Is SkyWay Capital A Scam
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Is SkyWay Capital A Scam? Or Good Investment?

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We see lots of companies in the market worldwide which runs on the MLM concept. Some are good, and some are a scam. MLM has always been in the talk ever from its starting as we see lots of conspiracy in MLM concept.

Today’s review is on MLM associated company called SkyWay Capital, this company is from Russia, and most of its head members are also from there.

My, today’s review will give you a better picture of the SkyWay Company. By the end of the review, you will know whether is SkyWay Capital a scam or a legit company that you should consider an as good investment.

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What Is SkyWay Capital?


According to their site and my research, I discovered this company is an MLM company. SkyWay is a crowdfunding company, which collects money from the people on the name of projects.

Evgeny Kudryashov is the Skyway company’s Director.

Anyone can join the SkyWay Capital. You can join this company by funding a small amount as investment by doing registration on the site. SkyWay Capital does not offer retail products. Actually, they show themselves as Production Company, which works on Transportation.

According to their site, SkyWay Capital is investing money in the transportation business. They have participated in more than 200 small to the big projects worldwide, as per their website.

More than 400,000 investors from 200 countries are there in Skyway. Investment programs are of three years in Skyway.


By joining them, you became a co-owner of the company. You get dividends on your investments according to your share value.

What Skyway Company Does With Your Money?

They claim that produce high tech system software, then developed modern and efficient types of equipment. They develop Infrastructure and Tracks of five types. Also,  they claim to own the patents to create SkyWay string transportation technology.

They have produced seven types of vehicles, which are certified by many countries.

How To Join Skyway?

The minimum cost of joining the SkyWay is somewhere $5, and elsewhere $15 to $100,000.

The registration process is simple and easy, you have to choose your best investment offer, and then pay with VISA, TRANSFER WIRE, QIWI, MASTERCARD, and ADVCASH. You will receive confirmation from Skyway Company, that you are now co-owner of the company.


You can register in two ways in this company, as a Member or Legal Entity.

For Member Joining: Give your name, number, and email.

Legal Entity: You have to give, Num, Email, Organization details, company name, and address of the company, Registration Number, Registration Date, Country, Contact Person, Contact person name and number and then create a password.

Compensation Program Of
SkyWay Capital

You can make money in two ways in Skyway Capital:

  1. Referral Commissions
  2. ROI Commission

Referral Commission

They pay referral commission with MLM plan structure.

You get paid up to 20% on every referral in the Skyway, and you will earn a bonus on their investment, but that depends on the level.
It works on MLM unilevel plan which has three stages.

ROI Commissions

They give you an ROI on your investments. Investment Calculator on the website shows $30 when you entered 1.

Don’t get excited by the number its all manipulated. Some of their videos show that you get 22% ROI on your investment ( which is also a lot!!).

They also have a rank system. You get a referral commission, but that depends on your rank.


Here is the Rank list of Skyway:

  • Partner Rank – invested in 30 to 200 units.
  • Agent Rank – invested in 50 to 300 units
  • Consultant Rank – invested in 301 to 2000 units
  • Manager Rank – invested in 1000 to 10,000 units.
  • Leader Manager Rank – invested in 5,000 to 20,000 units.
  • Top Manager Rank – invested in 5,000 to 50,000 units.

As you can see, to qualify for the higher rank you have to invest from 30 unit to 50,000 unit in Skyway Capital.

Is SkyWay Capital A Scam

In 2016 they were offering around 22% daily return on investment.

In 2017 it changed to 10,000%, which means invest $100 and get $10,000.

It’s a nonsense claims.

No business has ever given such returned.

In 2016 SkyWay claims that they will enter the stock market in two years.

Last year they postponed it for 2019, but it`s middle of the year, and nothing happens.

The problem is, SkyWay promised that you will for every $4,000 invested, earn around $100,000. But, if they are not in the stock market, they don’t have any profit.

The only money SkyWay collects money from people like me and you who buy for it worthless shares. A lot of people want to invest and earn huge, doing nothing.

Pros And Cons Of Skyway

Actually for me, this site is not legit, so no need to give you Pros, but still, I like their one thing which is their website.

This site or “investment opportunity” is a classic Pyramid scheme, where you don`t have any products to sell, but instead, you are investing in some “future railroads”, and trains, that, I’m sure will never be built.

Actually, you give your money to people on the top of the Pyramid and you will never, ever earn anything from your “investments”.


  • They have a very good website.


  • This company has been suspected many a time in different places as a fraud.
  • They don’t have any operational list.
  • Their project was canceled in Russia in 2008 as unsafe.
  • Tough to understand what service they provide to their investors.
  • Skyway Looks like a Ponzi (Pyramid Scheme) scheme.
  • SkyWay Capital is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Italian regulatory agency CONSOB prohibited the advertisement and sale of specific SkyWay investment products to Italian citizens in 2018
  • this year the regulatory agency BaFin (Germany) prohibited the public offering of SkyWay investment products.

My Opinion On SkyWay

0 stars review

After my research, I found this company is a scam – classic Pyramid Scheme – so NO ONE STAR for them! This company is Russian, and it’s handled in London, a big red flag there. So, in my opinion, it is a big NO for this company. Don’t get trap by their website!

You can’t get a clear picture of what they do.

The SkyWay compensation plan and all are showing the wrong figures. I don’t think any company can give such high returns, and they also don’t show proof of returns to investment.

Many governments worldwide have warned SkyWay company way they work. They do not have a license to raise the capital; it is just a Ponzi scheme which is scamming people.

SkyWay is using a recruiting scam to take people’s money. History of SkyWay Director is also not good. So stay away from this company else you will lose your money.

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