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Is SendEarnings Legit or Scam GPT site? In Dept Review

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There is just no end to online websites nowadays.

Like literally, aren’t we flooded with websites that try to influence us in earning good income online or show us sites from where we “Get To Paid To” for the small little tasks that they ask us to do in return? One of those websites is

When you search for “earn money online” you will be bombarded with search results that are full of such GPT sites which will want you to go to their website to try out specific tasks and earn some extra bucks.

If You Are Interested To Make Full-Income Online

The main aim of such GPT sites is obviously to generate traffic on their sites and by asking people to participate in the tasks some websites even pay something back to them.

These GPT sites get a share of the amount from the advertisers that advertise on their website.

Part of this amount goes to the people who are members of these sites and participate in the required tasks.

“SendEarnings” is one such “Get paid to (GPT)” site that works on the same ideals where people who become their members can participate in various tasks given to them, and upon fulfilling them, they get paid a few cents.

Let Us Know A Bit About SendEarnings

SendEarnings review

SendEarnings is an online GPT site that was founded around in the year 2000, located in Mendota Heights, MN.

It is a subsidiary of CotterWeb Enterprise, Inc. since 2005 and it also happens to be the owner of InboxDollars, InboxPounds, and DailyRewards.

Also, the fact that SendEarnings is said to be a genuine reward-driven site and something which is not founded for doing any market research.

It is available in almost all countries for people aged above 18, but the preference for more work is given in the US.

SendEarnings get paid by companies, and a share of this amount is then paid to people who become their members for completing various tasks.

And, the companies pay money to SendEarnings for the necessary information they get about the members, their opinions and viewpoints on products and services.

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How Can You Become A Member Of SendEarnings?

First of all, it is vital to notice here that it is entirely free to join SendEarnings.

Following the steps:

  • You need to first fill out a form with your necessary information like name, address, phone number, email address, etc. and create an account with a password.
  • Then they will send you a link through which you need to confirm your email ID.
  • After that, they will access the member area and give you five demographic surveys to fill out.

Soon after this, you will be ready to make money online after completing the surveys.

But, you can earn from a lot of other tasks as well and not just surveys.
So, there is a lot of income potential here given by SendEarnings like many other GPT sites.

What Are The Ways Through Which You Can Earn Money From SendEarnings?

Like most GPT sites SendEarnings too require members to fulfill several tasks as below:

  • Surveys – what are GPT sites without surveys? Well, like all GPT sites, SendEarnings also need members to complete surveys, which may take 15-50 minutes on average, and this is entirely based on your demographics. You can earn around $0.50 to $3 on average.
  • Emails – you can earn from $0.02 to $0.75 for just opening an email and reading it. They send emails around 4-8 times a day.
Sendearnings paid email
  • Video games – imagine getting paid for playing video games. Sounds exciting, right? But, even this may get a bit difficult because sometimes the games are hard. You will need to access their games through a site named World Winner.
  • Completing offers – depending on whether it is a free or a paid offer, you can earn on an average of $0.50 to $10 but always remember to cancel the subscription; otherwise, they will start charging your cards.
  • Watching videos – you will need to give your 30 seconds to around 3 minutes for a video and get paid a cent for the same.
  • Searching – you can also get paid for your regular searches. You have to click on the ‘search’ tab and select the search engine of your choice and receive a cent per search. In a day, you can make a maximum of 5 searches.
  • Listening to the radio – you can earn 1 cent for listening to SendEarnings radio for 10 minutes, but you need to stay on that radio page and cannot simultaneously do other tasks.
  • Cashback from shopping – you can also earn some cash back from shopping on SendEarnings. You can make something ranging from 1.5% to 4%, depending on the online store that you choose, like Walmart or JCPenney, etc.
  • Coupons – SendEarnings gives out various grocery coupons that can be redeemed, and you can earn 10 cents from it. Here, you not only save by using the coupons, but you also gain some bucks.
  • My List tasks – SendEarnings also has ‘My List’ tasks where they give out a few tasks together including a survey to be filled, make a web search, make an offer, or confirm a paid email, etc. and upon fulfilling these tasks, you can earn a bonus of $0.50.
  • Referrals – you can make 10% of the lifetime earnings of each member you refer to Send Earnings.

There are many other tiny tasks that you will have to fulfill to earn some money. And, this is how basically any GPT site works.

How Does SendEarnings Pay You?

There is a minimum threshold of $30, which you need to reach first to cash out your money eventually and after you attain a $30 threshold, a processing fee of $3 will be cut, making $27 as your actual earnings.

SendEarnings only pays through checks, but members later can request a prepaid Visa card or SendEarnings E-gift card also.

After reaching the minimum cashout amount, you become their Gold member, and this gives out many other benefits like more referrals, faster payments, exclusive offers, etc.

Positives of SendEarnings

  • They directly track your cash earnings in real-time, and there is no point system like other GPT sites.
  • Completely free to join.
  • Several ways to earn money.

Negatives of SendEarnings

  • A minimum threshold of $30, which is higher than other GPT sites.
Sendearnings reviews
  • They may disqualify you in the middle of completing your surveys for reasons unknown.
SendEarnings Reviews
  • You may not receive more surveys as well if they think your demographic area does not match the surveys.
  • You may also receive tons of spam calls and emails.

What Do I Conclude?
Is SendEarnings Legit?

3 stars review

SendEarnings is not a scam or a bogus company.

It has been in the business for 19 years and still operating successfully in the online GPT market. Also, it is a subsidiary of CotterWeb Enterprise, Inc. that already is the owner of other sites like InboxDollars, InboxPounds, and DailyRewards. Hence, SendEarnings is a legit company.

If you are a person interested in doing such small tasks and earning some extra bucks, then you can become their member, but only a few reach the minimum threshold of $30 and then start earning.

But, if you lack the patience to do so, then there are a hell lot of other GPT sites as well where the minimum threshold is lower, and they provide more opportunities for earning money.

Hence, opting for SendEarnings and becoming their member can be avoided and I can show you better opportunities for better income earning.

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