1 active frontline affiliate.
  • Star consultant – generate PRV of 500 and 2,500 group wholesale volume (GWV) plus 2 active frontline affiliates.
  • Superstar consultant – generate PRV of 500 and 6,000 group wholesale volume (GWV) plus 3 active frontline affiliates.
  • Director – generate PRV of 500 plus 10,000 group wholesome volume (GWV) plus 3 active frontline affiliates and team wholesale volume (TWV) of 3,000.
  • Star director – generate PRV of 500 plus 30,000 group wholesome volume (GWV) plus 3 active frontline affiliates and team wholesale volume (TWV) of 6,000. Also, two first-generation directors.
  • Superstar director – generate PRV of 500 plus 80,000 group wholesome volume (GWV) plus 3 active frontline affiliates & team wholesale volume (TWV) of 10,000. Also, four first-generation directors.

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Positives About Scentsy

  • Member of the DSA – this gives Scentsy some credibility and reliability because not all MLMs are approved. DSA has strict rules to meet.
  • 30-day refund policy for all its products – Scentsy Go and Scentsy Diffusers are warranted to be free from defects for the lifetime of the product.

Negatives About Scentsy

Need To Recruit More And More People

Scentsy is focused more on recruitment and dependent on traditional marketing strategies like home-parties or pitching in for family and friends.

So, if you consider to join them, be ready to open your house for the “home parties” and you will be pressured to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join you.

You will be expected to sell Scentsy products to them, and even more to get them into this “business opportunity”.

If you do not like this whole idea of ​​harassing your family, friends, and neighbors, my honest advice is that you do not join this or any other MLM company.

Products are not natural!

Despite what Scentsy distributors will tell you, their products are not natural and made from petroleum by-products, synthetic, and artificial ingredients.

Scentsy says their waxes are a secret combination of ingredients used to make a pool of melted wax that turns into a godless candle. Scentsy uses petroleum-based, food-based wax. “

How to trust the company that tells you that they are using:a secret combination of ingredients and after that Scentsy revealed that they’re using synthetic oils in their products to “protect natural resources and the environment”.

If you are interested in 100% natural oils, I suggest you look for a company called Young Living.

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Most People Fail

It’s not easy to find Scentsy Income Disclosure. But, I found one from 2018. and you can see a screenshot below.

Scentsy income disclosure

As you can see, most people only earn a few hundred or a few thousand dollars a year!

An average annual income of $1,989, I would not consider it a viable income. Also, you need to know that these figures are not profits. Here they have not considered the costs you need to invest to start this business.

You may find it attractive to earn $961,423, but this income disclosure does not say how many people make that money. Given that it is the highest income, I suppose it is the earnings of the founders or first directors in the pyramid.

What To Do With Scentsy?

First, is Scentsy a pyramid scheme?

No, it is not a scam or a pyramid scheme looking at the fact that it is a member of the DSA plus the BBB also accredits it with an A+ that means it is a legit company but only going for an MLM business for earning good bucks is not a good idea.

Plus, Scentsy also depends a lot on selling through hosting parties, direct selling to friends and family, which is a complete no-no in today’s time where nobody is interested in attending parties and listening to your sales pitch.

Though, revenue disclosure has clearly proven to us that the success rate is quite low and that the revenue potential is pathetic for most people who join Scentsy.

This does not surprise me because I have reviewed many MLM companies before and most of them have exactly the same problem.

And, as far as Scentsy is concerned, going only for its scent-related items is not going to make you rich.

How Do I Make Money?

If you’ve read some of my reviews, then you know I’m not a fan of MLM. Not all MLMs are illegal or unprofitable, but the part where I have to recruit my friends or family is what I dislike.

Instead, I found Affiliate Marketing. It is my best-recommended business model for anyone who wants to make money online.

Also, Affiliate marketing is a much better option for earning a good income and can be opted for.

There are several reasons …

  • You don’t have to recruit anyone into the business to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote all the products you want and are not limited to promoting the products of one MLM company
  • Get started for free
  • In fact, with affiliate marketing …

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